The toxic marriage of Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder-Civil

On July 23, 2011 came the news of the death of the young singer Amy Winehouse. One of the most beautiful voices that has ever ceased to exist, devoured by bulimia, alcohol and drugs and toxic relationships that only hinder his hard life. A ‘tormented existence, hard to find a scapegoat to blame. From an early age Amy carried with her shadows and wounds. The wrong men, her weaknesses, the grueling paparazzi, the record label that just wanted to make a profit from her … Amy Winehouse had all the stars against her and couldn’t leave in time. To make it sadder and more fragile, the toxic story with Blake Fielder-Civil.

A toxic relationship confused with love

Amy was 22 years old and starting to be successful, Blake was a handsome man who wasted. It was in 2005 when the two met at a club and it was love at first sight, even though they were both already busy. However, they spent the summer together, tied up childhood trauma, self-injury and habits above. The place was already unsettling. Amy’s record was slowly advancing, telling friends that she was so in love that she could die for him, which was like a drug. Then, one day, Blake sent her a message telling her that she didn’t want to leave her girlfriend and that she would be better off. just be friends. A stroke of luck that the young singer did not catch.

Amy’s obsession and destructive love

Amy did not give up. She was a girl with too much trauma and open wounds. He could not see the situation clearly, the inner balance did not belong to him. So one left obsessive recapture, to revenge. The singer, in fact, ended up in bed with his best friend. A conscious gesture, she had to make sure he would never forgive her. She was exhausted and obsessed with Blake. It sank in the depression and bulimia. At the time, he was writing theReturn to Black album and the record label didn’t see it well, taking it to rehab would have saved her life, but the album would never see the light of day, so everyone dropped it.

Success and counterproduction

Amy got the job done and with the piece Rehab came worldwide success. Blake came back into his life while she was afflicted with the imposter syndrome, persecuted by the paparazzi and struggling with a success she could not achieve. So she clung to him in a global way.

Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder they were married on May 18, 2007 in Miami Beach. At that time the British tabloids began to accuse him of initiating the use of crack, heroin and cocaine. His story was toxic in the physical and psychological sense. A relationship marked by violent intoxication, drugs, overdose and high. Amy, whose body was already weakened by eating disorders, did not last long. The tour was canceled and she ended up in rehab with her husband, but it only lasted 3 days.

Love or life?

Amy Winehouse was torn between a relationship that was consuming her and her desire to live. Only four months after the wedding, Blake was arrested for aggression. Amy sank even deeper into the abyss, but she managed to really clean up, albeit for a short time. Lucid, Amy admitted that her marriage to Blake was based solely on her drug addiction. Finally to the 2009 divorced. Blake disappeared, though once the woman of his life died, he returned for money.

Unfortunately, Amy Winehouse is no longer with us, she has never been able to truly know love and enjoy the success that her beautiful voice had given her. We really can’t talk about a romance, their relationship had nothing to do with that feeling.

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