Lyon ready to become USA: club valued at 800 million

John Textor, one of the leading entrepreneurs in the world of technology, through his holding company Eagle Football Holdings LLC, has entered into exclusive negotiations to acquire the following shares in OL Groupe: all shares and 50% of OSRANE (subordinated bonds reimbursable in new or existing shares) of Holnest, the holding and family office of Jean-Michel Aulas, CEO and Chairman of the Board of OL Groupe and all shares and OSRANE held by Pathé and IDG European Sports Investment Limited (“IDG Capital”).

Eagle Footbal is an American company created to bring together the interests and interests of Textor and Jamie Salter in major football clubs around the world. Specifically, Textor currently has a 40% stake in Crystal Palace, an 80% stake in the Belgian team RWD Molenbeek and a 90% stake in the Brazilian club Botafogo.

OL Groupe’s board of directors welcomed these developments and authorized OL Groupe’s management to engage in exclusive negotiations with Eagle Football. The aim of these negotiations will be to specify the detailed terms of the agreement, which includes the following elements:

  • The strengthening of the financial structure of OL Groupe, which will benefit from a capital increase of approximately 86 million euros, which will be used for significant investments, in particular in sports equipment, as well as in infrastructure.
  • The continuation of the strategy of OL Groupe, under the leadership of Jean-Michel Aulas, whose term as CEO will be renewed for at least 3 years. Aulas would also join the management of Eagle Football to support its development and that of all clubs in which Eagle Football has a stake.

Eagle Football will individually hold approximately 80.13% of OL Groupe’s capital and, along with Holnest, would increase to approximately 88.55%.

In recent days, the team has been compared to the American businessman Foster Gillett who, according to L’Equipe, was about to find an agreement to become the new majority shareholder of the club thanks to an offer of about 600 million euros, exceeded. , however, according to Textor, the club’s valuation was 800 million.

Jean-Michel Aulas said: “With this project, Olympique Lyonnais opens a new chapter in its formidable history. For 35 years, my desire has always been to make Olympique Lyonnais a unique model in football, combining sporting and economic success. Our professional football and basketball teams, OL Reign, our Mixed Academy, Groupama Stadium, as well as the construction of the new LDLC Arena within the OL Vallée are already strong indicators of OL Groupe’s ambitions. The sudden departure of Pathé and IDG allowed the arrival of John Textor, able to accompany and support these same ambitions. This new shareholder will be an accelerator of our current and future projects. I am proud and happy to continue, with the support of John Textor, writing the future of Olympique Lyonnais. “

John Textor commented on the deal: “The project I discovered in Lyon with Jean-Michel Aulas and all his teams will be the epicenter of our new organization and our investments in the service of world football. Olympique Lyonnais will be the cornerstone of our project. I mean, with the support of Jean-Michel and his team, bring out the values ​​of personal development and self-improvement that I have always been committed to. I would like to give all Olympique Lyonnais fans the extra resources so that the club can regain the highest level, in France and in Europe, while respecting the values ​​of the DNA of the OL such as youth, work, the sacrifice. Seen from the United States, the OL is the ideal platform to make football a success story. “.

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