Jovanotti meets the Orientamenti Summer boys

On Monday, June 27 at 9 am, as part of the Summer Orientations, Jovanotti will hold a webinar dedicated to high school students: during this appointment, the famous singer will talk about his passions, his way and the whole world that revolves around the Jova Beach Party, the show that will stop in Liguria on July 17 in Villanova d’Albenga.

It will be an opportunity to find out what “caring” (take care, the motto of the 2022 edition of Orientamenti Summer) means for Jovanotti, and to be inspired by the attention to the environment, the territory and each place where the the singer’s journey will stop.

To register for the meeting, simply click here.

June 27 is the main event of a rich calendar for an edition of Orientamenti Summer, dedicated to “care” taking care of one’s own skills, scheduled throughout Liguria from June 21 to July 21, for exactly one but with 2,000 places available in total, and dedicated to children and young people aged 4 to 20 and their families. Orientamenti Summer will then be present with a stand from 24 to 26 June at ‘Goa_Boa_The_Next_Day’, a music festival to be held on Erzelli Hill.

At all stages of this summer festival, from Imperia to La Spezia, there will be orientation workshops to get to know yourself, your attitudes but also the whole training offer. In fact, there will be a role play proposed by the University of Genoa on the choice of study itineraries after graduation and numerous workshops offered by training institutions and Higher Technical Institutes. Great attention also to the scientific subjects called ‘stem’ (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) with games and workshops that include drones, soap bubbles and the Icub robot of the Italian Institute of Technology, to know how to do the activities. proposed by artisans and safety with fire or flood risk prevention activities.

“The Liguria Regional School Office – says the director of the Antimo Ponticiello Regional School Office – with the active participation of the school community, has long collaborated with the Liguria Region for Orientation initiatives Summer, with the main goal of “accompanying” students in a path of discovery of their talents and attitudes already starting from primary Laboratory activities and meetings with witnesses and experts, which will continue with a rich calendar “Next autumn, they are an excellent opportunity to arouse the curiosity of our children and their families, to understand together how the socio-economic fabric is changing.”

“The University of Genoa – adds Giulia Pellegri, Rector’s Delegate for Orientation – is also present this year at ‘Orientamenti Summer’. The high school meeting, especially in this historical period, focuses on students and families who together approach the options for the future, not only of university educational choice, but of future profession and gratification. It is a time that sees at the political and social level a great interest in the subject of Orientation, an orientation that must look at the well-being and satisfaction of students in a conscious choice through guidance activities not only informative but above all training “

“This event is today an indisputable benchmark at the national level in terms of guidance and training – says the president of the Liguria Region – to help our young people make the best decisions for their future, according to the his aspirations, skills and Last year Orientamenti was the first show in Italy dedicated to training that was done in person: the 2021 edition was dedicated to ‘React’, to the reaction to the pandemic while this year the guiding thread is Care because, once the emergency, today is the time to take our skills and those of others. “

“Jovanotti’s presence at Orientamenti Summer beautifies a calendar full of content – says the Minister of School and Training of the Liguria Region – After registering through the Orientamenti website, at the link of the page of At the beginning, they will have the opportunity to talk about sustainability, about talent, to discover their “beloved.” This is an event that will allow the event to reach an even wider audience. step of the commitment of Orientamenti that has participated in the different activities of all Liguria more than 19,500 students, almost 1,500 teachers and 4,000 parents and that, in perspective, see us projected in the Salone programmed of the 15 to 17 November in the Porto Antico of Genoa “.

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