NBA Draft Paolo Banchero on Sky Sport: “I’m the best, I want to play in Italy”

The NBA is ready to choose him among the first in the next Draft, Italy dreams of having him available in the future and emphasizes that his goal remains to play for our national team: Paolo Banchero told us in an interview exclusive granted. on Sky Sport a few days after his official entry into the NBA


He is one of the best talents that the night between Thursday 23 and Friday 24 June will be selected for the NBA 2022 Draft, which will be followed overnight on Sky Sports channels from 2 and in reissue with the commentary by Dario Vismara and Stefano Salerno – and a few months ago I pocketed an Italian passport which is a good omen for our basketball team: Paolo Banchero is one of the most fascinating players among those who are preparing to become professionals in the coming days, waiting to see if the Magic, the Thunder or the Rockets will bet on him. In fact, Banchero is unanimously considered one of the three most coveted prospects in the 2022 Draft, along with Chet Holmgren of Gonzaga and Jabari Smith Jr. of Auburn, a player who has all the credentials. become an All-Star and in the medium to long term also the face of the franchise who will decide to call him.

Their answers are dry, brief, but their self-confidence and self-awareness shine even thousands of miles away. filtered from a computer camera. Smile before answering (especially when it comes to Italy) and he knows the next few hours will be some of the most important of his life, with a career on the launch pad and the NBA world potentially within his reach. In the exclusive interview published on Sky Sport, Banchero has not said he is worried about what awaits him among professionals and has explained his intentions for the future: to play in both the NBA and Italy. We hope that both goals will come true.

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How do you feel in the days of the draft and becoming an NBA player?

“I’m excited about what is about to happen: mine has come a long way to get here, I’ve worked hard to deserve it all. Being here waiting for a call to the Draft is surreal, but at the same time I am aware that we are at the beginning and that only after being chosen in the Draft does the real work begin. “

What do you think is the best feature of your game that sets you apart from other potential customers?

“The versatility and specifically the ability to pass the ball and put my teammates in ideal conditions: I am one of the best prospects present in the Draft – if not the best of all – to do so. On any team that finds me playing, I know that others will like to be on the field with me because I am a selfless player and because I can create good shots for whoever is by my side.

Are you the best talent in the 2022 Draft?

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. There are so many great prospects to be able to select in this draft, but I think I can prove my worth at all levels: I know I have a huge margin for improvement.

Magic, Thunder or Rockets: Which team do you think would be better integrated?

I can’t give you a specific name or a favorite: all three would be a great solution for me, as each team has great qualities, different from each other. I will be happy and excited regardless of the franchise that finally decides to bet on me.

Last year at Duke was very special for you: what lesson did you take last year on the K coach bench?

The most important lesson was to understand how to pursue goals: we set them up months in advance, from the first day of training we were working for them. The concept is that in order to reach the end you have to commit every day, do it well in advance and, above all, never save yourself in your daily work. I remember that in September and October we were training for two and a half hours, non-stop and learning our energies to the fullest. In the end, however, we managed to reach the Final Four, so this effort took us all the way as we expected.

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What are your plans for the summer? Do you plan to come to Italy soon?

Yes, I intend to come to Italy – I don’t know exactly when and I don’t have a schedule, but I will come to Italy and I will be happy to be there.

Will you play with Italy in the future, is it still in your plans?

Yes, my intention is still to play for the Italian national basketball team. I’m excited about the idea that my NBA career is about to begin and I hope the international one too, I’m happy.

Do you speak a little Italian? Do you know any words of our language?

I can say “Hello,” my dad gave me some lessons. He speaks it better than I do, I still have a lot to learn: I’m sure I’ll work on Italian too.

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