Hormoz Vasfi’s truth about Sara Croce: “Painted like a monster by a report of harassment that never existed.” The case of the Italian-style Johnny Depp / Amber Heard

The complaint against me for harassment which has been so much advertised and advertised in the Italian media does not exist. However, Italian newspapers and television have never done anything to prove its non-existence. It was enough to call my lawyer, “he said Hormoz Vasfi exclusively in Daily diary. “This terrible and fabricated accusation has had serious consequences for my professional and human reputation. even my son distanced himself from me for a long time. I found myself alone, surrounded by suspicious looks. “ The Iranian tycoon and the oil tankerswhose heritage is considered one of the largest in the Middle East, has decided to break the silence and explain his version of events about the relationship he maintained between 2019 and 2020 with the Pavia model. Sara Crocebetter known as “Good“From the transmission of Channel 5 Come another! fixed presence of the distribution of the Show Maurizio Costanzo as well as influencers with 1 million followers on Instagram. Croce lends its image today to a non-profit organization (DefendAmo) in favor of raising awareness about violence against women and is currently engaged to a former Bari player, previously convicted in the first instance and later detained during preliminary investigations into harassment. The story between Hormoz Vasfi, 58, and the 24-year-old he was a starter between 2019 and 2020 when he was born and finished in a few months. The same then played a new role in the media when he, in October 2021, had promoted a sentence of compensation against the Cross (and against his mother). Immediately after the Cross in several interviews he hinted that he had sued Vasfi for harassment. And that is why, recently, he again sued the Cross for defamation. The Vasfi-Croce affair, not even on purpose, seems to be there Italian photocopy of the Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard case.

We try to go in order. When did you meet Miss Croce?
In Milan in September 2019. A friend introduced me to him. After chatting, I asked him to come to the AMFAR party. He told me he had nothing to wear. I offered him the opportunity to buy for that occasion. In previous interviews he said he met me by chance at that party at my table. Only the tables are armored there. I am a sponsor of the initiative: whoever sits at my table should be my guest.

When do your dates start?
La Croce had to work in Rome for television, she had obtained a contract for “Avanti unaltra”. I live between Geneva, Dubai, Tehran and Rome. So we started seeing each other.

Was he engaged at the time of the encounter with the Cross?
No, I never cheat.

Did you get married in the past?
From 1998 to 2009 and I have a beautiful son born in 2000 who goes to the University of Lausanne in Switzerland and who, for what happened, rejected me. I have it

recovered by doing therapy together. I was his myth, then one day I ended up in the newspapers described as a violent man, a bully. I’m telling my truth because he asked me to. Harassment is a very serious charge that rightly involves personal restraint. My current girlfriend, Valentina, was crying while watching Le Iene’s report on my account. I am Iranian, she is Russian: we are the most sanctioned couple in the world (river ed)

Let’s go back tothe story with Sara Croce. Have you formalized your relationship?

No, but his family found out. My previous relationship had just ended. I met my mother, my uncle and my grandmother in Garlasco. We had dinner with them in Milan. Very nice grandmother, simple people happy and excited about our relationship.

Do you have profiles on social media?
Zero. I don’t mind having any. If you are social, you are subject to unnecessary external impulses that can distract you from your true goals.

Instead, what did Croce have to do with social media?
In constant search of followers. One of the first times I took her to pick her up with the driver in Garlasco, I took her to a starred restaurant and she was always exposed to follow me on social media.

The media defines you in many ways on a professional level: the tycoon, the businessman, the oilman … Which one do you recognize?
A self-made man with economic and social success. As a young man I worked as a waiter and bricklayer to support my studies. But today I have no business cards. My name is enough. This tired and pleasant journey has darkened.

When he was little, he immediately rolled up his sleeves …
I did everything, even as a bricklayer when I was 16, my first job in Italy, during the summer holidays. I arrived in Italy in 1980. I paid for my studies, my holidays, the purchase of the moped, a Vespa 50 Special with which I still drive in Rome and the first car a Fiat 500. I was a waiter, an express pony and I loved it when i got home. with 5 thousand lire to get petrol and I had too much money. I played football as a center forward, he was very strong. During my high school years I became passionate about art and philosophy, although I have always had a talent for science subjects. I studied and graduated with honors in Economics and Commerce at La Sapienza University in Rome, I taught mathematics and physics to Italian students, then I was a university assistant. And many of those guys I helped with in their studies still write to me and thank me for helping them get to where they are now from a human and professional standpoint.

