A weekend of all-female competitions. 300 girls at the start of the new Three Days Giudicarie Dolomites: “A unique opportunity for young athletes”

THIRTY. An unprecedented event that combines cycling, territory and very young athletes: here is the new Tre Dolomite Judicial Conference. An appointment that the weekend of Friday the 24th, Saturday 25 I Sunday, June 26 will call the starting line again about 300 girls from Beginner categories, Students I Juniors.

The young athletes will be engaged on the opening day at the Roman Castle at nightin the municipality of Pieve di Bono-Prezzo, then in Chrono Idrolandon the shores of the lake of the same name, and finally in the Judicial Central Cupthe road race that will crown the winners of the race, with start and finish in the town of Tre Ville.

The organizing committee, led by Storo Cycling Company of the President Andrea Malcottiwas represented by Angelo Zambottiwho explained the reasons that led her to focus on women’s cycling.

“We have chosen the women’s sector,” says Zambotti, “mainly for three reasons. First of all, it is a world in constant growth on a technical and media level. Then, when we found ourselves at a crossroads, we felt compelled to guarantee unique opportunities to young athletes, while our male teammates already have several events scheduled in Trentino as well. No less important is the fact that if we have 300 girls at the start, almost all of them will stay in the area because they will come from all corners of Italy, as there are no other women’s events scheduled over the weekend, excluding competitions Beginners and Students. de Città di Castello, a Umbria “.

The organizing committee immediately found the support and collaboration of the Province of Trento and the municipal administrations of the territory affected by the event (Pieve di Bono-Prezzo, Bondone, Storo, Tre Ville, Borgo Lares and Tione di Trento), institutions and associations of theApt Madonna di Campiglioto which also the zones of the Central Giudicarie and Valle del Chiese refer.

“Racing – says theCouncilor Roberto Failoni – will be staged in three unique itineraries of its kind, which will allow us to show and enhance what we can offer in an area that is part of the tourist area of ​​Madonna di Campiglio and wants to show its beauties. When a territory firmly believes in an event, the Province can only be by its side ”.

The mayors of the municipalities involved in the event were represented by the mayor of Pieve di Bono-Prezzo Attilio Maestri. “When the organizers consulted us, we accepted the invitation without thinking. The Castel Romano Night Race ring has already been tested on the occasion of a race for Giovanissimi, also organized by the cycling company Storo Events of this kind help us to strengthen our valley, often seen only as an area of ​​passage: in this sense we are promoting the project of “sports villa” with the neighboring municipalities of Borgo Chiese and Valdaone, and the Nocturne will be a piece more of this mosaic “.

However, there will be a touch of internationality, guaranteed by the presence of students representing Germany, in the only Italian party away from home in 2022. “We can only applaud the organizers. The format of the Three Days – he adds. Roberto Corradinithe vice-president of the Trentino Committee of the Cycling Federation – It is certainly interesting and, in addition, the event will allow Italian students to confront their German classmates, an opportunity to get to know a reality different from ours. “

Corradini was echoed by the president of the Bolzano Federciclismo Committee Paolo Appoloni, which is carrying out the exchange project born with its predecessor Nino Lazzarotto. “The Three Days Giudicarie Dolomiti has all the components to become a classic and represents a great opportunity for the women’s movement, which often has fewer opportunities than the male,” said Paola Mora, president of the Trentino Coni Committee, followed closely by the Vice President. of the Apt Madonna di Campiglio, Cecilia Maffeiwho stressed the promotional value of an “event that adds to our already rich offer, which pays special attention to cycling and the whole two-wheeled sector”.

The new Trentino champions also took part in the presentation conference Arianna Galante (Initiation 2009) e Lara Dalbosco (Student), which together with the 2008 beginner class Sílvia Ciaghi – unable to intervene as a compromise in the eighth grade exams – will open the shirt won last Sunday and will be able to go hunting for an encore, as the brand new Crono Idroland will award the provincial titles of the test against time.

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