Acof’s new advanced training course “Industrialization of products, time and methods and IFTS process maps” in synergy with Dolce & Gabbana

A special opportunity, in many ways unique in the world of fashion that confirms the association increasingly consolidated between the Olga Fiorini ACOF Institute and the Dolce & Gabbana brand and that it underlines how the world of style is increasingly looking for highly specialized technicians to face the new challenges posed by a constantly evolving sector.

There ITS Cosmo Foundationwho has been collaborating so much with the school reality for years directed by Mauro Ghisellini both with Dolce & Gabbana, just released one new IFTS course (Higher Technical Education and Training Courses) – later dedicated to graduates aged 18 to 25 – which will have absolutely particular and stimulating characteristics.

It is a 1000-hour journey – then developed in about six months, starting in October – which will be seen about fifteen participants not just learning the secrets of the trade directly in the production departments of Legnano of the famous fashion house (which will accommodate both 300 teaching hours and 700 practical hours), but above all to carry out the training in apprenticeship, that is, with a first employment contract already active and formalized.

Specifically, it is a Higher degree training cycle, valid for obtaining the Higher Technical Specialization certificate.

The project is titled Industrialization of IFTS Products, Time and Methods and Process Mapsdedicated to creating professional profiles that are difficult to find on the market today.

The aim is to ensure that, at the end of the learning semester, Dolce & Gabbana has at its personal disposal all the necessary skills to optimize its internal processes, using techniques and tools that lead to reducing costs and waste, respecting fully the very high quality criteria of the brand and also ensuring adequate productivity through the right balance between manpower and available equipment.

From a theoretical point of view, Dolce & Gabbana technicians will play a decisive roleacting as teachers to guide students in the knowledge of the different steps required for the development of the collections, combining it with knowledge of internal working methods, notions of specialized English and illustrations of the different aspects of textiles .

Next, in the so-called “On-the-job training”we will go into the detail of the production cycles, developing in the field the useful skills for the packaging, the management of sections, the follow-up of the transformation, the coherence in the terms of delivery and all the necessary to enter like protagonists in a the most fascinating and innovative company. of Italy.

This is a decidedly exciting opportunity for those who want to play an active, dynamic and stimulating role in the world of fashion.“Explains Sergio Scaltritti, director of training at ACOF.

The particular element of this course is given by the learning of the students, which is a step further than what usually happens with the IFTS, which also guarantee a very high percentage of employment. The fact that the whole project is being developed under the auspices of the ITS Cosmo Foundation, of which both ACOF and Dolce & Gabbana are very active and proactive actors, offers absolute certainty about the quality of these courses. As always, participation will be free, thanks to funding guaranteed by the Lombardy Region and the European Social Fund“.

For the galaxy, Olga Fiorini is, therefore, the umpteenth insignia of her training proposal also dedicated to adults, the result of fruitful active collaboration for years by the will of the administrative managers of the two realities involved, Mauro Ghisellini and Alfonso Dolce. .

Operatively developing this specific project were, therefore, the staff led by Sergio Scaltritti himself for ACOF and by Andrea Fascetti, human resources director of Dolce & Gabbana.

To apply for IFTS membership, you must be resident or domiciled in Lombardy, be no more than 25 years old and have a baccalaureate degree or a four-year professional diploma obtained from a recognized training center.both managed for years for the clothing sector by the Olga Fiorini Institute and ACOF.

For more information, you can contact the headquarters in piazza Gallarini 6 in Borsano di Busto Arsizio, by writing to or by calling 0331.344053

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