In Florence the finals of the Italian U14 Women’s Basketball Cup

The first edition of the Italian Techfind Under 14 Cup will be held in Florence, a competition that will challenge the female youth sectors from all over Italy. The event, wanted by the Women’s Basketball League with the support of the Italian Basketball Federation, is organized by the Women’s Basketball of Florence and will be held, with free admission, at the Palasport di San Marcellino, in via Chiantigiana in Florence. from 25 to 25. June 30, 2022. By invitation, 10 under 14 teams from all over Italy, who will compete in five days of basketball to win the Italian under 14 title. The participating teams will be: Reyer Venezia, Libertas Moncalieri, Firenze Basketball Academy, Pallacanestro Sanga Milano, Lapolismile Torí, Basket Pegli, Asd SAP Alghero, MB Azzurra Lanciano, Trentino Alto Adige Selection and Nico Basket Female. The teams are divided into 2 groups of 3 teams and 1 group of 4 according to the evaluation of the Women’s Basketball League; in the first three days of the tournament they will compete in a first leg according to the calendar, at the end of the qualifying phase a general classification will be drawn up which will decide the matches of the final stages. The event will be a great opportunity for young athletes to play and check out their work compared to other teammates nationwide.

“An important appointment for our city. In 2019 we believed in women’s basketball – explains the sports councilor Cosimo Guccione – dedicating a building to it, the second by capacity: that of San Marcellino. We immediately realized the right choice because the whole women’s basketball movement has benefited and many realities have achieved excellent results. We worked with President Casini to have important appointments. Hosting the Italian Under-14 Cup finals – Guccione adds – also rewards the work of the PFF, the Florence Women’s Basketball, which is our spearhead. There are many girls who choose basketball and are always followed by professionals and the municipal administration. I thank the League and the Basketball Federation and hope that this is only the first major event in Florence to host nationally. “

The logo of the event, conceived and created by Daniele Furfaro of the PFF communication office, represents a cup formed by the stylization of various symbolic elements of the city of Florence such as the Ponte Vecchio, the Brunelleschi dome and the lily of Florence.

“It was easy for the Florence Basketball Academy to collaborate with the Florence Women’s Basketball – said Michele Pierguidi of the Florence Basket Academy – because we followed the passion and the competition. We are interested in basketball and we are interested in doing it well. The goal is for our players to be the best. It is a pleasure that Florence is organizing a national final as well because I know how difficult it is. Florence Women’s Basketball is in its third season in Serie A and this result should be emphasized. “

The presentation was also attended by the Sports Councilor of the Metropolitan City of Florence Nicola Armentano.

“For the Women’s Basketball League, the organization of the Italian U14 Cup is a source of pride: the attention to young women and especially to those who form the basis of Italian basketball must have a prominent value in the prospect of steady and satisfactory growth for the whole movement, and therefore needs a prestigious showcase.In the plans of the Women’s Basketball League, always shared with what is our pillar, that is, the The Italian Basketball Federation, whose always punctual support makes such events possible, is therefore an event of inestimable strategic importance, for which only one of the most beautiful cities in the world could be chosen. the splendid Florence: a place where art, style and beauty meet, where everyday life is lived with a great passion for sports and in particular for basketball, in continuous development in recent years. of the main architects of this progression is, without a doubt, the Firenze women’s basketball club: an ambitious, serious and professional club that, after achieving important results on the pitch and consolidating its role in the A2 Series, is today also the heartbeat of the movement. , with the organization of this great tournament. I would like to thank the city, the club, its presidency, the management and all the staff for the hospitality they are reserving on this occasion: Florence is today the home of Italian women’s basketball, and we are convinced that in the future we also thank on similar occasions it will be an increasingly important place in our landscape “, declares the president of the Women’s Basketball League Massimo Protani.

Massimo Faraoni, President of the CR Tuscany of the Italian Basketball Federation: “Congratulations PF Firenze and his staff for organizing this national event, which the Regional Committee will support. These are initiatives that, after two very difficult years due to the pandemic, are good for basketball and, more generally, for the whole territory, to restart with the utmost enthusiasm ”.

“It is a pleasure and an honor for us to be able to host such an important event in our splendid Florence, after a very tiring period for these young athletes and more. Our company is committed to promoting the women’s basketball movement, from the first A2 team to the youth team, focusing especially on young athletes and for this I thank the municipal administration and all the partners who support our growth projects. and development, ”said the president. of the Florence Women’s Basketball and the Organizing Committee of the Francesco Casini event.

The social partners of the event will be Firenze in Rosa and Noi per Voi Odv. (

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