10 topics to talk to a girl about to make a good impression

You love heryou can’t stop thinking about her and not looking at her when you meet her, but just talking to her confuses you and you can’t find topics to talk about. What can you talk about with a girl? very beautiful

The fear of taking a wrong step is great, no, you better try tomorrow. Then comes tomorrow, but courage, that’s not it.

Nor is it about shyness, but about not knowing what to talk about. So it’s important to know that how to talk to girls.

The following decalogue is for those like you, who never know how to break the ice with a girl.

Here are 10 easy-to-talk topics start a conversation with a girl.

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What to talk about with a girl: a key premise

An essential premise. Nobody likes to talk a person who always and only speaks of himself. And that also applies to chat.

Yes, because each person’s favorite subject is themselves. Everyone wants to talk about themselves. The reason is obvious: you are at the center of your universe just as the beautiful girl sitting at the next table is at the center of her personal universe, she is the same for everyone.

But this also means that each person has favorite topics that they especially identify with and if you touch on those topics, the person will open up as if by magic.

But that doesn’t mean the right recipe for breaking the ice with a girl is just talking about her. Actually, while it may seem like a good idea at first glance, it is not at all.

If you only talk about her, in fact, it seems that you have nothing to talk about in your life, it seems that you have no character and above all you do not have the opportunity to relate to her.

And so he talks about her, of course, but he also tries to link his experiences to yours (trivially: “Do you like Hitchcock movies? Me too, a lot: you’ve seen Vertigo? Wonderful … “).

Topics to talk about with a girl. Topics of the first date

These, so to speak, are the general rules, but here are some more specific tips, with the interesting topics I funny to conversation.

1. Hobbies

How to start a conversation with a girl. Ask him about his hobbies and tell him yours. If she spends some of her free time pursuing a hobby, she will also be willing to talk about it.

He may have more than one, but I’m sure there will be some he likes best; this is a good place to start.

And if you have one or more hobbies in common, even better. Does this immediately create a certain bond between you and isn’t that the purpose of your chat?

2. Passions

You don’t have to cultivate common passions, because what counts in talking about your passions is conveying emotions to the other: but if you have them, then yes, talk about them, it will be another “anchor” strong point. for your incipient link.

3. Ambitions and career

As with passions, career and ambition can be a very valid topic of conversation, because it is obviously full of emotion. This is one of the best topics to talk to a girl.

When talking about these things a person imagines the future and in general it is a future full of emotions. Make him imagine the future as if it were a story or a movie plot.

4. Music

What music do you like? Do you have favorite bands or artists? Music is often a great point of contact. The music we like often awakens in us strong feelings, which cannot fail to affect the conversation. But, of course, if you like Neapolitan neo-melodic, it’s hard …

5. Movies

If she’s also one of those people who feels a chill down her spine when the Metro Goldwin Mayer lion roars, then you have another thing in common to talk about. Movies are another thing that generates strong emotions and are therefore a safe starting point for conversation.

If you’ve both seen that movie and liked it, you can relive it together, but if one of you hasn’t seen or liked it, it’s best to let it go.

On the professional side, the most famous films in general have seen them all, while in the cons we must take into account the indisputable fact that the films that women like are different from those that men like. If you’re crazy about Jason Statham and the adrenaline-fueled action movies, maybe it’s better not to talk about it …

6. The kitchen

“Maybe not everyone knows it” women are generally very greedy. So talking about food with them is good and right. Also, food is one of the quintessential pleasures of life: talking about something that generates physical pleasure is extremely positive, right? We are almost on the side of sex, with the difference that talking about food is much less risky …

7. Travel

If you enjoy traveling, this topic is also a must. Let her relive the adventures she has lived around the world and tell her about yours. Remember to focus on the experiences, feelings, and emotions you have experienced on your most memorable journeys.

8. What to ask a girl? Relationships

Women find it irresistible to talk about relationships and social dynamics, men … a little less, but try it a little and you will see that you will be rewarded. And it can be easier than it sounds: sometimes you just have to talk about this couple fighting in the living room …

9. Stories and experiences

It is likely that both you and she have years and years of stories and experiences behind you, which gives you an unlimited amount of things to tell. Of course, it will not be worthwhile to explain everything, but surely there will be several things that deserve to be said. Another common point on which to build a bond. A word of warning: better not say embarrassing things

10. Sex

Talking about sex with a woman is extremely effective if done the right way … But it can be tragic if done the wrong way. So be careful … And above all, use humor.

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