“After football I sponsor condoms” / “I can’t resist in front of women”

Asprilla is one of the most emblematic players of the past of Italian football. Colombian, born in 1969, arrived in Italy in 1992 Parma, where he won major trophies such as two UEFA Cups, a UEFA Super Cup, a Cup Winners’ Cup and an Italian Cup. The former striker, however, has always been talked about even off the pitch. among women, strange injuries, arrests and hot newspaper covers. Life after football is good for the Colombian, who told La Gazzetta dello Sport: “That’s great. I have a farm, I sell sugar cane to the Colombian government. And through an advertising campaign I sell condoms. You know, sex has always been important to me …”

The memories ofItaly I am “The good life, the beautiful women and … the taps”. He Colombian he told the curious anecdote: “I wanted to send my family to Colombia something that might seem very expensive: I saw some golden taps in a department store, I bought ten boxes, I sent them to South America and I, for those from Tulua, became the rich man. who had come to Italian football. They thought they were gold, not metal. Where I come from, appearance often matters more than substance. “

The impact on Italian football

The impact on Italian football for Asprilla it was “Fantastic. I immediately felt very good at Parma. They had just won the Italian Cup and then together we won the Wembley Cup Winners’ Cup and the European Super Cup against Milan. Great teammates: Apolloni, Osio, Melli. . ” With the coach Scalehowever, the controversy has never been lacking: “I didn’t play by the rules. One day he wanted me to cut through the walls of the Citadel and I told him it wasn’t Forrest Gump. Football, for me, has always been fun. No rules, no schemes.” .

The typical day of Asprillaafter retirement, it became pure leisure and fun: “Wake up at noon. Rich breakfast with fruit. Rest in the afternoon. Shower, dinner and parties until dawn “. The job? “I have many employees, they are in charge. I drive. And sometimes I still play football: I have a place here in Tulua. “. During Asprilla’s career, acrobatics have never been lacking, such as the one in 1995: “I celebrated the New Year by firing four or five revolver shots in the air, what do you want to be on our side? Except I was a famous person, the cops took me to the barracks, they called the Parma executives who had to pay the bail. And on Sunday I had to be on the pitch because there was Parma-Juventus. Let’s just say I didn’t prepare in the best way possible. “

Asprilla and passion for women

One of Aspilla’s great passions has always been women and theformer player he never hid it. He told the Gazette: “I’ve always liked women, and a lot of them. Once, I even posed nude for an Italian newspaper, and Cavalier Tanzi, who loved me but went to Mass every Sunday, got very angry. The thing is, I can’t resist a beautiful woman: I have to woo her. In fact, after Catherine’s divorce, I never remarried. Many relationships, but none fixed. Do you know what I did with my teammates at Parma? ”

Theformer Colombian striker it continued: “We trained at the Cittadella, three hundred meters from the Tardini stadium. To get to the camp we used a minibus. At the end of training I drove and instead of going back to the Tardini to shower, with six or seven other people we went to Parma to greet the beautiful girls and the dependents. This was my world: free, pure.


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