Camera, Mugnai (Courage Italy): ‘Clarifying table football’

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The demands of the policy on the regulation of table football do not stop, even the deputy Mugnai (Courage Italy) presents a question to the Government despite the clarifications of the Alm.

“I’m in a clear conflict of interest because, I confess, this question of mine was asked by my son who, surprised, read that this summer I might not find table football or ping-pong on the beach! In fact , a recent The Director of Determination of the Customs and Monopoly Agency of May 18, 2021, has equated football with gambling.The document approved by the management of the Customs and Monopoly Agency states that also knob soccer simulation games (And defining them like this instead of football or football is very irritating!) authorization must be provided after self-certification and subsequently will be submitted to an approval procedure ”.

Talk on the subject, widely debated by politicians and operators in the last 24 hours, even in the pages of this magazineis the deputy Stefano Mugnai (Coraggio Italia), signatory of a question that arises as a result of some press reports on the possible disappearance of table football and similar from clubs and bathing establishments for “a new tax” and “new rules,” actually denied by the Customs and Monopoly Agency.

“Apart from finding it deeply uneducating to confuse a table football with a video poker machine (actually illegal, perhaps the honorable one refers to a slot machine or a Vlt, machines authorized by the state in accordance with current laws , Ed.), But in essence, with this document from the Customs Agency, gaming machines that do not pay cash prizes cannot be freely installed on the beaches or gaming rooms we are talking about: foosball , carom, billiards, seesaws and ping. pong.bogeria tables ”, points out Mugnai, although Adm, through the words from its CEOMarcello Minenna, any danger in this regard has disappeared.

“I grew up in Terranuova’s oratory … hundreds, thousands of endless games of football and I never did, yesterday as today, betting money. At most, those who lost paid for a foam! spend time with my classmates who, instead of being in the Terranuova oratory, spent their days in the house of the locals that today entertainment should be recorded for all ages as table football or table tennis demonstrates once again how bureaucracy sometimes has this rapacious and punitive instinct.wanting to control and, therefore, limit daily life and the most innocent pleasures ”, underlines the Coraggio Italia deputy in his note.

“We are aware of the latest position of the Adm, however it is essential to clarify this situation that has been raised to avoid further problems and to ensure that no bathing establishment or club director considers it more prudent to keep the table football in stock than to make it available to young and old. In the meantime, however, I thought it appropriate to introduce it a specific parliamentary question to the Government to find out if it was aware of the consequences that the decisions of the Adm could have and call for the immediate suspension of the effectiveness of the above-mentioned decisions to prevent damage to non-profit associations, clubs and bathing establishments. “

THE TEXT OF THE QUESTION – The full text of the written answer to the Minister for the Economy and Finance, Daniele Franco, is set out below. by Deputy Stefano Mugnai, together with Felice Maurizio D’Ettore and Elisabetta Ripani.

“Given that a recent determination by the management of the Customs and Monopoly Agency of 18 May 2021 (n.151294 / RU) has equated table football, one of the oldest and most popular beach fun and oratory, gambling, as well as gambling, for other known pastimes.

This provision has provided – as reported by the newspaper ‘Il Sole 24 ore’ – that even the premises that own and exhibit, for example, pinball machines and table footballs must pay the show tax (Isi), or as appropriate. to paid games with winnings. The compression affects not only the famous table football, but also carom, billiards, table tennis, pinball and darts. With immediate consequence: a tax payable amounting to 8 percent of the average fixed rate tax base in addition to the VAT limit.

Subsequently – according to what was written in the ‘Sole 24 ore’ – another determination of the director of the Customs and Monopoly Agency dated June 1, 2021 (n. 172999 / RU), established that from the June 1, 2022 also devices that pay Cash prizes or coupons can only be installed if they have an “authorization for use”.

The same process as for video poker. Antonio Capacchione, president of the Sib (Italian Coast Union), sounded the alarm: “Everyone is obliged to report football, table tennis and pinball to the Customs Agency, even if they are free, and we must wait for permission to put it into practice.

Pending, for each foosball the fine is 4000 thousand euros. We are pure madness. Oratories and non-profit associations are also played, where football is often made available to the table free of charge. ‘

These reports, it should be remembered, had to be made before June 15, 2022. This decision of the Customs Agency immediately found disputes on the part of various sides and also politically, giving the impression of wanting to ‘tax’. Even those who were until recently. they were considered “free entertainment” for everyone and for all ages.

The decision of the Adm runs the risk of putting on the same level an oratory with a slot machine or a games room, creating widespread social unrest among Italians.

The rule has been around for a long time, but only now has it been implemented and is doing the first ‘damage’, having been mismanaged in this last phase without giving the necessary information to those concerned. In the face of the first checks of the Financial Police, many operators were unprepared and suffered the first fines. You are asked to know if the government were aware of the consequences that the recent legislation of the Customs and Monopoly Agency would have on a national scale; if it is not appropriate, according to the Government, to immediately suspend the effectiveness of the decisions of the AD, given the negative consequences that are already occurring in a few days for oratories, non-profit associations, recreational clubs and bathing establishments “.

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