In Castel Belasi the photos of the author of “Beata joventut. De Faganello a Instagram”

In the European Year of Youth, the exhibition “Blessed Youth. From Faganello to Instagram”, presented today in the Kessler classroom of the Palazzo di Sociologia in Trento, offers an intriguing selection of photographs that, through cultures and youthful worlds, become the engine of a lively confrontation between generations. The inauguration is scheduled for Friday, June 24, at 5.30 pm, on the beautiful stage of Castel Belasi in Campodenno, recently opened to the public after years of demanding restoration work and now also improved as the exhibition venue of the provincial historical photographic archive.
The press conference, moderated by the curators of the exhibition Marta Villa and Katia Malatesta, was attended by Franco Marzatico, Superintendent of Cultural Heritage of the Autonomous Province of Trento, Giuseppe Sciortino, Director of the Department of Sociology and Social Research of the University of Trento and Daniele Biada, mayor of Campodenno.
“The chosen plans represent a social cut, almost an incursion of” domestic archeology “into our community, which seems to be in profound transformation, with innovation brought by students, struggles for emancipation, new fashions and new music. An internal dialectic that makes us think and also sees an ironic look on the part of Faganello, “said Marzatico, who stressed that the provincial photographic archive, with nearly one and a half million photographs, is a tool of amazing research, which “allows us to focus.” on a cultural landscape and experiences of social and collective life. “Sciortino’s speech also highlighted the improvement of the photographic background and its ability to show the great changes that, as in the case of the exhibition that today is presented, have been produced from 1968 to the present.
Mayor Biada recalled that Castel Belasi, after twenty years of restoration work, is recovering by opening up to valuable projects, which in this case also complete the cultural offer with a photo contest aimed at young people.

The press conference for the presentation of the exhibition “Blessed youth. From Faganello to Instagram”. On the table, from left: Marta Villa, Superintendent Franco Marzatico, Unit Professor Giuseppe Sciortino, Campodenno Mayor Daniele Biada, Katia Malatesta, Superintendent Pat [
Foto Matteo Rensi_Archivio Ufficio Stampa Pat]

The initiative focuses on the work of Trentino photographer Flavio Faganello (1933-2005), an extraordinary narrator of images, who between the sixties and seventies was able to quickly capture the signs of the thunderous eruption of the scene youth as a “new” social subject. The exhibition combines the author’s photographs with essays, novels, magazines, quotations from writings with contemporaries and especially the songs in vogue at the time as powerful vehicles of expression, identification and aggregation. The “soundtrack” of the exhibition is available on Spotify and Youtube, looking for the title of the exhibition.

These testimonies of the ‘young people of yesterday’ are put in dialogue with a selection of images from the project “I know you mask” of the Center for Photographic Culture @ Trento, which in 2021, for the Gardolo District, faced, although with lightness and play, with the experience of the pandemic and the subject of the alteration of the perception of the face determined by the use of the mask, leaving us at the same time the image of a youth of thirty that with the time has become more diverse and plural.
The path ends with the beautiful photographs collected through the amateur photo contest promoted in collaboration with the Pro Loco Castel Belasi di Campodenno to apply for participation in the community project through photographs found in family albums or dedicated to young people of the third millennium. The winners of the competition will be announced and awarded during the opening ceremony.
Together, the project invites us to extend our reflection to our time and to Generation Z, marked by the pandemic, which has disrupted the lives of children even more radically than others, but also by the new commitment to the environment, quickly evoked by younger participants.
The proposal, conceived and created by an intergenerational team, is finally completed through the parallel story in proposed images, with special attention to the languages ​​and the sensitivity of the audience of their peers, by a trio of university students through the dedicated Instagram profile. @mostra_castel_belasi.

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