Women’s football: from July 1 to professionalism

In sports we are used to thinking that the good news is only about awards, victories, first places in the standings, millionaire salaries and market offers. We’re so addicted that it’s sporadic that some other success, on and off the field, can get our attention, except in exceptional cases. Fortunately, in the last months of the most beloved but also criticized sport in our country, that is, football, good news has arrived: from July 1, 2022 the women’s soccer will be in force professional. The women’s Serie A will in fact greet the fan in all aspects from next season, which will instead be maintained for the other categories.

The hope is that this can be a starting point for this world and that it can be transferred to other sports as well.

From amateur to professionalism

The question of the fan in Italy is a millennial question, as most national sports movements, both men’s and women’s, refer to it. For example, only five federations predict professionalism in the men’s field, including football up to the Professional League, cycling, golf, boxing and basketball only in the highest category. In the women’s field now it will only be football. There are many things that differentiate the two categories of athletes: for an amateur athlete, the salary is mostly collected through refunds and for women no aid is recognized in the case of motherhood, for example, to quote only two. There is little certainty and every personal or sporting event, such as a new birth or injury, becomes a concern.

The process to bring professionalism to the women’s Serie A championship was certainly not easy: it began in 2020, it meant adapting all the existing rules for players as well as for female players, a process that ‘just finished a few months ago. Once this step has been formalized, officially from 1 July, the Serie A women’s clubs will therefore have the obligation to manage all the contracts following only the rules of professionalism. Thus, players will be recognized, among other things, for accruing contributions for retirement and other legal and health protections.
In fact, everything will be a reality from the next football season 2022/2023, when 10 teams will compete for the Serie A championship with the new formula, instead of the 12 clubs of last seasons.

This goal was so coveted that, although all the Serie A clubs in an internal assembly had spoken out in favor of this move, in the Federal Council, the Serie A through the president of the League and some delegates they seemed to have voted negatively for some misunderstanding. Fortunately, the matter was resolved quickly for the better.

The girls of the Italian team at the end of the 2019 World Cup, which ended for the Italian team with the quarterfinals, demanded this change. Strengthened by the large number of fans created around him, the players had expressed their requests.

The dream

But that, as has been repeatedly pointed out, can only be a first goal for women’s football. In fact, the transition to professionalism will not completely equal female athletes and athletes, large differences will remain, for example, in salaries that in terms of players will surely be higher than in the past but will only be comparable to those of the Series C. players.

The dream is clear that one day there may be the same salary for both, as is already happening in the Netherlands, Brazil and the United States where the girls of the team have achieved the important goal of being equal in all with his masculine. mates. To this, of course, is added the dream that the other categories of the women’s championship can also leave the fan to embrace professionalism as well.

The company is difficult, because economic and media interests and sponsors contribute to this transition of time. But it’s not impossible: the huge success that was recorded a few weeks ago in the Spanish women’s championship in the match between Barcelona and Real Madrid that gathered 90,000 spectators at the stadium, to be surpassed a few weeks later by the Barça team in the semifinals. Champions League match against Wolfsburg.

What about other sports?

Football is the forerunner of all the other sports federations that, in order to access the fund for women’s professionalism, will have to decide to move on to this reality at the end of the year.

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