When did the turning point come?
In 1994 I was 30 years old and I moved to Switzerland to work for an oil trading company. I made photocopies and earned two lire. Then one day I was asked to take a look at a contract and I suggested that I make some changes. They made $ 1 million. The big boss called me to manage new contracts and in one year I earned him $ 30 million and over time I started my own business.

We return to this journey to New York told in apocalyptic tones by the Cross. The girl says that she was unwell and that “she couldn’t like it” and that she would have thrown her suitcases out of the window on the 48th or 40th floor in a rage …
But what is a Hitchcock movie? By the way, no windows can be opened in New York. She went to jail immediately as a Guantánamo terrorist model with the orange monkey.

That’s where the Cross says he’s back home …
That is not true. Days later on New Year’s Eve we went to Lady Gaga’s concert in Las Vegas. With us was a couple of my friends and a childhood friend from the Cross. I made her dream come true: see Lady Gaga. After the concert he shows me indifferent and intolerant again. At that time, while we were still in Las Vegas, I asked him to leave. I made him buy the ticket and he left with his friend. And that’s when I blocked her phone number on my cell phone.

I was tired of being tricked …
He didn’t deserve to be offended like that.

Was the Cross in love with her?
Then I thought yes, because he even introduced me to his family. In retrospect, I guess not. Did anyone tarnish my reputation by falsely describing me as a violent man in love?

The Cross speaks of 450 uninterrupted messages …
They were organizational with their uncle and mother. I was trying to make arrangements to get my time back, as I had been promised. Also because, as I said, he had blocked his phone contact.

Sara Croce said in several interviews that she felt “agitated, spied on, no longer calm” …
Have you seen their social profile? I don’t think she’s a harassing woman profile. She immediately appeared smiling, funny and serene.

But did this allegation of harassment tell the four winds when it came?
May. It does not exist.

Do you think you are an injured party in this matter?
Apart from the wounded! In this horrible story of media mischief, because of the statements that the Cross made about me, in which he defined me as a “horrible” and “violent” man and attributed to me a very serious crime, never committed and reported, and where did it hit my face on the cover, how do you think I should feel?

He was also mocked by the press for his physical appearance …
Does it seem normal to ridicule a person these days for their physical appearance? I find it decadent and culturally discreet.

Why did you decide to speak only now?
An Iranian poet says that “silence is the language of God, everything else is its bad translation.” There’s a story behind every person, there’s a reason I’m who I am, a “good person”. This “bad translation”, I mean after the articles were published about me, changed the attitude of public opinion and turned my image into a monster. My decision to speak came after a long and careful reflection to regain my dignity. Telling the truth was something I owed to my son and all those (few) who have always supported and loved me (I’m talking about my alumni). The lives of my family circle and those who have always been close to me have also changed in the blink of an eye.

Do you believe in justice?
I firmly believe in justice and the rule of law.

Did you follow Johnny Depp’s trial against Amber Heard?
I followed everything. My son also said to me, Dad, we hope Depp wins because this is exactly your case.

C.what do you think of qyour historic sentence?

After years of massacred men, I found a turning point: finally a male MeToo. I will do my best to support this cause.

What hurt you the most about this whole thing?
More than two thousand years ago, Cicero said, “There are two diseases, contagious, epidemic, and deadly to society: the first is verbal diarrhea, the second is mental constipation.” Here, today I say that these two diseases are made even more contagious by the media and social media that feed the contagion with fake news and fake news. The first duty of the journalist is to read, especially when it is a very serious crime, they take false news to argue in an equally false way. Around me was created a land burned precisely by a falsehood: since it was relaunched by national newspapers and television. Even in the people closest to me, doubt has been instilled in me. No show of solidarity, only looks full of mistrust. I felt very lonely. I was convicted by the media of a horrible crime never committed and never reported to the judicial authorities. This hurt me a lot.

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