Blog: Ownership Changes: Are They Really Good For Soccer Teams?

Lately, many (non) Neapolitan fans are trapped by a real mental disorder, a hysterical and delusional restlessness that has become an obsession: the Scudetto has no longer become the dream of a team that, no matter how competitive, is still an outsider.

No: the Scudetto is now a minimum wage, the demand rang out daily. If you don’t win, you need to provoke riots, make threats and offend property with all the epithets; they even organize ridiculous collections of signatures to ask Aurelio De Laurentiis to leave the team immediately. “Come and go” has become the mantra of this Neapolitan summer.
Indeed, there is an irony about the “jingle” of the Champions League, which has become apparent and is no longer exciting for those involved, who say they are “offended” by the sentences of the Roman-Neapolitan president. “He called us harassed by his wives. He has to leave” or, worse, “He said he doesn’t like Neapolitan pizza.”
Provincial spots, wrapped in his drooling parochialism. They are very noisy, ignorant like a tufa stone but convinced that they can have their say on any subject of human knowledge. They want the change of ownership, immediately, without even knowing in whose favor.
From Laurentiis it has to go and through Naples we will return to what has always been done in almost 100 years of history: to compete on an equal footing with the great Europeans and to buy scudettos in Italy.

But on balance, Is a rapid and devastating improvement really so automatic after a change of ownership?
Above all: is this improvement really so marked when perhaps the loaned team has already reached its maximum weight, taking into account the history, the shield, the shop window, the induced activities and the support base?

Here are some scattered examples:

Parma: bought by a multimillion-dollar group in 2020, which has also spent a lot and … currently plays in Serie B after an immediate decline.

Bologna – For several years there has been a new billionaire owner, fighting not to back down

Rome – changed the Senses, with 2 more properties later and now the Friedkin: fight for 7th place

Genoa – exchange with Preziosi, descent

Cagliari – Change with Cellino in 2014, decline in 2022 after years of struggles to save themselves

Palermo: Zamparini brings Palermo to Serie A after 31 years and throwing champions like Toni. Challenged, in 2018 he sells the team for 10 euros and … we know the rest

Atalanta – New fund entered mid-season, eighth position and for the first time in 4 years outside CL and EL.

Sassuolo: changed ownership, eh

spice: property much richer than Adl, meh square.

among others – Change with Moratti, 10 years of nothing cosmic and almost failures.

Milan – Change with Berlusconi, as and above

Given that, of course, Milan and Inter are not comparable to Naples in terms of history, induction, showcase and the current amount / quality of support (Napoli has been the same for years subscriber of a good team B).
I wonder and I ask you, understanding that of course I hope that someone much richer and also able, for the time being, to succeed the Adl.All this desire for change, as if Naples were worse than it has historically done, what is the reason?
Probably just those perennial existential oppressions and frustrations, that make you cheat that you can find revenge for your unhappy life in football.
However, don’t worry: you won’t earn a *** anyway, the money and fame will already be millionaires who then go abroad in the winter for 8 million net per season, while you keep going life crying, unable to enjoy. … how much you have because you are obsessed with everything you will almost never accept.

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