Maturity, tomorrow the first test of the State Exams. Prince to students: “let’s leave the difficult moments behind”

Only one day and tomorrow, Wednesday 22 June, the first test will begin, with the start of the Exams from State 2022 for about 540,000 graduates. The Vice President of the Region of Calabria, Giusi Princiwrote a letter to all Calabrian students who will take the exams:

“We have reached the end of this school year, which is also the last of your school career, a new year full of events that have had a great historical and social impact, a complicated course, which marked the gradual return to normality in school life and in social and relational activities. The exams you are about to face represent an unforgettable turning point, they will go down in history because they mark the resilience of a generation that more than the others has been marked by the pandemic, they reveal the ability to react to the pandemic. most absolute unexpected, to rise from the abyss and achieve new goals, leaving behind difficult times. Don’t be afraid of exams: you will meet your teachers who have accompanied you over the years with dedication and even affection. Your success will be a great satisfaction for them too, not just for your families, the culmination of a path, sometimes difficult but exciting, that you have shared. I extend to you all my sincere wishes for a future full of enthusiasm and satisfaction for study, for social and family life, remembering that “the School is our passport to the future.” Because the Calabrian school has trained you and prepared you to face the challenges of the future.

My recommendation is to take advantage of the human and cultural growth experience that the school offers to face the journey of life consciously and achieve the most ambitious goals. So, from next season you will have the opportunity to attend the universities of Calabria, which have achieved peaks of excellence in various fields of science and are a source of pride for the entire cultural world of the Region. and beyond. Therefore, take advantage of the possibilities of confrontation with the exceptional personalities that you will know and that will help you to fly high, exercising your critical spirit. Go around the world, but never forget your land, your roots, because “a country means not being alone, knowing that in the people, in the plants, in the earth there is something of you, that even if not there you are. Waiting for you “. And we will always be here, welcoming you with open arms, proudly representing Calabria where you grew up, loved yourself and discovered your identity. A special greeting is also addressed to all members of the school community who, in their respective roles, have done everything possible in these particularly demanding months to keep the Calabrian school at a high level of quality: to the principals who are ‘have committed, with passion and considerable organizational and management skills, to the exercise of the multiple functions assigned to them; to the teachers for their commitment in carrying out the complex didactic activities and the numerous projects launched to offer the maximum benefit to the students, helping them to achieve, despite the complicated period, the objectives of reception, integration, training, preparation , success; to the technical-administrative and auxiliary staff, tireless and constant support, often also moral; to Families, who believe in the role of the school and support it in the common path of mutual aid, the growth of values, learning and inclusion, because only by forging a strong educational alliance can we help children in its growth process. I say goodbye to all of you in September to continue the common path of growth, with the commitment that, even in these months, our work will continue and that at the center of President Occhiuto’s action, mine and all regional council. there will always be the children, their needs, their problems, their aspirations.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

(Eleanor Roosevelt)

Giusi Princi

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