Two days of sports and coexistence with the “Tourist Paddle Cup” at Saline Joniche

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The final victory was for the pair of Reggio formed by Demetrio Giordano and Pietro Cuccio

Posted: 20/06/2022 – 12:17

Two days of sport and coexistence with the

REGGIO CALABRIA Demetrio Giordano and Pietro Cuccio won the “tourist paddle cup”. The young pair from Reggio beat the experts Silvio Malaspina and Antonino Iaria in a final that lasted two sets and scored a peremptory 6-0 in the first and a 6-3 in the second set.
The final of the third and fourth place, on the other hand, was won by the local pair Ubaldo Nisi and Luca Verduci who, in three sets and at the end of a tie break finished with 10 to 6, beat their opponents. : Giuseppe Carella and Carmelo Borruto.
The organizers of the tournament, which had the support of the ASD “Salinbici” led by Assunto Zerbi, the Uisp of Calabria, first by its regional president Giuseppe Marra and provincial president Nuccio Calabrò, and the Foti family , owner of the field where the matches have been played, have chosen to reward even the oldest couple, giving the cup to Gianluca Borruto and Antonio Rosaci (100 years) and who became the protagonist of the most fight of the qualifying groups: Francesco Zaccuri and Antonio Mallamaci.
“Those who lived in Saline Joniche,” said Giovanni Verduci, Uisp’s provincial paddle manager, “were a day of sports, socializing and healthy fun.” The ten couples who have chosen to compete on the paddle court Saline Joniche have set an example of great sportsmanship, challenging themselves with paddles, never raising the pitch, with a great fair play and paying attention exclusively to the sporting and competitive content of the proposed challenges of the calendar, this in fulfillment of the philosophy of the Uisp that favors the sport for all ».


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