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10.51: That’s all for now. Thanks for following us, the appointment is for 6pm with the fourth session of finals and semi-finals and a lot of Italy still in the pool, looking for medals.

10.50: In the semifinals also Alberto Razzetti, who in the afternoon will also play the final of the 200 butterfly, in the 200 combined where he will try to snatch access to the final to play it all tomorrow.

10.49: In the 100 lbs Lorenzo Zazzeri is in the semifinals with the eighth time and an Alessandro Miressi far from the best conditions managed to enter through the broken lid, with the 16th time.

10.48: In the 50 back Silvia Scalia in the semifinals with the seventh time and with good chances of attacking the final

10.47. Another full blue in this fourth morning of competitions at the Duna Arena. The Azzurri have reached the final with the seventh time of the 4 × 100 mixed doubles and this afternoon they were able to be in the pool with Ceccon, Martinenghi, Di Liddo, Di Pietro

10.45am: These are the finalists of the mixed 4 × 100 mixed in the afternoon: USA, Holland, Great Britain, Australia, China, Japan, Italy and Germany

10.43: Italy in the final for a mustache! The United States wins with a time of 3’43 “16, Great Britain second with 3’43” 64, third Australia with 3’44 “58

10.42: USA, GBR, Australia 300 meters

10.40am: Ai 200 Australia, Brazil, Latvia

10.39: At 100 At 100 USA, Australia, Germany

10.35: Italy fourth with 3’46 “44, elimination risk for the blues, Netherlands wins with 3’43” 48, second place for China with 3’44 “92, third Japan with 3’45” 08

10.34: Ai 300 Holland, Japan, China

10.33: At 200 Greece, Holland, Japan, Italy fifth

10.31: Japan, China, Greece, Italy after the first 100. Lamberti not extraordinary

10:29 a.m .: South Korea disqualified, then the battery is won by Singapore, previously disqualified and then readmitted, with 3’54 ″ 28

10.26: South Korea wins second battery with 3.47 ″ 34. Italy will soon be in the tank in the penultimate round with the Netherlands, China, Japan and Canada

10.25: Halfway through the second round Korea, Singapore, Taipei

10.19: Hong Kong wins the first series with a time of 3’54 ″ 28

10.15 am: The first of the four batteries of the 4 × 100 mixed duo starts. In the third Italy with Lamberti, Castiglioni, Di Liddo and Frigo

10.12: These are the semifinalists of the 200 butterfly women: McIntosh, Flickinger, Hayashi, Dekkers, Smith, Zhang, Kapas, Bath, Mata Cocco, Stephens, Connor, Pudar, Zhu, Hosszu, Polonsky, Mizuguchi

10.11: Japanese Hayashi wins third and final manga with 2’08 ″ 63 ahead of Zhang with 2’09 ″ 21

10.07: The Australian Dekers wins the second battery of the 200 butterfly with 2’08 “98 against the American Smith with 2’09” 02, third the Hungarian Kapas with 2’09 “24

10.04: Canadian McIntosh with 2’07 ″ 26 wins the first battery of the 200 butterfly where there is no blue at the start

9.59: These are the semifinalists of the 200 mixed: Foster, Kalisz, Desplanches, Seto, Polonsky, Kos, Sates, Razzetti, Marchand, Clareburt, Cohen Groumi, Lee, Torok, Dean, Wang, Gonzalez

9.58: The Japanese Seto closes with 1’58 “29 wins the last battery, according to the South African states with 1’58” 60, third the French Marchand with 1’58 “71.

9.54: The Swiss Desplanches wins the penultimate round with 1’58 “29, second place for the Hungarian Kos with 1’58” 47, third the Australian Clareburt with 1’58 “76. Razzetti is already in the semifinals

9.50: Razzetti in control in the third round. He is fourth with 1’58 “70, first place for the American Foster with 1’57” 94, second for the American Kalisz with 1’58225, third place for the Israeli Polonsky with 1’58 “31 .

9.47am: Singapore representative Ang wins second leg with 2’02 ″ 94. Now Razzetti on third battery

9.44: The first heat of the 200 mixed goes to the representative of Samoa with 2’08 ″ 95. Disqualified the Bolivian Nonez del Prado who had won the battery

9.41: Let’s start with the men’s mixed 200 series. In the third of five is Razzetti: winning the semifinals with the lowest possible energy expenditure

9.38: These are the semifinalists of the 100 freestyle: Popovici, Dressel, Barna, Liendo Edwards, Grousset, Pan, Whittle, Zazzeri, Nemeth, Curry, Schreuders, Carter, Szabo, Burras, Gaziev, Miressi

9.37: Dressel wins drums with 47 “95, second Grousset with 48” 17, third Pan with 48 “19

9.36: Miressi manages to snatch the classification with sixteen times

9.34. Great impression of the Romanian Popovici who closes with 47 “60, pushing on the right, second place for the Serbian Barna with 48” 15, third place for the Canadian Liendo Edwards with 48 “16, fourth Zazzeri who is already in the semifinals with 48 “29, which is your staff

9.31: It’s not last year’s Miressi. Flooded, the blue is not very bright and is third with 48 ″ 51. It will be in the semifinals but it will not fight for the medals and reaching the final will be a success. Curry wins in 48 “38, second Burras in 48” 49

9.29: Good time from the Aruba Schreuders representative who wins the seventh round with 48 ″ 40 and could be enough to get past the round. Now Alessandro Miressi

9.26: Uzbek Tarasenko wins the seventh battery with 49 ″ 35

9.25: Crooks wins sixth battery with a good 48 ″ 79 which puts him at the top of the provisional ranking

