A team of friends from Altamura wins the National Football 5 Final in Misano. The photos

A team of friends from Altamura wins the National Football 5 Finals in Misano © Altamuralive

A team of friends from Altamura wins the National Football 5 Final in Misano. We spoke to them after this wonderful 5-a-side football experience, fun and friendship.

How and when was West Ham Altamura born?

West Ham Altamura, a team born in 2016 from an idea of ​​Giuseppe Carlucci “the founder” shared with a group of historical friends such as Papangelo Vito, Michele Scarabaggio, “Capitani” and Domenico Montemurro, “the coach “who immediately, given his strong managerial skills, was entrusted with the keys to the team. Base group immediately followed by another group of friends with whom they shared other football fields, consisting of Angelo Incampo the “10”, Giuseppe Lograno and Giovanni Denora the goalkeepers, Fabrizio Ardino and Enzo Segreto the defensive pillars, Giuseppe Tragni and Nunzio Loporcaro now in the role of supporters.

Where did you start?

It all starts at the Martimucci Sports Club in Altamura, between the several tired years in which we have always been able to say ours, after the forced shutdown by the pandemic and the departure of other colleagues, we had reached the crossroads , given the lack of stimuli, whether to continue or not a path that is still fun and exciting. Despite the efforts, thanks to the loyalty of Carmine Abruzzese “the fireman”, Giuseppe Popolizio, luckily it was decided to continue, fortunately because finally came the first victory of the championship. All this thanks also to the new grafts: Alessandro Pennacchia, Pasquale Cannito, Francesco Colonna known as “Checco Fantasia”, Paolo Rifino, Francesco Simone and Ivan Lomurno.

After winning the championship, have you thought about going any further?

The victory gave the opportunity to reach the national finals of 2022 hosted by the City of Football in Misano, which Carlucci and the coach did not hesitate to embrace. Therefore, not without the fundamental help of some entrepreneurs who are friends of Altamura and not, they re-embraced other historical pillars of the team, which temporarily abandoned the sports project for work reasons, such as Paolo Ardino, Nicola Gramegna and Roberto Pennacchia, necessary. to recreate the duo of “twins. Filippini” with his brother Ale, we went to Misano, with one goal: to play and have fun. Arriving at the end of the night on Friday 17, auspicious, with a few hours of sleep, at 10.30 the next day the adventure would begin.

How have the groups gone?

Ready, first game against a team of friends from Pesaro; the other two matches of the group were played until Saturday evening, ending with 2 victories against Pesaro and the representative of Rome and a draw against Milan, which decreed the passage of the round as leaders. The goal had already been largely achieved, given the humility of the start, the few demands in front of some very formidable rivals and the goal-scoring spirit, so the team did not hesitate to celebrate it in a famous town of Riccione.

The day after the round of 16

With even less sleep than the night before, at 9 in the morning immediately on the pitch for the quarterfinals against a representative of Bergamo won in the end by 3-2 thanks to a goal by Paolo Ardino. The semifinal was forceful, with a setback after the 1-0 of our rival a few minutes after the initial whistle, caught in recovery of a free kick, of doubtful origin, postponed the game on penalties; this is where the current captain Giuseppe Lograno took the chair and stopping two leads the team to the semifinals. The final was a test of great heart and futsal: with the last force, under the scorching sun of 12 o’clock, we unleashed a masterful performance, the best of the tournament, beating our rivals 4-1. Thanks to the stops of the other goalkeeper Giovanni Denora, and the hat-trick of the striker Paolo Rifino, dominating the young but very strong boys of the Jamboree of Livorno we arrived at what before leaving was an unthinkable goal, born by chance between friends. in front of a ball and a beer, but also a well-deserved and glorious goal, as an undefeated team, which also prestige the town of Altamura, orphaned by years of football awards at certain levels.

Want to thank someone?

We must reiterate our gratitude to Antonio Servedio the President, Antonio Rotunno and Donato Berloco, organizers of the Altamura and Giulio Sardone tournament.

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