Palermo and the “sweet” revolution of the City Group: this is the philosophy of the acquisitions

The euphoria that reigns in Palermo football is at its peak. A feeling that evokes sweet memories linked to many years ago: there is no doubt that the walk made by Mr. Baldini and his boys has aroused a long-dormant enthusiasm and has given a breath of fresh air that the city needed after of having suffered humiliation. of the failure and will resume, with his head held high, the D series.

Certainly, however, closing, now one step awayplays an important role, almost as a protagonist, and blows hard on an already burning embers: the arrival of Municipal Football Grouphowever, it is generating an expectation more linked to the Palermo-club than to the Palermo-team, in the face of a revolution that could affect the entire Italian football system.

A revolution that, however, will be characterized by sweeter and more gradual features than expected, as evidenced by the modus operandi of the group in relation to the already acquired companies that make up the panorama of Cfg, as also analyzed by the online magazine Undici.

To get a clearer idea, just look market operations in Girona and Troyes, or rather of the two teams that, like Palermo, lived and coexisted between the first and second divisions of their respective leagues – Spanish and French: the most recognized players (Pedro Porro, 22-year-old defender; Adil Rami, 36-). one-year-old defender and Pablo Maffeo, a 24-year-old midfielder) who have spent the last few seasons on both teams, are not names that warm the heart and radically change the size and history of the clubs. However, both teams have achieved important goals: the Spanish team – bought by the group in 2017 – has recently won a place in the League; the French, on the other hand, bought just under two years ago, entered Ligue 1 immediately and, this year, won a comfortable save.

He CFG does not demolish the clubs it buysrather, it restructures them from within, important its know-how and initiating a transformation of thought – of a managerial and cultural nature – even before it is technical and market; In this sense, the words of Ferran Soriano, managing director of the holding company, are revealing: “Football is our business, it is what we do, therefore our network of clubs allows us to grow from a technical point of view. develop -level players that allow the group to be economically sustainable ».

In this sense they arrive the reconfirmations of the sporting director Renzo Castagnini and the coach Silvio Baldiniaware that the team and the club will have to acquire a new method.

Of course, the group in its history also notices deeper revolutions and more consistent results, think of the championships won with other Manchester City satellite companies, such as Melbourne City (Australia), the MLS Cup with the city of Nova York and the great journey. from the third division to the conquest of a place in the Copa liberadores of the Montevideo City Torque – Uruguayan team.

Successes, however, have come in contexts in which to excel in building a solid financial and corporate structure – think of the case of Montevideo Torque, which bought the first bus to travel thanks to the Anglo-Arab-Hispanic group.

Palermo, in this sense, starts from a different condition (fortunately) and more similar to Girona and Troyes, of which, however, stands out for its history and perspectives: we must think that the rosaneros represent a city of 600 thousand, and month. , inhabitants, has a huge foreign appeal thanks to Sicilian immigrants and has participated with some continuity, in recent history, in European cups with moderate results.
Could this change the approach of the new adventure?

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