the IFAB decisions for the 2022-2023 season

How will football change next season? These are the novelties introduced by the IFAB in today’s meeting, with different solutions that will be the subject of new tests.

How will football change next season? The leaders of the ball are ready to insert a series of innovations in the most beautiful sport in the world, which will come into force on July 1, 2022. This has been established by theBoard of the International Football Association, that is, the international body that has the power to modify and innovate the rules of the game of football, linking all professional and amateur federations. Thus, the new decisions for the 2022-2023 season were presented at the 136th Annual General Assembly of the IFAB which took place in Doha.

The main novelty of the event in Qatar, which was attended by the President of FIFA Infantino, directors of the highest international football organization, and the various British federations, refers mainly to the number of replacements. Since 2020 to ensure the well-being of footballers during the pandemic, the IFAB had introduced a temporary change that allowed teams to have five substitutions. A provision extended several times and valid until last season. At today’s meeting, the IFAB decided to listen to the recommendations of the experts, the opinion of the advisory committees and that of the entire football community, because this option become permanent in the Laws of the Game. Confirmed the limitation of the three places to make the five substitutions plus the interval.

As for the other new features that will be introduced to football from next season, there is also the increase in the number of players that can be taken to the bench. In fact, salt 12 to 15 the maximum number of substitutes that can be following the team on the field, always at the discretion of the organizer of the competition in question. The results of the experiment on the possibility of additional permanent substitutes for concussions were also reported. In this case, however, the IFAB has decided to extend the tests, with the intention of focusing on the final exclusion of any player with real or possible concussion to ensure that this player does not continue to participate in the game in question.

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The Annual General Meeting also considered other possible innovations, with the possibility, for example, of allowing multiple competitions to use VAR “Light” video assistant referee technology, tested in more than 100 matches with a system that could also help video game referees. to determine offside situations more quickly and accurately (the so-called “semi-automatic offside technology”).

For this reason, as stated in the official note, we are also evaluating “a video support solution for a possible test“Also at the table at the top of football also the opportunity to explain.”some decisions by the referee during a match, a potentially fairer calculation of playing time and pitches. The AGA has made it clear that these and any other process require authorization and will be overseen by IFAB and FIFA.“Among the main problems to be solved is the lack of respect for the referees and their safety, with the need to”establish initiatives to address these issues, including possible trials with cameras carried by referees in adult grassroots football“.

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