state examinations, extraordinary competition bis, provisional assignments

The schooling deadlines for the month of June refer to the end of teaching activities, state tests, and teacher mobility.

June 1 – First day of the two working weeks to communicate to SIDI the data of the absences made in May 2022 by all the staff of the center (indefinite; annual alternate of determined duration; temporary with contract until the end of the teaching activities )
June 1 World Father’s Day
June 2 – Republic Day, National Sports Day, World Communications Day
June 3National Blood Donation Day, World Bicycle Day
June 4 – Termination of the Covid contract in Emilia Romagna, Marche
June 4 – End of classes in Emilia – Romagna, Marches
June 4 – International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Assault
June 5th – Sending the cash flows corresponding to May 2022 to SIDI
June 5th – World Environment Day
June 6 – World Naturism Day
June 8: Termination of the Covid contract in Abruzzo, Basilicata, Campania, Lazio, Lombardy, Molise, Piedmont, Sardinia, Aosta Valley, Veneto.
June 8 – End of classes in Abruzzo, Basilicata, Campania, Lazio, Lombardy, Aosta Valley
June 8 Immigration Victims Day, World Oceans Day
June 9 – End of classes in Calabria, Puglia, Umbria,
June 9 – Termination of the Covid contract in Calabria, Puglia, Umbria
June 10End of classes in Liguria, Sicily, Tuscany
June 10 – Termination of the Covid contract in Liguria, Sicily, Tuscany, Province of Trento
June 10 – Payment deadline for sending the credit account by May 2022
June 11 – End of classes in Trentino
June 11 – Termination of the Covid contract in Friuli-Venezia Giulia.
June 12 – Administrative elections and referendum June 12, provisions of the Ministry of Health. Note
June 12National Innovation Day, World Day Against Child Labor
June 14World Blood Donor Day
June 15 – Will unvaccinated teachers have to work 36 hours until June 15 even if classes in the classroom end sooner?
June 15 – As required by Law 89 of 2014, the deadline for the communication by the public administrations, through the PCC system, of the debts overdue in the previous month (ie the invoices for which the deadline of May 31 has been exceeded without payment being made).
June 15 – World Wind Day
June 16 – Extraordinary competition bis, applications until June 16: how it is structured. MI press release
June 16End of classes in South Tyrol
June 16 – The following payments must be made before this date (using Form F-24EP):
IRAP Tax on Remuneration Paid in May 2022;
Monthly VAT for financially managed educational institutions (boarding schools, contract work, agricultural company, special company);
INPS-Separate Management contributions for coordinated and ongoing collaborations related to May 2022;
withholding taxes on liquidations from outside the public administration
June 16 – On this date, SIDI must be notified of the “service” of the responsible alternate staff (for contracts still open in the current month)
June 17 – Innovative educational environments for kindergarten: 159 million euros available. Proposals until June 17
June 17 – World Day Against Desertification and Drought
June 19th – International Day Against Sexual Violence in Conflict
June 20 – Temporary assignments and uses, teaching applications from June 20 to July 4. By ATA from June 27 to July 11. NOTE
June 20 – Mobility of school principals 2022/23: applications until June 20. CIRCULAR
June 20 – Notification to the Employment Center of the hiring, extension, termination and transformation of labor relations relating to May 2022
June 20 – World Refugee Day
June 20 – Start of State Exams
June 21st – International Yoga Day, World Giraffe Day, Summer Solstice
June 22nd – World Dog Day at the office
June 23 – June salary credit
June 23 – United Nations Public Service Day
June 24 – PNRR digital transition: Applications are being developed from schools to migrate cloud services and update the website. Deadline June 24
June 25 – World Maritime Day
June 26 – International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, International Day for the Victims of Torture
June 27 – Provisional endowments and uses ATA 2022/23: applications from 27 June with specific model. New ex LSU
June 29 – World Industrial Design Day, World Scleroderma Day
June 30 – End of teaching activities
June 30 – End of nursery school classes
June 30 – Completion of the elaboration of the obligatory verification (form H-bis) of the Annual Programming 2022
June 30 – Application period for “aid per family unit” (period 1.7.2021 / 30.6.2022) based on the “2022 declaration”
June 30 – Deadline for communication to the Register of Services of the assignments assigned or authorized to PA employees included and not included in the functions and duties of the office for the semester July / December 2022.
June 30 – Deadline for notification of tasks assigned to external collaborators in the Register of Services for the semester July / December 2022
June 30 – Deadline for sending to the Department of Public Administrations the follow-up of the sanctioning files of the school staff that could have been activated during the first semester of 2022.
June 30 – Deadline for electronic transmission of the DMA form for May 2022
June 30 – Asteroid Day
Other deadlines:
Vocational Education and Training qualification tests
The aforementioned Ordinance (Rules for conducting voting and examinations in public and non-state schools of primary, secondary and baccalaureate education) establishes the rules to be followed for conducting professional qualification tests; in particular, the provisions refer to:
the admission requirements for in-house students
the appointment of commissions;
the articulation of evidence.
the admission requirements of external candidates.
The particular provisions derive from the specific links (complementary subsidiary offer or complementary subsidiary offer) between the five-year cycles of the Professional Institutes and the vocational education and training of competence of the regions.
Evaluation of the year of training
The completion of the training and test period is subject to the performance of the service actually provided for at least one hundred and eighty days, of which at least one hundred and twenty for teaching activities.
New hired teachers are asked to discuss a report on their experiences and activities with the Service Evaluation Committee. On the basis of this, of the investigation of the professor to whom entrust the functions of tutor and of the rest of elements of evaluation contributed by the manager, the Commission of evaluation of the service issues the opinion for the confirmation of the paper.
In the event of a negative assessment of the training and test period, teaching and teaching staff undergo a second period of non-renewable training and testing.
Changes in the regional school calendar
The adaptations of the school calendar are established by the school institutions in relation to the needs derived from the plan of the educational offer, in fulfillment of the functions of determination of the school calendar exercised by the regions in accordance with article 138, section 1, letter d) of the legislative decree of March 31, 1998, n. 112.
Monitoring of disciplinary proceedings
The summary of the data relating to the file must be sent to the e-mail address, always and only in electronic format, every six months, ie before 30 June and 31 December of each year. sanction initiated against the staff of the center. [email protected]
Submission of the leave application
The duration and modalities of use of the holidays are defined in art. 13 of the CCNL.
Annual inclusion plan
On June 30, each school draws up the Annual Inclusion Plan. The Working Group examines the school inclusion interventions carried out last year and formulates a proposal to increase their level the following year. The Plan, approved by the Teaching Staff, is sent to the competent school territorial offices with the request for staff and support resources, which will be assigned – within the limits of availability – in accordance with the provisions of art. . 19 section 11 of Law no. 111/2011
Verification of the annual schedule
Before June 30, the School Council verifies the state of execution of the Annual Program and the financial resources of the institution, in time to know the situation that will arise with the beginning of the new course.

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