Great success of the Water and Water Sports Festival

The Water and Water Sports Festival, held just last Saturday and Sunday, ended with great success. Many people gathered on Lake Campolattaro: more than 5,000, from Sannio and Irpinia and the Campania region in general, as well as from Molise, took part in the two pleasant days organized by ASEA, a subsidiary company of the province of Benevento, which also manages the Campolattaro reservoir.

Important figures, those recorded by the Festival, which due to adverse weather conditions, the strong wind on Saturday morning, began directly in the evening, with freestyle sports and dance fountains. Undoubtedly, this evening was the one that registered a significant number of participants: more than three thousand spectators, well prepared at the entrance of the dam.

These culminating nightly events, much appreciated and appreciated by the spectators, were presented by the patron of the Festival, the acting president, Armando Rocco, and boasted of the presence of the acting president of the province of Benevento, Nino Lombardi, of the mayor of Benevento. , Clemente Mastella and his wife, Senator Sandra Lonardo, as well as many representatives of the Municipalities of Morcone and Campolattaro who share the lake territorially and many mayors and administrators from all over the province of Benevento.

Also present at the “dancing fountains” show was the president of the CONI Provincial Committee, Mario Collarile, the president of the Canoa Vela di Campolattaro Association, Simone Paglia, who was also present as the mayor of his own community. and numerous representatives of the world sports federation. The spectacle of the dancing fountains was much appreciated and aroused great and strong emotions.

Very nice was also the way of the peasant street food of the Campagna Amica della Coldiretti of Benevento, located along the crown of the dam, generating a “seafront” effect animated by stands and points of sale that evoked the relaxing atmosphere of a spa. . The moments reserved for guided tours were very popular, accompanied by a great demand for information about the dam, its operation and its tools.

Excursions below the water level of about 50 meters, managed by experts by ASEA technicians, are much appreciated. About 1,000 people have taken part in the guided tours of the Dam, plus a large number of people have taken part in the guided tours of the OASIS WWF, accompanied by those responsible for the Oasis itself. The emotions were many and varied that alternated over the two days, becoming a constant in the 14 unique and exclusive moments that gave life to an unprecedented Festival.

Worth mentioning, in the context of the riot of aroused emotions, is undoubtedly the tricolor overflight of the AirClub of Benevento, during which repeated passages, accompanied by the tricolor fumes, at very low altitude, left breathless the many lucky spectators. Then the alternation of emotions followed with the different competitions of canoeing, water polo and sup that had the participation of more than 160 athletes coming mainly from the region of Campania and the region of Molise. The Water and Water Sports Festival ended with the awarding of prizes for the different sports activities, divided into categories, which culminated in a dignified end with the presence of all participants accompanied by the notes of the Mameli Anthem, which greeted the athletes, companies and all present with a see you next year.

was – declared P.acting resident of ASEA, Armando Rocco an important moment in the promotion and enhancement of Lake Campolattaro, of water as a source of fluid and flexible life. A project that has led to the introduction of the Campolattaro Dam and the WWF Oasis to many Samnites. It was a great environmental, tourist, cultural, sports project for the promotion and enhancement of the territory. The presence and enthusiasm of the many people who have come to Lake Campolattaro and the active participation of the many institutional representatives are the living testimony of the undisputed success of the Festival, which was only the starting point for a real promotion and improvement of the Dam and the surrounding territories. Our intention is to enrich and continue this path with more aggregative and promotional moments, trying to involve a greater number of entities and associations. The turning point in an innovative and aggregate sense is unquestionable but what awaits us is to continue in the direction of the deep and significant furrow carefully traced, to continue so that Lake Campolattaro is defined definitively as an indisputable heritage from which to begin to build together a future marked by the passion for our communities and our territories, which can and must represent an inexhaustible source of priceless landscape and environmental beauty ”.

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