Two sports giants to promote the mini watermelons made in Sardinia: Gavina and Eleonora


Alessia Orro and Francisco Porcella witnessed L’Orto di Eleonora, also on national networks

Two sports giants, Alessia Orro, European volleyball champion and Francisco Porcella, world surfing champion, will be the witnesses of the summer campaign of L’Orto di Eleonora “The island of sweet wonders, which will begin soon .

Undisputed protagonists of the season: Eleonora and Gavina, the watermelons made in Sardinia, very sweet and with few seeds, which represent two flagships of the production of OP Agricola Campidanese and its brand “L’Orto di Eleonora”, among the options of more and more domestic and foreign GDO customers, for the organoleptic quality of the products and for the certified quality of the company.

A success also confirmed by the strengthening, with a doubling of volumes, of the association with Coop, which in 2021 -with a marketing action- welcomed Gavina to its Origine line, a selection of quality products from chains controlled and fully traceable supply lines. at every step, from the origin to the table.

Gavina is the mini watermelon, sweet, crunchy and with few seeds. Immediately recognizable by its light green color with light dark stripes and especially thin skin that gives it a high percentage of edible part. With an average weight of 1.8 kg, Gavina is a modern watermelon: an ideal format for both portability and family consumption.

Eleonora is a medium-sized (4-6 kg) black watermelon, fresh and very sweet. Under its dark skin it encloses a bright, juicy, sugary red pulp. Perfect for the end of a meal and at any time of the day, ideal for sharing with family and friends.

During the summer, Eleonora and Gavina will be the protagonists of a new and widespread national communication campaign. After 2021, the year in which Gavina had premiered on Rai1 with ads and telepromotions during the program “Lunch is served” led by Flavio Insinna, in 2022 L’Orto di Eleonora renews and doubles its commitment to a new dedicated commercial in both watermelons. .

watermelon Gavina

“The island of sweet wonders”, which gives the title to the spot and the whole initiative, is a small great journey, an evocative journey that aims to explain the beauty of Sardinia, the spirit of its people and the quality of the their products. .

The campaign will see in action two exceptional witnesses, two young talents from our island, two champions, two children from the “land of giants” become in turn “giants” of the sport: Alessia Orro and Francisco Porcella will be the protagonists of ‘a series. of commercials with emotional, fresh and youthful content, in line with the qualities of the two watermelons Eleonora and Gavina.

“The two witnesses represent the excellence of Sardinia,” explains Salvatore Lotta, commercial director of OP Agricola Campidanese. The company always promotes passion and pride through numerous initiatives in support of sports activities and healthy eating. “

The spot will be broadcast on the main national broadcasters from the first week of July and will be included in an integrated communication campaign that will have great coverage in new media, internet and social networks, as well as in traditional media such as press. national and local radio and television.

A great showcase for the company that confirms the great commitment to promote not only the brand “L’Orto di Eleonora” and its high quality production, but also its land, its beauties and its splendid people.


watermelon Eleonora

The two witnesses. Alessia Orro, the volleyball player from Narbolia, has a successful career with both club teams, with which she won the CEV Cup twice, and with the national team jersey, with which she became the champion of Europe in 2021, also receiving the award for best. tournament organizer.

Francisco Porcella, surfer born in 1989, born in Manhattan and raised in Sardinia until he decided to move to the Hawaiian Islands to pursue his dream of riding the waves of the sea. At just 28 years old, he faced the storm in Nazareth, Portugal, taming the waves that can reach 30 meters in height in this town. Francisco is the only Italian to have received 3 nominations for the prestigious XXL Big Wave Awards, the Oscars of surfing.

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

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