so the singers “help” the kids get out to the concerts

Alessia is on stage, her mother is in the audience. Alessia cries and, on that stage, came up with the intention of finally leaving, thanks to the support of 20-year-old singer-songwriter Ariete, whose name has become a symbol of the battle for LGBT rights among teenagers. . Alessia’s mother is, in fact, in the front row of the audience, she is here because she accompanied her daughter to the concert but, according to the girl, she is (also) among the front rows of homophobes, so much so that she never has accepted his sexual orientation. And so much so that Aries herself will address her with a long, determined speech to open her mind: “Ma’am, you should be worried if your daughter has a physical problem, or if she’s doing something wrong. legal, probably not if he is. he. says homosexual “, he scolds her. The audience applauds and shouts the name of Alessia. The girl, with her face still full of emotion, hugs her beloved tightly and thanks her, reiterating that she had never found the courage to do so because her friends had always “excluded” her. “Long live the women, long live Alessia, long live life,” concludes Aries, as the girl descends the stairs of the stage.

In the same hours, but thousands of miles away, 28-year-old British singer and songwriter Harry Styles with hundreds of millions of views on Spotify, “helps an Italian boy out,” as we read today in the pages of Italian newspapers and how you can read the subtitles of those videos that went viral on TikTok (hundreds of thousands of views) in which the scene was immortalized. We are in London, at Wembley Stadium, which is the scene of the Love tour 2022 of the former leader of the one wayknown for having erased the fluid fashion of the genre (its cover of Vogue of 2020, in which she wore those women’s dresses that had so captivated Candace Owens, an American conservative activist). We’re in London, we said, and a guy in the audience puts up a sign: “From Ono di Wembley, help me out“, this is to say:”Help me outThe 90,000-seat stadium cameras frame his sign, Harry holds up the rainbow flag and shouts, “When that flag passes me, have you officially left, okay?” hinting at a dance step, the singer raises the flag and shouts, “Congratulations, you’re a free man now.”

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Similarly, but about a year earlier, a Chicago girl had raised exactly the same sign during a concert by the same singer. “My mom is here at the concert, she’s in sector 201“read,”Help me outOne and a half million people through social media, and tens of thousands on the giant screens of the stadium, followed from afar the hug of the girl and her mother Liza: the daughter with the sign in her hand and her mother, with her face touched and her arms raised, as if to embrace her, and again, the same identical sign had appeared on the Manchester show of Conan Gray, an American singer with 6 million fans of TikTok, as well as Flatcher’s in Dublin: with the difference that she was asked by a boy in the audience to draw a tattoo that could help her get out, always with her mother.

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And then there’s Madame. A lady who always flies a little higher than the others and who, only in the face of repeated questions from journalists and the public, publicly declared herself bisexual. “but I don’t need to join groups or movements“And whose name is associated with TikTok with the word ‘confessional.’Having deliberately told you my f ** ks, I would like to know your f ** ks“is the invitation). A space where the rules are very simple:”You raise your hand, I give the floor to someone and the others make a deathly silence“declares from the stage.”And of course, making us say confessionals, we talk about things we need to say a little prayer about later, not knowing how many packets of chips you bought.“. Countless confessions, all dedicated to free love: homosexuals, bisexuals, heterosexuals, it doesn’t matter. Free.”I’m heterosexual and I did a threesome with two girls“shout a new one.”I listen to your songs while I have sex“calls another. And again:”I had sex with my head“, “I am committed, but I love your best friendIn the front row, looking at her sideways, Francesca (this is Madame’s real name, ed) and to resume this prologue of the future with a mobile phone that no longer needs flags or tears, during the last concert in Rome, there were proud mothers and fathers.

Gynecological examination, Netflix ad becomes a case: “They report homophobia where none exist”

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