5 tips for cover results

The world of SEO and copywriting it is always continuous evolution. He strategies in the field of digital marketing they cannot remain the same for a long time, and it is always necessary, in addition content writingalso make a good one data analysis.

Optimize your own content for the web, on the other hand, is also an essential way to get there shownread on and finally there is one important answer to yours call to action.

In short, in the 2022 is impossible to ignore from a good copy and a good SEO analysis: that’s why in this article we propose you 5 tips to be able to always have excellent results with their own articles.

But let’s start with an important fact.

SEO Writing vs. Web Content Writing? The difference

There is a lot confusion in this world. So, before we start with the tips of excellent results in the context of SEO Copywriting, let’s try to distinguish the latter from the world of write content for the web.

The latter is developed in many different areas.

  • Writing texts and contents SEO oriented;
  • Writing publications and articles for ai social (where in fact SEO rules don’t always take a back seat);
  • Elaboration of electronic books and digital guides (where in addition to writing it is necessary to take into account the rules of layout and promotion);
  • Product description for e-commerce (where you can’t exempt yourself from SEO rules);
  • Editing texts for the newsletter.

Thegoal of writing content for the webin general, it is theincreased traffic on your own channels. An increase in traffic that normally leads to aa increased awareness towards the promoted brand.

There confusion which is generated between web content writing and SEO Copywriting is precisely at this point. The area of ​​relevance, in fact, can be roughly the same: writing for the web. However, the intention changes profoundly.

In fact, SEO copywriting is an expression that often is mistreated and who tries it align two quite different worlds: the of writing for the web (the text writing) and that of SEO (made of data analysis).

The goal is to “find the perfect balance between content that involves and persuades users and content to which Google give your keywords a high ranking “.

These are the words of Semrush. In practice, they have to do it build texts they are capable interests users but that they are also built to be so appreciated by Google.

The goal is not just organic traffic but:

  • Increase yours classification;
  • Attract the traffic that is online with its own strategy;
  • Involves users and builds trust;
  • Generate conversions.

Now that we understand what SEO Copywriting is, we can share our 5 tips get the best of your web content.

1. The 5 tools that help you in the SEO analysis of your website

As we have seen, the world of SEO copywriting has a lot to do with it data analysis. In fact, it starts with that.

Start from keyword that users search online in relation to their business, the keywords exploited by theirs are analyzed main competitorswe study i ways of expressing oneself of your potential goal.

Even before it’s a writing job, so it’s one strategic analysis work. An SEO copywriter needs to know this What is your objective to know how to get thereo.

Therefore, some tools are essential for any professional in this field. We mention only 5but it is a list potentially infinite.

One of the first things to do when opening a website is to connect it to the Google Search Console. In addition to checking traffic trendsyou immediately have a first idea about the keyword by which your website is located and also by first visibility statistics and the clickthrough rate.

Here are the ones too backlink that you have received and can check indexing status of its content.

To understand what is your goal?t, it may be useful to consult this free tool (it has a maximum limit of daily searches). Data that can be extrapolated from Answer the Public, combined with trend data I forum posts can give a very wide spectrum of research intention of its audience.

  • SeoZoom for SEO analysis focused on the Italian public.

This tool totally Italian allows to make a width SEO analysis of your site. It is not a free tool but the richness of details and information about keywords, yours difficulty and about keywords covered by competitor it is very useful for professionals.

Other tools that, like SeoZoom, help the SEO editor are:

Finally, we will list one last tool of essential importance.

As we all know, the current tool will no longer be manufactured in July 2023so you can get started version 4 of Analytics.

To check that your strategy is on track, it is andUsing Analytics is essential. In addition to daily visits, recurring users, their location, the device they use, there is acountless additional statistics which, if read correctly, allow you improve your strategy and get cover content.

2. Content extension for unbeatable results

For a long time it was believed that longer content is synonymous with better ranking. In part, this is so, but only because it implies that within a larger content there is also a greater wealth of detail.

In reality, however, in many cases, very long web content has less value than much shorter content. So here are some tips we want to give you for your SEO copywriting:

  • Let them be valuable texts, in first place. In your own paragraphs you have to do it respond in a complete and timely manner around the subject of the title. The era of clickbait is long over.
  • Complement your content with other means. Site graphics, images, diagrams, tutorials and videos improve the player experience.
  • Put yourself in the reader’s shoes: 300 more words but completely useless to enrich the content will be more harm than good for your ranking.

We do not mention correct grammar and spelling as a recommendation because they should be the basis of any content, on the web or otherwise.

3. SEO copywriting: the search for the perfect keyword

Even the most useful content that’s it responds perfectly to the needs of our ideal audience it will not be well positionedand so read, if we don’t mind making one good keyword analysis.

The key is that the keywords They don’t have to be who we are We believe be important to our brand. They must be those of our audience.

So if by pure hypothesis we have a “artistic vases“But we discover, through all the tools we’ve already talked about, that our users use the keyword”handmade vases“It simply came to our notice then traffic to our website.

Even the use of keywords, however, can lead to some problems and this is what we will focus on the penultimate of our 4 SEO copywriting tips.

4. Attention! Keyword density is not the same as SEO copywriting

It is a very old concept linked to the world of SEO. Ara, fortunately, this is no longer the case.

Repeat dozens and dozens of times the same keyword will not return the desired results. In fact, it could be done in the short term, but then the search engines will do it notary that our content is not really valuable and therefore us penalty (not just the page in question, but the site in general).

In slang it is called “keyword cannibalization“As we said, the rules of SEO and copywriting are constantly changing, so we need to keep up to date.

Even our SEO plugin (p. Yoast SEO) gives us all orange traffic lights Since we haven’t entered our keyword often enough, we don’t have to worry too much.

In fact, Google and the various search engines are capable of it understand the general meaning of our text and check if it is relevant to our title and the theme of the website in general. Ample space for synonyms and plurals!

5. SEO-oriented copy: Google likes it … but so does the user

With the last of our tips, we’d like to go back to the initial introductory definition.

SEO Copywriting Vol “find the perfect balance between what it implies and persuades users and Google-friendly positioning.

In short, it is not enough to write something that entertain our readersthat you involve and push them towards the final call to actionbut it is also necessary that this content is found.

It is a collaboration in total synergy between user experience (User experience) and what allows a Google to reward us.

For this reason, doing SEO Copywriting is avery difficult artwhose results can only be viewed with enormous patience. Very often it will be necessary check your strategy and see if the new one works better.

Not to mention that after a while, what has been written from an SEO perspective will be to opine seconds new editorial lines and seconds new positioning rules and user experience.

In short, it is a challenging work but also constantly evolving. However, by following these tips, we are confident that your web content will do just that get there easier the long-awaited cover results!

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