“Coming soon to the Olympics”

TREVISO – «Paddle? The sport of blowjobs. But Adriano Panatta does not fit. It’s at Nicola Pietrangeli “Remember, tennis purism runs the risk of becoming arrogant.” Both Romans (although Pietrangeli was born in Tunis), stubborn and talented. One drew endless trajectories in black and white tennis from the 50’s and 60’s, the other introduced color tennis with an elegance of feats and movements that are still incomparable today. Without a doubt Nicola Pietrangeli and Adriano Panatta scored the goal history of italian tennis, in his own way. Achieving the best results ever: titles in the tests of the Grand Slam and even the historical one Davis Cup of 76, one as captain of the team and the other as the protagonist on the grass. Friends, sometimes even out of necessity. But often enemy brothers. And more than half a century after their first meeting, the Italian absolutes from 1970 a Bolognathey talk about it again with jokes, straight and reverse, this time only verbal.

Nicola Pietrangeli, conductor of the summer live in Raiuno, has dismantled the fashion of the moment with a series of blows, defining paddle, without too much paraphrase, a game to be missed. Calm expression, which he immediately wanted to soften: “Let me be clear, it’s a joke. It’s the sport of blowjobs because it allows everyone to have fun. There is no doubt that youno one who plays bad paddle has more fun than one who plays bad tennis. So congratulations on paddle tennis, because the poor tennis player never touches the ball and never has fun. In paddle tennis, the distances are shorter. However, many did not take Pietrangeli’s words as a joke. Partly because thanks to paddle a greater age difference has rediscovered the pleasure of snowshoeing, and partly because many think that paddle could even land at the Olympics. Among them is Adriano Panatta, who sees the taste for the new discipline grow dramatically, and not only in the fields of the Raquet Club de Ghirada. “Not at all triumph of blowjobs. I do not agree at all with Pietrangeli and I do not understand how he came up with the idea of ​​going and annoying those who have fun with paddle, despising him. He could have done without him. “

Panatta then explained that today he plays paddle much more than tennis, and that in any case he has his own rules and is certainly not a minor tennis player. Panatta Thought, distilled in Agi two days ago, remains faithful to the first intestinal reaction. While showing a seemingly non-controversial urbanite, Adriano sends the joke to the sender in an exchange of blows that historicize the relationship between the two and have given condiment to the episodes of A team, the series shot by Domenico Procacci which talks about moods, characters, and mutual intolerance. “I’m sure Paddle tennis will soon become an Olympic sport – summarizes Panatta – Paddle is a real sport, and a lot of fun, it has given life to a good movement and is very social, both when playing and outside. I had never seen so many in the world of tennis player chat who, under the pretext of arranging the weekly appointment, socialize and joke with each other. But especially on the court you feel much less alone than in tennis. Certainly easier to access, more transversal and more social, paddle tennis is promoted with all the notes by the national Adriano than at the address of It’s France (is the name of the tennis player of Abruzzo origin but born in Tunis to a Russian mother) closes the topic with one of his legendary Veronicas: “It is another sport, those who step on clay have an advantage, but not too much. Maybe, he admits at the end, paddle tennis is a little easier than tennis and the improvements are seen sooner, but admitting it doesn’t mean exasperating the purism of tennis. Because purism often turns into arrogance and I arrogance of any kind, I just can’t stand it. “

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