Sport and piracy, damages of 267 million. Common actions to curb the phenomenon

In the general states of the Fapav, representatives of institutions, football and broadcasters addressed the issue

Over the last two years, the number of acts of piracy involving sporting events has increased. If in 2019 the incidence was 10%, two years (and a confinement) later, the percentage has risen to 15%, with losses that -according to the survey promoted by Fapav on the phenomenon in Italy- are around 267 million for in the sector. .

Vzzali: working group h 24

“Sport is among the most affected industries,” said Undersecretary of the Government Valentina Vezzali, participating in the “General States of the fight against piracy between legality and security”, where the investigation was presented.
“At the regulatory level, politics is trying to address the lack of speed and flexibility in the fight against piracy. In this regard, I confirm my support in the creation of an operational working group 24 hours a day for all days of the week, in order to be able to guarantee the punctuality of the police action even on weekends, period of time at which content access peaks are recorded. .direct, such as sporting events ”, at the suggestion of the Undersecretary.

De Siervo: lost 1 billion in 4 years

In total, the lost uses for the world of sports are about 11 million. But if on the one hand technology has helped to grow the phenomenon, on the other “I think it will work out” is the point of view of the CEO of Serie A, Luigi De Siervo.
In the last four years, according to De Siervo, the money lost by the piracy of Italian football amounted to one billion, a figure that adds to the 1.5 billion losses linked to Covid.

Luigi De Siervo (Photo by Claudio Furlan / LaPresse)

According to the manager, the problem of piracy in Italy also has a cultural root. “Ours is a country that worries us when our children commit crimes by showing that this is not the case with piracy,” he continued. “The football sector needs the resources it loses. It is not possible for all this to happen in 2022, it is time to say enough is enough and for the work done by Parliament to reach a concrete result. We have to make history in the coming years. ”

De Laurentiis: Pocket Piracy Problem

Luigi De Laurentiis, president of Bari, offered a different interpretation to frame the phenomenon. “Piracy is a problem even in my pocket and I don’t want platforms. How many are on the market now? So many, and how much do you spend? To this day there is still a lot. Piracy can also be overcome thanks to an attractive offer that, according to the user’s perception, may be too expensive today.

“This is not the fault of the platforms. It may not be the only solution, but it will necessarily lead to more attractive prices because otherwise it will become unsustainable,” he added, stressing the need to educate especially young people to counter the phenomenon.

Azzi: actions to curb piracy. Duilio: to protect those who pay

Stefano Azzi, CEO of Dazn, and Andrea Duilio, CEO of Sky Italia, participated in the broadcast platforms of the events.
“The revolution that is taking place in the world of streaming is highlighting the need to rethink the actions to be implemented to curb the phenomenon and slow down the development and spread of piracy. Protecting the value of the Italian sports industry by supporting the whole system committed day by day to counter the phenomenon of piracy is crucial. Only through a joint and determined effort will we be able to give quick and concrete answers “, says Azzi.

“The demand for content has grown, there are many investments, which also gives a lot of work to related industries,” said Duilio. “It simply came to our notice then. Going forward we will have fewer and fewer people hired who will not find space. Piracy trivializes content. It is also a cultural loss for the country. In England we act in real time, we also have to protect the people who pay ”.

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