“We will make a better choice in the interest of the city”

The renaissance of football in Catania is beginning to take on well-defined contours. It is clear that there is still a long way to go, but the path seems to lead to the stated goal after the fatal event that led to the failure of the historic first year 11700: to return Catania to the football that counts and in the shortest time possible. time. There are five expressions of interest for the sports title of the city of Catania in the FIGC championships presented in the term of the 13.00 hours of the past 18 June. The flaws in the general protocol of the City Council also came from foreign companies. Precisely by Luigi Ferlito on behalf of Fabio Maestri; by Gioacchino Amato for Mmr Cinema, with the support of an American fund; Dante Scibilia on behalf of the Australian Pelligra Group Pty Ltd; the former president of Torino Luca Giovannone of Osmosi Spa; and Antonello Mascali on behalf of “Entrepreneurs of Catania, English, Korean and Spanish”. The “ball” has now passed “at the feet” of the Common which will have to proceed, using the previous activity, to evaluate the proposals received. The selection will be made by the acting mayor Roberto Bonaccorsi together with the councilor for Sports, Sergio Parisi and with the endorsement of some directors of the Etna body. The fans are tormented and dreaming, even someone has sent clear signals about their “favorite” consortium. Now you can’t go wrong.

Frozen ash honeysuckle

“It is useless to deny that from the first evaluations the level of expressions of interest is decidedly high – explains the Councilor for Sports, Sergio Paris – and this is also a testament that the announcement was well made. We wanted to anticipate experiences like Bari, Novara and Palermo, and we were ready. In the general and understandable skepticism of a few months ago when there was almost a climate of resignation, the five expressions of interest testify that there is a great interest not only for Catania but for the city of Catania. Now, as Mayor Bonaccorsi also said, it will take us about ten days or, in any case, all the time it takes to make the right decision, without leaving any stone unturned. With the bankruptcy of the old club, it has reached the bottom, now there are all the conditions to revive football in our city and make happy all the rossazzurri fans, who deserve a bright future after years of disappointments “.

New club and “new” stadium. A few days earlier, in fact, the call for the restyling of Angelo Massimino was also published, for a total cost of 6 and a half million euros. “The competition expires on July 22,” adds Paris. We will try to place the first stone here as soon as possible and have an accurate picture of the duration of the works. The process was not easy, let’s not forget that we are a distressed municipality, but also in terms of sports facilities we continued to work maintaining the commitments acquired and from these commitments we could not leave out the old Cibali. The aim is clearly to find the right place to avoid the total closure of the Massimino during the works and that the team can always make its debut and play in the stadium. “

Question and answer

From the field to the council chamber. The former mayor of Catania Enzo Bianco, in a post on his Facebook page, warned the Administration wishing the best option in relation to the expression of interest for the revival of urban football and that he will ensure that this happens. Words “dripped” by Parisi, which the former mayor says succinctly: “His is an inappropriate way out, but let’s smile at it.”

It is also no secret that the local administration, especially in recent times, has always been mocked by opposition groups and public opinion, as “guilty” of privileging the problems of urban football in the various emergencies that they take over the city, the waste in the first place: “Since we are working on all the problems of the city, there is no denying that at the moment there is a great deal of attention to the issue of the new society. Given the level of expressions of interest that have arrived, it is clear that the positive implications can go beyond the ball, with benefits for the entire city. So I do not understand the reason for certain statements and why we should not pay attention to a story close to the heart of all the citizens of Catania. Obviously, this is an issue that needs to be resolved in the football sector without going any further, of course. ” “We will respond smoothly to requests from the city council. As we have always done in any instance, there will also be a response in the appropriate forums for this decision.” Parisi concludes.

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