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The maturity tests also start tomorrow for the young people who attend the technical and professional institutes and institutes of the city, but in reality there is already a category of students, those who attend vocational training courses, which have been doing for days. their final tests. .courses of three and four years.

In Crema, 174 students are taking the exams at CrForma, the company of special training services in the province of Cremona, in the many directions activated at the headquarters of via Capergnanica, between three-year courses, which can be accessed later of eighth grade, which lead to the professional qualification and the four-year of motor vehicles or bodywork, from the electrical area to the one that trains the staff of the bar room.

A training institution, CrForma, which in Crema has been growing a lot in recent years, in numbers and in the interaction with the Cremasco area: the training course that is about to end has registered a total of about 500 children, who follow the theoretical and laboratory classes in the classrooms of the Via Capergnanica Center, recently involved in the work for the realization of an anti-mural mural, an innovative initiative, both for the direct involvement of the students themselves, and by the type of materials used.

Sometimes, when we talk about the continuation of studies after the eighth grade of primary school, we fail to mention the sector of regional vocational training, which with current legislation, is completely flanked by secondary schools, when it comes to ensuring compliance of compulsory schooling. Over the years, however, the favor of children and families for these training courses has increased, as evidenced by the number and liveliness of the planned initiatives, despite the difficulty of structures and operational spaces: the headquarters of CrForma a Crema, for example, lacks a suitable space where children can perform the motor activity planned for the training courses. In terms of social implications, this year’s CrForma offer has a special importance, for example, the path on early school leaving, within the Out of class project, thanks to the Notice of the Lombardy Region ” Youth Guarantee – School Dispersion “, which is to allow a group of young people who have left school and training courses for various reasons to find motivation and enthusiasm, acquiring useful skills to consciously enter the world of work, by conducting these days of training. Among the works written by students from different backgrounds, there are those that combine competence and knowledge of the topics covered in class, creativity that only fosters a passion for what you are doing. This is the case of Simone Bombelli, a third-class electric operator, who received praise from everyone for building an electrical system for a miniature bar. “I decided to carry out this project because when I studied standards and technology, in particular bar lighting, I was fascinated and that’s why I decided to scale the different rooms and the electrical system,” said Simone during the presentation of his work. From the design of the electrical diagrams, to that of the bedrooms, the main room, the tea room and the bathrooms, nothing has been left to chance, including the adaptation of the different points of light according to the criteria of ill lighting, with the provision of more intense in some areas and less intense in others. And for Simone, the appointment is already for the next school year, when for the exams scheduled for the fourth year of primary school she is committed to implementing her model, already thinking about how to use renewable energy.

For the director of the CrForma Cream branch, Chiara Capetti, the satisfaction for the possibility given to students to retake the exams in attendance, and in particular, the laboratory part, the heart that beats the educational offer of the institution: “There are still a few days left, but the balance of the Crema site is decidedly positive, the boys take out all their know-how – says the director – as in the case of Simone of the third electric operator, who brought a masterpiece, completing his brilliant career, accompanied by more than 400 hours a year of internships in the company “.

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