Pompeii Young Festival: the first edition between entertainment, sports and social

Scheduled from June 24 to June 26, in the Fonte Salutare Park and in Piazza Schettini

Everything is ready for the first edition of Pompeii Youth Festivalwhich will be held from June 24, 2022 (and until June 26) at the Parco Fonte Salutare and Piazza Schettini in Pompeii (NA) and will include everything from a series of activities ranging from entertainment to sport, through training and work. .

Program of the Pompeii Young Festival 2022

The appointment is from 6 p.m. Friday, June 24thon to Parco Fonte Salutare a meeting dedicated to the world of training and employment and business development will be held, followed by the animation of Doctor Why. At 8.30 pm everyone moves to Piazza Schettini, where we begin with the institutional greetings that will present the first edition of the Pompeii Cabaret Festival with the artistic direction of Paolo Caiazzo and the direction of Gigi and Ross.

During the show there will be comedians who participated in the call and who were chosen by the selection jury to act under the watchful eye of the quality jury. During the event there will also be an exhibition by the Upam Academy and the presentation of the “Promote your city” competition, with the hashtag #PompeiiWelcome. The winner of the Cabaret Festival will win a symbolic prize from the City of Pompeii in silver. After the appointment on stage, the streets of the city open to shopping with the white night of trade.

The next day Saturday, June 25, starts at 10 am at Parco Fonte Salutare with workshops on sport and the environment by Givova and McDonald’s. At 11 in the morning we went to the kitchen, with Vincenzo Iannucci and his cooking workshop, dedicated to the art of pizza. Lunch break and resume in the afternoon from 5.30 pm with youth associations in the area in collaboration with Newid, who will perform various activities and presentations on important social issues such as bullying and the correct use of networks social. Workshop title: “Enjoy your mind! Tips for feeling good about yourself. “

We return to Piazza Schettini for the evening, which begins at 6.30 pm with the Pompeii Music Competition, which will see emerging bands from the area perform, and which anticipates the Luca Sepe Show. To present the event, journalist Francesco Russo with the incursions of Mery Esposito and Rafel ‘O Pazz. After enjoying the music and entertainment, it will be the turn of the ColorMob “Holy Festival”, to give free rein to your fun.

Sunday, June 26 the program starts at Fonte Salutare Park from 10 a.m., where medical specialists will conduct free medical visits for billing and teeth. Immediately afterwards there will be an in-depth focus on the environment by McDonald’s and Plastic Free. All activities will then resume at 6.30 pm, where a Treasure Hunt organized by the Pompeii Youth Forum will be set up in the streets of Pompeii, in anticipation of the long-awaited show by Francesco Cicchella.

The mayor of Pompeii spoke about the event, Carmine Lo Sapiowhich states: “It is crucial that the younger generations communicate with each other to build the future of our country. To do this they need aggregate events, and it is the duty of administrators to create these moments. The last two years, especially for young people, have been dark times, which have often made us static, creating in us a sense of helplessness towards the future. The pandemic, however, has emphasized the importance of sociality for all. We can no longer allow the needs of young people to be neglected in conditions such as those experienced recently. That is why the ‘youth voice’ is one of the priorities on my administrative agenda. With the ‘Pompeii Youth Festival’ we wanted to imagine Pompeii as a great stage for the girls and boys of the area, to show off their talent, stimulate their imagination and their creative vein. Knowing that there is such a high desire for participation by young people is an even stronger incentive for the administration to provide the new generations with more and more tools and places to express themselves, compare their ideas and highlight their ideas. talents and skills. In addition to acts of aggregation of shows, there will be serious and current issues, addressed by experts, which unfortunately harm the peace of mind of our children. My Municipal Administration has always supported young people, families and educational institutions, against the unacceptable phenomenon of school bullying. An assumption of responsibility and commitment, translated into concrete gestures also through the ‘Pompeii Youth Festival’, aimed at counteracting a phenomenon that produces deep suffering, inside and outside the school.“.

The Councilor for Productive Activities and Youth Policies echoes this, Michele Troianiello which adds: “Young people represent our present and it is thanks to them that we can build our own, but above all, their future. Listen to young people, understand their needs and provide them with the tools to express their qualities through ambitions and a desire to improve society. We need to make them fall in love with their city by providing answers, opportunities and participation. Only by investing in initiatives like this can important goals be achieved. One of the first steps I took, as a youth policy councilor, was to urgently organize a ‘working table’ involving young people, associations and other urban realities where young people are involved at the forefront. With the ‘Pompeii Youth Festival’ we have created an opportunity in the music, sports, culture and social sectors – giving ample space to serious issues such as bullying and cyberbullying – areas in which young people must to be protagonists again. The municipal administration, therefore, is committed to young people and invests in their leadership. Young people represent a fundamental resource for the growth and cultural and social evolution of our community, which is why my commitment as a councilor aims to promote the creation of employment and expressive opportunities for the new generations.“.

All events were organized in collaboration with Show Management.

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