Sport and inclusion, the City Council communicates with local associations

A moment of dialogue with local associations to talk about sport and inclusion, starting a debate to analyze the needs of Giussanese associations and develop new paths that lead people with disabilities to have more and more opportunities to play sports. The municipality of Giussano started yesterday evening, in the plenary hall of Aligi Sassu, a first training session within the project “Giussano – Sport and inclusion” promoted jointly by the Department of Sports and the Department of Social Policies.

“Together with my colleague Sara Citterio, our departments are promoting a path of training and support towards an increasingly inclusive sport,” he says. Adriano Corigliano, Deputy Mayor for Social Policy – The constant practice of sports activity is a fundamental element for the growth of people with disabilities from an emotional and social point of view. In addition, a multidimensional, dynamic and playful environment represents a fundamental educational and training tool for all our children ”.

The meeting is the result of a questionnaire that the City Council has sent to all the sports clubs and associations in the area in recent weeks, in order to draw up the clearest possible picture of the city’s situation in this area.

There were 22 sports clubs in the area that carried out the survey proposed by the municipal administration. Of these, 8 stated that they have already had experiences of including children and young people with disabilities in their sports itineraries that involved both team and individual sports, in support of behavioral, motor or even intellectual disability. · Lectual. Of these, 5 experiences are still ongoing, while 3 have ended when the athletes in question have completed their sporting careers. All 8 companies spoke in favor of continuing or increasing their experiences, identifying them as moments of personal and group growth.

“But there is another positive fact that emerges from the survey,” he said Sara Citterio, Councilor for Sports – Of the 14 sports that do not yet have experience in this regard, 9 would like to try to embark on a path of inclusion and are motivated by the fact that they can be a concrete support for the affected families and for the whole community. That is why, as a Municipal Administration, we have chosen to sit together around a table and realistically assess the contribution that each of the actors involved can make ”.

In fact, during the first meeting on Monday, in addition to the excitement of wanting to expand the sports public to anyone who wants to practice physical activity, the inevitable criticism of local associations when it comes to developing inclusion projects also arose. In some cases, difficulties were highlighted in managing sports practice and the need for qualified monitors; in other cases, the need for coaches and educators with sensitivity and preparation different from the existing one was emphasized.

The doubts and uncertainties of those who have not yet embarked on a path of inclusion are attributable to the fear of not being able to properly help or support the disabled athlete, the doubt of not knowing how to manage the largest group, the lack of supports or qualified personnel.

“Legitimate fears, which is why we now want to develop a serious and concrete reflection on what the Municipal Administration can do to support an ever-widening inclusion that can respond to the peculiarities of the citizens involved,” concludes Commissioner Citterio. , launch the itineraries for the involvement of girls and boys with disabilities, it will be necessary to provide training and support aimed at sports clubs. In accordance with the Social Policy Sector, it will be necessary to identify the appropriate support for the sports clubs affected and allow them to expand the sports offer in the field of inclusion ”.

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