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Cinderella is one of us, but she is also one who succeeds, who pursues her dreams and exceeds her expectations. Meet love, the real thing (and also with the crown). Who hasn’t dreamed of being Cinderella at least once? Read their cult phrases and have fun dreaming together with your favorite fairy tale and Disney movie and then share them with your most beautiful pictures with your friends and friends on social media!

Cinderella lives in the shadow of her stepbrothers but then life has a better end for her even than her dreams. Read the most beautiful phrases of Cinderella, from the timeless fairy tale to the movie Cinderella and then have fun dreaming about your imagination putting yourself in the shoes of this lucky and beautiful girl. How does it feel to be the most beautiful of the party? Watch this video and find out how easy it is to feel the most beautiful of all!

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Cinderella phrases: the most beautiful quotes taken from the movie Cinderella and uttered by its protagonists

Here are some nice quotes from the movie Cinderella. Each date is a small blow to the heart capable of reviving the excitement of this magical fairy tale that has always been loved by both children and adults. A charming, sensitive and modern princess at the same time: a beautiful icon of femininity!

“I want to reveal to you secreta great secret that will help you face the trials when life wants to subdue you: you have to be kind and have courage! “

“- Are you ready?
For anything, as long as it’s with you “.

Remember … the magic it will have its own duration. At the last stroke of midnight … the spell will end and everything will be as before.

A maid ragamuffin! That’s what you are! And what you will always be!

“- Nothing is given for nothing! For everything you have to pay and pay.
– That’s not true … the kindness don’t pay, don’t pay love! “

“Just the way it is done doesn’t mean it has to be done!”

Cinderella… Names have power, like spells! And suddenly it seemed to him that the stepmother and the step-sisters had really turned him into a creature of ashes and weariness. “

“And that’s what I really want, for you to come back to me at any cost!”

“Now I think we don’t have to look beyond the border, we have what we need in front of us! And to see it you have to have courage and be kind. “

“He animals they listen to us and talk to us, if we have ears to hear them. Only then will we be able to learn to care for them. “

Gas Gas… Jacquiline .. this is your refuge … also mine apparently ..

Drisella: I bet you’ve never talked to a man … right?
Cinderella: Once upon a time … with a gentleman.

Prince: You don’t have to venture alone in the heart of the forest.
Cinderella: I’m not alone, I’m with you!

Cinderella: It was an old dress from my mother … you know?
Lady Tremaine: eh !? It was torn! It is falling apart … Bitch you will not come to the prom !!!

I hope to see you again, miss.

Fairy: I’m sorry, why are you crying?
Cinderella: Who are you?
Fairy: I’m yours Fairy godmother Dear …
Cinderella: Fairies don’t exist …

Let me go something more appropriate… uh … that’s better!

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Cinderella Phrases: The most beautiful aphorisms in a timeless fairy tale

Once upon a time in a distant land, there was a small kingdom, peaceful, prosperous and rich in ancient and poetic traditions …Narrator)

Once upon a time in a distant land there was a small kingdom, peaceful, prosperous and rich in ancient and poetic traditions …Narrator)

Dreams are wishes for happiness In your sleep you have no thoughts Express them sincerely If you have faith who knows one day | Fate will not smile at you Dream and wait firmly Forget the present And the dream will come true!

A dream is a wish that your heart makes you When you are fast asleep | In a dream you will lose your pains | What you want for yourself save Have faith in your dreams and someday Your rainbow will come smiling for | It doesn’t matter how your heart is If you continue to believe | The dream you want will come true!

Dreams are desires, closed in the depths of the heart. | In sleep they are more sincere and express themselves without fear. | If you have faith, who knows that one day fate will not smile at you | even if the present seems sad, if you wait firmly | your dream will come true.

So that’s it That sweet burning The spell called love. | Now I know I can’t now Nothing more to dream my heart I wish I could fly in the sky And walk among the stars. | This is the miracle The dream of my heart | This is love.

Cinderella phrases: unforgettable moments from the Cinderella story

Cinderella: It’s midnight.
Prince: Yes Yes I know. But why?
Cinderella: Bye.
Prince: Oh no, please. You can’t leave now.
Cinderella: Oh, but I have to go. Please I have to …
Prince: But why?
Cinderella: Well .. look .. oh, the Prince. I haven’t even met the prince.
Prince: Prince? How come you didn’t know …?
Cinderella: Bye!
Prince: Please! Just wait! I don’t even know your name! When can I see you again? Please wait! “

“Grand Duke Monocolao: You’re the only girls in this house, I hope … eh, I guess!
Lady Tremaine: There are no others, thank you!
Grand Duke Monocolao: It’s better that way! Good morning! Good morning!
Cinderella: Your grace, your grace! Please wait! Can I try it too?
Lady Tremaine: Don’t listen to him!
Anastasia: It’s Cinderella!
Genoveffa: Our pantry maid!
Anastasia: It’s in the kitchen!
Lady Tremaine: It’s ridiculous!
Genoveffa: She must have gone crazy!
Lady Tremaine: Oh yes! She is a fool full of imagination!
Grand Duke Monocola: Ma’am, I have orders to try it on all the girls!

“Cinderella: Oh, it’s like a dream! A wonderful dream come true …
Fairy Smemorina: Yes my dear! But like all dreams … well, I’m afraid it won’t last long. Only until midnight, and then …
Cinderella: Midnight? Oh thanks!
Fairy Smemorina: No, no, no, wait a minute! Don’t forget, girl, that at midnight you specify the spell will be over, and everything will be as before.
Cinderella: Oh yeah, I get it … it’s so much more than I expected!
Fairy Smemorina: Oh, God bless you dear! “


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Cinderella Dating: The Unforgettable Date of Pretty Woman

Cinderella is a true female icon, the princess in which every woman dreams of transforming herself at least once in her life. Impossible not to remember her date in Pretty Woman, when Julia Roberts, alias Vivian, the date as an example of a woman who has gone well.

Kit:“You just gave me an example of one that we know did well.”
Viviana:“Do you want an example? Do you want me to name you? In short, do you want me to tell you a name, anyone?”
Kit:“Yes, one. One is enough for me.”
Viviana: “God, what an obsession the names are … that big Cinderella ass!”

The reason why the Cinderella character is so loved is soon mentioned at the bottom, borrowing the words of the protagonists of this famous film! Women, each in their own way, of course … want the story!

Edward: “What do you want Vivian?”
Viviana: “I want the story.”

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