Training, Orientations of Summer Attention at the exit: witness of exception Jovanotti

Genoa. IS Lorenzo Jovanotti the testimony of Care guidelines for summer 2022. The singer-songwriter, who will be engaged on July 17 in Villanova d’Albenga during the stage of his tour ‘Jova Beach Party’will meet at video conference the young people of Liguria on Monday 27 June from 9.

An appointment that is the spearhead of the calendar of the edition of Summer Orientamenti, dedicated to the care of skills, scheduled from June 21 to July 21 all over Liguria and aimed at young people and their families. Orientamenti Summer will then be present with a stand from 24 to 26 June in ‘Goa_Boa_The_Next_Day ‘music festival to be held on Erzelli Hill.

At all stages of this summer festival, from Imperia to La Spezia, there will be orientation workshops to get to know yourself, your attitudes but also the whole training offer. In fact, there will be a role play proposed by the University of Genoa on the choice of study itineraries after graduation and numerous workshops offered by training institutions and Higher Technical Institutes.

Great attention both to the ‘stem’ subjects (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) with games and workshops that include drones, soap bubbles and the Icub robot of the Italian Institute of Technology, and to know how to do with the activities proposed by artisans, and security with firefighting or flood risk prevention activities.

“This event is today an indisputable benchmark at the national level in terms of guidance and training – he says the president of the Liguria region – help our children make the best decisions for their future, according to their aspirations, skills and attitudes. In this phase of post-pandemic recovery in the country and also in Liguria, these issues are crucial to ensure that our young people find work after their studies and that our companies hire trained and motivated staff who can support this restart. Last year Orientamenti was the first show in Italy dedicated to the training that was done in person: the 2021 edition was dedicated to ‘React’, to the reaction to the pandemic while this year the theme is Care because, once the emergency is over, today is the time to take our skills and those of others ”.

“Jovanotti’s presence at Orientamenti Summer beautifies a calendar full of content,” he said‘Minister of School and Training of the Liguria Region – Children will have the opportunity to talk to him about their passions, their work, discovering their #care. This event allows this event to reach a wider audience in a context already very rich in events with 49 laboratories and 36 partners involved in the seven stages of this edition. The more than 2,000 places offered in the laboratories certify the will of a 360-degree orientation. Orientamenti Summer is just one stage in Orientamenti’s commitment, which since January has involved more than 19,500 students, close to 1,500 teachers and 4,000 parents in various activities throughout Liguria.

– “The Liguria Regional School Office – says Antimo Ponticiello director of the Regional School Office -with the active participation of the school community, has been collaborating for some time with the Liguria Region for Summer Orientation initiatives, with the main objective of “accompanying” students on a path of discovery of his talents and attitudes already from school. primary. The activities of the workshop and the meetings with witnesses and experts, which will continue with a rich calendar next autumn, are an excellent opportunity to ignite the curiosity of our children and families, to understand together how the socio-economic fabric is changing ”.

“The University of Genoa – adds Giulia Pellegri, Rector’s delegate for guidance – is also present this year, in ‘Orientamenti Summer’. The high school meeting, especially in this historical period, focuses on students and families who together approach the options for the future, not only of university educational choice, but of future profession and gratification. It is a time that sees at the political and social level a great interest in the subject of Orientation, an orientation that must look at the well-being and satisfaction of students in a conscious choice through guidance activities not only informative but above all training . In this edition of ‘Summer Orientations’ in the four provinces of the university centers, UniGe wants to involve the students who in these summer days, after such a difficult period of pandemic, will want to discover the University together ”.

