Swimming World Championships: Martinenghi Silver, Knocked Paltrinieri – Sport

Niccolò Martinenghi almost won double gold in his specialty, the breaststroke, but in the success of the 100 he added “only” one silver to the sprint race, the 50.
On the other hand, Gregorio Paltrinieri and Gabriele Detti are down from the 800 podium, respectively fourth and sixth in the distance that in the past had crowned them world champions. In any case, the fourth day of the World Cup in Budapest increases the blue medal, even with the bronze of the synchro Team Tech.
The blue day is illuminated by Martinenghi’s new podium: its silver smells of consecration. The 22-year-old from Varera plays 26 “48, three cents more than American Nic Fink. For ‘Tete’, who had already won the European bronze at the Duna Arena in the spring of 2021, is another Demonstration of the change of pace after the Olympic bronze medals in the individual 100 and in the mixed relay with the world podiums that follow those of the short course of last autumn Excellent fifth place for the debutant Simone Cerasuolo, but in doubt until on the eve of the world championship he later came to the Italian group because he was entangled with the covid. paying the final rush of 28 “10. American Olympic champion Bobby Finke wins with the American record of 7’39” 3. Outside the podium fight also Gabriele Detti, sixth in 7’47 “75”. It was a very fast race; I couldn’t do more, says Paltrinieri, I tried to change my pace, snatch at 600 meters, but the others did not give up and in the last 100 they left. Right now they are the strongest. Now I restart and go up to 1500 although I know it will be difficult. I’ll try to give my best as always. ”Beyond the time that it’s nothing special, I’m happy – says Detti – The goal was to swim a prestigious final again and I got it.” Paltrinieri will be back in the pool at the 1500 which finishes on the podium for four editions, then will also dive into Lake Lupa for cross-country skiing for 5, 10 km and a 4×1.5 km relay. A bit of a disappointment also for the 4×100 mixed mixed: Ceccon, Martinenghi, Di Liddo and Di Pietro finished fifth in the U.S. race.
In the 200 butterfly, the Hungarian Kristof Milak takes the gold and the world record (1’50”34); the blue Alberto Razzetti closes seventh. Taking a place in the final of the 100 styles with the eighth time Alessandro Miressi, who will not cross the swimming star Caleb Dressel (“physical problems”, says the American team of his loss since the semifinals) .
In the synchronized, another podium arrives for Italy. The technical team of the blues, in the sound of ‘We can be superheroes’, is bronze with 91.0191 points only from China, already runner-up in the world in Korea, and Japan. It is Italy’s 11th medal of synchronization at world championships, the first with the team, and will match the number of precious metals won in the previous edition. There are still four days of racing left to improve on this record as well.
“A medal that weighs a lot and that we will carry in our hearts for the rest of our lives,” says Linda Cerruti, her eyes still shining with joy, “this World Cup is giving us deep and indescribable emotions. It makes up for the many hours of work we really deserve.” . “We can do even better – the captain, Gemma Gall, is convinced – and we will work to fine-tune those things that we still don’t do perfectly.
In water polo, reigning champion Settebello made his 20-3 debut against South Africa.