To converse in English in an easy and not at all embarrassing way, here is Just Speak

Life is unfair: you can watch a movie with subtitles, you know all the irregular verbs from memory, but the time you are in front of a stranger, nothing, you get hooked. We know from experience that this also happens with those who know complex grammatical structures and have hours and hours of study behind them. The Just Speak course was created by Skyeng’s online English school for this purpose: to facilitate conversation and nothing embarrassing.

What kind of course is it and who is it aimed at

The course is perfect for students who have a good intermediate and advanced level.


The aim of the Just Speak course is to practice oral expression, so grammar plays a secondary role. However, it is important that the student is comfortable enough with grammar rules and verb tenses. This way, during the lesson, there is no need to interrupt an interesting conversation to review the Past Continuous.

These are the four principles on which the course is based:

Storytelling: All the lessons are linked by a red narrative thread: the protagonist (spoiler: it’s you) gets the Green Card and moves to the United States. In the context of this story, each lesson focuses on a different situation, from meeting your roommates to a Kanye West concert.

Role-playing games: Your interactions with the teacher will be done through role-playing games and you will practice the conversation with different people. Imagine having to call an electrician during an emergency and tell him what happened to the electrical circuit. Or, suppose you want to go to the movies with a foreigner, so you have to choose a movie and make an appointment.

Inverted Classroom Method: Lessons are based on the principle of inverted classroom or inverted learning. First the student does his / her homework on new topics, using an interactive platform. Then there is the lesson with the teacher, during which there is only conversation.

Contemporary Language: This course, like all Skyeng courses, focuses on the expressions of spoken language, slang, and idioms that native speakers use every day. When we formulated the contents of the course lessons we examined forums and media articles, from which we extracted the most interesting sentences.

Contemporary language: This course, like all Skyeng courses, focuses on the expressions, slang, and idioms of spoken language that native speakers use every day. When we formulated the contents of the course lessons we examined forums and media articles, from which we extracted the most interesting sentences.

The Just Speak course consists of 32 lessons. From these, you can choose the specific situations that interest you. For example, you are about to have a major job interview in English and you need to revise the most appropriate vocabulary. Or a friend has invited you to a wedding abroad and you will find yourself chatting with the other guests. If possible, however, it is always best to follow the lessons in the right order, from the easiest to the most complex topics, from beginning to end. In any case, in the end the main protagonist will have many surprises (and you too).

Diyora Saidova

Professor of Skyeng

“Students really like the approach taken, they appreciate the fact that throughout the lesson there is only conversation, practicing new words and grammar. Another great strength of the course is that only one story is told, and that all the exercises are aimed at the practice of everyday situations. I recommend the Just Speak course especially to those who are thinking of going abroad. “

How classes are organized

During the first lesson, the student gets to know the teacher and shares his / her oral communication objectives with him / her. The teacher then illustrates the didactic approach and presents the story. So you’re only halfway through the lesson, but you already have an interview with the U.S. embassy. Let’s get started!

Homework will be assigned to the student before each lesson (except the first). These are not the usual tasks aimed at consolidating what has been learned in the classroom; rather it is an important preparatory work, which is part of the course plot as if it were a television series. Getting straight to the lesson without doing homework is like starting a new series by skipping the first few episodes. To understand something you have to go back.

In the part of the work to be done at home, the student is faced with examples of dialogues that can be used in certain situations. Then there are useful words, grammar and some exercises to consolidate learning.

During the lesson, the student first discusses with the teacher what has been done at home. Then we continue with a little game or a conversation on a topical issue: from strategies to manage a peak of work to biohacking, from start-ups to flights to Mars. The third part of the lesson is a role play. And if he has time, the student will be able to learn interesting news about the United States, take a psychological test in English, and more.

Diana Zolotukhina
Just Speak course methodologist

“Some people at first say to themselves, ‘I remember everything from the lesson, I don’t need to do my homework.’ But the inverted classroom method doesn’t work that way. not to what has already been studied in the classroom, then students realize that if they do not arrive prepared it will be more difficult for them to follow the lesson, and they will find themselves wasting their time communicating, practicing real situations with games. and, above all, immersing themselves in a different culture. ”

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What will we talk about

We have carefully chosen the topics of the lessons so that the students can put into practice the maximum of their skills and knowledge at all times. The course focuses on a move to the United States, but Just Speak is not just for those planning to move abroad. It also includes situations you may encounter while traveling and more.

You will also learn to communicate informally with whomever you want, and with the teacher you will also play “I’ve never done …” or “Truth or Dare”. And then, of course, you will try to talk about politics in English, and you will address many controversial topics in the debate lessons. You will talk about sensitive issues such as vaccines, the protection of personal data and the representation of minorities in the media. Not to offend anyone’s sensibilities, especially.

Few lessons in the course focus on work situations. If you are interested in understanding and mastering all the intricacies of business English, the New Business English course may be more for you. But if your goal is to start speaking fluently with someone, including your classmates, the Just Speak course will give you a hand. During one of the lessons we will simulate the first day in a new workplace. You will learn to ask your classmates everything you need to know, from the schedule to the nicest places to eat.

Another rather unusual activity within the course is a Halloween comic lesson, based on the mythology of American witches.

How to track progress

Every 10-11 lessons, students do an refresher lesson. You will review all the topics covered and find out how much you have memorized the materials studied and what topics you have learned to talk about. And at the end of the course there will be a big test. In modulating it, we have followed the section on the discourse of international examinations.

You can consult the results obtained, expressed in figures, in the progress bar of your reserved area. The bar integrates both the notes given by the teacher and the results of the homework. Please note that homework, vocabulary, grammar, reading comprehension, and listening comprehension exercises are automatically corrected on our online platform.

Here the correct answers are highlighted, errors are corrected and results are shown, all in real time.

However, you will see progress especially in everyday life. When, for example, you feel comfortable telling your waiter that you are allergic to peanuts, or when, during your morning run, you have a conversation about your new sneakers, health, or finances. In short, when you can get out easily in the most diverse situations.

Try the Just Speak course and then talk to someone in English, of course. And if you decide to subscribe, with the promotional code scuola15 you will have a 30% discount on the purchase of class packages. What are you waiting for?

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