“Vocational and technological training strongly believes in guidance as a tool to bring young people closer to conscious decisions,” they said. Nicola Visconti (Assoceic), Silvia Bisso (Cenfop) and Guido Torrielli (ITS Italy), representing the vocational training institutions of Liguria and ITS – The Summer Guidelines will allow training institutions and STIs to open their doors and welcome young people by making them experience first hand the value of laboratory methodology and discovering their talent. We are grateful to ALFA and the Liguria Region for the opportunity it offers us, which, in line with other initiatives already implemented, allows us to make available moments of knowledge of vocational and technological training in an organized and widespread context at the regional level. “

Here are the dates and locations for the ‘2022 Summer Orientations’

• SAVONA: from 21/06 to 24/06 at the Savona Building School
• GENOA: from 06/28 to 01/07 at the Erzelli Science and Technology Park
• LA SPEZIA: from 22/04/07 to 22/06/07 at the Capellini-Sauro Institute
• TIGULLIO (Chiavari): from 7/07 to 12/07 at the Gianelli Institute (except Saturday 9 and Sunday 10)
• IMPERIA: from 13/07/22 to 15/07/22 at the Imperiese Technology Center
• GENOA: from 19/07 to 21/07 at the Nautical Institute San Giorgio

The program and reservations are available on the event website

Lorenzo Jovanotti

On Monday, June 27, from 9, the singer will meet the boys in a video link. Young people will have the opportunity to talk to the great singer-songwriter about their passions, their work, discovering their #care. It will also be an opportunity to present the Jova Beach Party that will stop in Villanova d’Albenga on July 17. A #care event because it is primarily concerned with the intelligent enjoyment of people. And it does so by offering a totally innovative entertainment formula with many diversified proposals and 150 guests from all over the world. He is actively involved in the environment and many of the partners in the operation have studied ad hoc projects for the occasion. For information and reservations.

Orientation test

During the five stages scheduled in Liguria, various orientation activities will be proposed for about 100 meetings. Appointments for primary school children who will be able to reflect on their attitudes and qualities and discover the links between subjects and professions.

High school (middle), high school (upper) and vocational students will be able to delve into their strengths and work styles, thus evaluating the training and professional itineraries that best suit their characteristics, also reasoning about how make a good choice. Finally, there will be the opportunity to discover data from Excelsior, to know the trends in the world of work among the most requested professions and skills.

Iron laboratories

From June 21 to July 21, scattered throughout the Ligurian territory, the ‘Laboratories to do’ return. The territorial bodies of the Vocational Education and Training System (IeFP) and the Higher Technical Institutes open their laboratories to students in the initial cycle of secondary school to allow them to experiment with numerous professions.

At a historic time when many reiterate the need to raise awareness of ITS, all the Technical Institutes of Liguria, EVO oil tasting, knowledge of energy efficiency equipment, 3D printing, tourism promotion through social media, robotic design, etc. and ship simulation systems.

There are also many opportunities for professional courses: such as the ‘Portainer Lab’ in Genoa where you can learn about the crafts of the port, the trades of aesthetics between hairdressing and manicure, experimenting with different cuts of vegetables.

The CNA and Confartigianato workshops on the occasion of Orientamenti Summer will welcome children and young people who will be able to experiment with potters, bakeries, hairdressers, goldsmiths … and much more!
The complete list is available on the website


Thanks to the collaboration with the National Fire Brigade, Autonomous Civil Protection, ARPAL and the State Police, demonstrations, exercises and activities will be proposed with the invitation to be prepared, competent and responsible citizens!


Only in the Genoese stage from June 28 to July 1, which thanks to the hospitality of GHT will take place in the Erzelli Technology Park, will have a focus dedicated to innovation and research.

Two ‘Digital School’ laboratories are planned: a laboratory with drones and one to discover the key concepts on which the Internet and data transmission are based. Researchers from the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) will show the laboratories of the Center for Human Technologies and involve children in the activity “Find the stars with Icub” which will show how the humanoid robot iCub can make learning fun by playing in a group. .

Finally, the Science Festival will propose Bits & Bubbles – When science, soap bubbles and technology meet. By mixing water and soap it will be easy to understand what physical and chemical phenomena are at the root of the formation of bubbles.

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