Confcommercio | “50 & More” at the meeting. Report by Eugenio Milani

The annual meeting of “50 & Più” Confcommercio Lecco

The memory of the late Claudio Vaghi and the initiatives supported in the last year

LECCO – It was held on Monday at the headquarters of Confcommerce Leccothe traditional annual meeting of 50 and more Lecco.

At the heart of the process is the president’s report. Eugenio Milani: “Before starting this meeting, I think it is right that our first thoughts go to the esteemed Honorary President. Claudio Vaghi, who died in October last year. Claudio represented a great example of dedication to 50 & Più; in addition to being the promoter and founder of the provincial territorial section of Lecco, once we became a Province in the 90’s, he held important positions at a national level ”.

After greeting the President and CEO of Confcommercio Lecco, Antonio Peccati I Alberto RivaPresident Milani stressed:

“It simply came to our notice then. It was a period in which the predominant feeling, especially during the forced isolation, was that of anguish. Despite these objective difficulties, our Enasco patronage staff continued their work presiding over the office from the first months of the outbreak of the Coronavirus, thus solving the numerous social and fiscal security problems and the deadlines of our colleagues. legates “.

After thanking the operators of theEnasco Lecco (“It is thanks to them that the delta among the number of new members, compared to the lost ones, was active”), highlighted how the pandemic has “accelerated the transition to the adoption of digital technologies”.

Eugenio Milani, president of 50 & PIù

These data come from a study promoted by 50 & Più and the Leonardo Foundation, based on the contributions of the National President Carlo Sangalli, and collected in a book “Hypothesis for the future of the elderly”, presented by Milani during the Lecco assembly: “This publication explores the approach of the elderly towards new technologies, providing surprising data. To improve the ability to manage these tools, the Lecco 50 & Più Board intends to promote a dedicated course at the end of the year. “

Then the president gave space to Manzoni International Literary Prizethat 50 & Più, since 2005, actively supports, in favor of the city, with the sponsorship of the Municipal and Provincial Administration, the Chamber of Commerce and also thanks to the main sponsor Acel Energie, with the scientific support of the National Center for Manzonian Studies and a prestigious technical jury:

“An event of great cultural importance to celebrate the figure of the greatest Italian novelist so closely linked to our territory.” He then spoke about other aggregative and cultural initiatives (from the visit to Parma in the autumn of 2020 to the Puglia Olympics in September 2021), also focusing on the socio-economic issues that affect the lives of all. retirees and the actions taken to improve their conditions. : “There are two main factors behind our requests: the mechanism for automatically adjusting the value of pensions to price changes with a new basket and the reduction of pension income tax “.

The president then concluded with a wish: “I make the words of the writer Gianrico Carofiglio my own, expressed in an interview with him in our 50 & Più print magazine that you receive monthly and that I invite you to always read diligently: “We continue to have an idea of ​​healthy hope, of community, of solidarity”. These are actions and thoughts that we are already launching both towards our families, helping their children and grandchildren, and towards the community, which sees many of us committed to the provision of social services in the school environment and assistance to which they are no longer. enough. These words must always be a stimulus for a better future for our children and grandchildren. ”

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