the proposals of the Democratic Party –

SILVI – Considering the considerable inconveniences that occur in terms of urban viability and as a result of the political perplexities and technical observations that, as a Democratic Party, we have already raised on many occasions and locations not only in terms of project for the cycle path and the consequent reduction of car parks on the seafront, but also with regard to the model of access to the historic center of Silvi Paese, we are relaunching some project proposals that we have been transmitting to the ‘municipal administration and that, in our opinion, would be useful at least to mitigate those inconveniences that incoming tourist flows tend to amplify. In particular, referring to the technical report annexed to the General Plan for Urban Traffic of 2003, as a Democratic Party, we call for all political and administrative actions to be carried out to achieve the following:

1) Abolition of the central maritime strip of a long-term parking quota and establishment of a small parking reserve for residents only;

2) Creation of an adequate number of points for loading and unloading goods;

3) Rationalization of access to the seafront through traffic regulation interventions and the construction of car interchanges located at the southern and northern ends of the city;

4) Promotion of local public transport through the implementation of a carpool-shuttle service, articulated in the two pillars of the aforementioned parking bags and which will be provided through the use of low-impact electric vehicles.

Specifically, as provided in the same technical report attached to the PGTU, the planned route for the local public transport line would cover a total distance of 9 km and cadence in 18 stops (ie 4.5 km and 9 km). stops in the direction of travel). Also, with regard to the fleet of vehicles necessary to guarantee a public service that complies with the principles of efficiency, effectiveness and economy, it must be composed of 5 electric buses of 7 meters, in order to guarantee a frequency of 10 minutes at peak times. . , for a user capacity of 170 passengers per hour, as estimated by the technical speakers of the plan. Finally, with regard to the cost-benefit analysis relating to the implementation of the proposed service, this provides for a positive annual balance of approximately € 250,000 for the entity’s coffers, showing that structuring environmental sustainability can also be pursued. virtuous models of urban development, perfectly sustainable also in the financial field.

As for the historic center, we can say that in Silvi Paese the main problem to be solved is related to the difficult tourist accessibility.
In fact, the current model of access to the historic center provides for the ascent from the so-called “553 bis” or, coming from the direction of Pescara, from the SS 553, and then ascend again along the Via Santa Lucia, cross take the curve next to Piazza Largo della Porta and then take Via San Rocco. Consequently, the parking of the cars of residents and tourists is done along the same road: about 800 meters of a one-way regulated lane, with a variable width between 7 and 8.5 meters, where the stop effectively occupies both lanes with in-line layout, for an estimated total offer of about 250 parking spaces. We understand that this provision entails serious problems of congestion, noise and air pollution affecting residents, as well as potential situations of danger to pedestrians. These disadvantages add to a decidedly reduced supply of car parks with respect to demand and end up causing an objective deterioration of the image of Silvi Paese and its tourist attraction.
To solve this situation, from the Democratic Party we think it is necessary to change the model of tourist access, keeping traffic and parking outside the sensitive areas and more valuable in terms of environmental quality and commercial offer and accommodation. To do this, it is necessary to increase the number of parking spaces and strengthen pedestrian connections with the historic center.
In this perspective, the technical report attached to the PGTU identifies two areas to be used as parking on the side between the “553 bis” and the southern slope of the hill of Silvi Paese.
These areas are directly accessible from the “553 bis” and are located in one case near the downstream side of Via Santa Lucia and in the other case near the pedestrian balcony that surrounds the hill in the historic center. Altogether, the two areas offer an estimated parking potential of about 330 spaces and are therefore sufficient to meet the demand of tourists and to limit parking on Santa Lucia and San Rocco streets to residents only.
Specifically, the second area we are referring to corresponds to the current sports field, which is currently in poor condition. It is therefore presented as a priority area for the implementation of PGTU design solutions, also for its favorable position to also create a pedestrian connection with the panoramic balcony, perhaps through a ladder that can also be machined (take as a model reference). is the connection system between the parking area and the historic center of Assisi) and joins the balcony at the landing point in Piazza Largo della Porta.

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