9.22: Georgian Kukhalashvili wins fifth battery with 51 ″ 49 and climbs to the top of the rankings

9.19: Nigerian Ebingha with 51 ″ 53 wins the fourth battery of the 100 style and takes the lead in the provisional ranking

9.16: Palestinian Al Bawwab with 53 ″ 46 wins third battery

9.15: The second battery of the 100 is won by Hoost of Suriname with 52 ″ 95

9.13: The first men’s 100-pound series goes to the Mongolian Batbayar with 52 ″ 95

9.12: Start of the men’s 100-pound series. There are 11: in the third of the last Miressi, in the penultimate Zazzeri

9.09: This is the list of the semifinalists of the 50’s back: Masse, Berkoff, Wilm, Smith, Pigree, Harris, Scalia, McKeown, Chen, De Waard, Jallow, Drakou, Toussaint, Kubova, Lee, Peda

9.08: Canadian Masse sets the fastest time with 27 “26 and wins the last manga, second Canadian Wilm with 27” 55, third Chinese Chen with 27 “95. Silvia Scalia in the semifinals with the seventh time

9.05: Silvia Scalia gets very close to the squad and the Italian record with 27 ″ 86 which earned her third place and the classification for the semifinals. First American Berkoff with 27 “49, second American Smith with 27” 70

9.03: The Frenchman Pigree with 27 “75 wins the second battery ahead of the British Harris with 27” 83, the Australian McKeown third with 27 “94. Now Silvia Scalia

9.01: The first battery of the back 50 goes to the representative of Bahrain Yusuf Abdullah in 31 ″ 38

8.58: Let’s start with the batteries of the 50’s female back

8.55: The composition of the mixed relay that will try to win a place in the final has just been announced: Lamberti, Castiglioni, Di Liddo and Frigo

8.53: There will be no blue at the start of the 200 butterfly stacks.

8.51: Alberto Razzetti will try to qualify for the 200 combined final but the 200 butterfly final, scheduled for this afternoon, could cause him a lot of problems.

8.49: Starts the adventure in the 100 pounds of Alessandro Miressi, who did not appear in the best conditions at the launch of the freestyle relay, and Lorenzo Zazzeri, in great shape, however, in the thrown fraction.

8.47: In the morning from 9 we start with the batteries of the 50 back where Silvia Scalia has what it takes to try to attack her first world final, surely she will have no problems to overcome the first round and return to the race in the semifinals in the afternoon.

8.44: In the afternoon, for now, five places in the final won by the Azzurri: Paltrinieri and Detti in the 800, Martinenghi and Cerasuolo in the 50 breaststroke and Razzetti in the 200 butterfly

8.41: Following a historic day for new sport but in general for Italian sport, Italy in the pool does not want to stop and today another full day is planned for the azzurri expedition to Budapest

8.38: Good morning to the friends of OA Sport and welcome to the live broadcast of the fourth day of competitions of the 2022 World Championships in long swimming at the Dune Arena in Budapest

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Hello and welcome to LIVE LIVE on the fourth day of competitions of the 2022 World Long Swimming Championships at the Dune Arena in Budapest. Goes on under the banner of the blue triumphs the first big event of a year, in 2022, which promises to be full of international swimming events and once again the Italian team is confirmed among the great protagonists worldwide with many prestigious results and an extraordinary second place in the medal.

It starts at 9.00 Italian time with the fourth morning of calories: at 50 back Silvia Scalia has what it takes to try to assault her first world final, he will certainly have no problem getting through the first round and back to the semifinals in the afternoon. Alessandro Miressi’s 100-pound adventure begins did not appear in the best conditions in the launch of the freestyle quick relay, and of Lorenzo Zazzeri on the other hand, had a terrible day. Alberto Razzetti will try to qualify for the final of the 200 combined but the final 200 butterfly could create a lot of problems for him, meanwhile there will be no blue at the start of the 200 butterfly batteries.

In the afternoon they are scheduled the men’s 800-pound finals with Paltrinieri and Detti trying to give an encore of the splendid double podium of 2017 but the competition is of the highest standard with Romanchuk, Finke and Wellbrock. Also looking for an encore Nicolò Martinenghi in the final of the 50 breaststroke. The Vares player is the number one favorite but will have to pay attention to specialist Michael Andrew, the other American Fink. There are also some in the final Simone Cerasuolo, in his first World Championship and immediately among the top eight in the fastest breaststroke race. Finally, there is Alberto Razzetti at the beginning of a complicated final of the 200 butterfly, in which on paper there is a silver fight behind the very favorite Hungarian Milak.

Italy could also enter the medal race in a mixed 4 × 100 in which the second competitive woman must be found. Martinenghi on the breaststroke, Ceccon on the back and Di Liddo on the butterfly could be the three eligible candidates but Italy no longer has freestyle Pellegrini and therefore risks being absorbed in the final It is up to coach Butini to find a plausible solution to bring the Azzurri closer to the podium. Dit, against Australia, USA and Great Britain, it is very difficult to fight in this specialty but also to pay attention to China, Japan and Holland. He Women’s 200m Freestyle Final: It is decided who will replace Federica Pellegrini, who has been world champion since 2017. Absent Ledecky, Haughey and Titmus, disqualified Oleksiak, anything can happen.

OA Sport offers you the Live live of the fourth day of competitions of the 2022 World Long Swimming Championships at the Dune Arena in Budapest: real-time news and constant updates. It starts at 9.00 with the qualifiers and continues at 18.00 with the semifinals and finals. Have fun!

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