The Pd leadership approved the Pizza report: “Clarity needed, no more games”

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Avellino – “There are no alternatives to a clear conscience, there are no tactics or tricks or little tricks that can guarantee that what has happened so far can be ennobled. Everything that has happened so far is the son of an old policy, of old power games to which with a burst of pride and a sense of responsibility in December last year he tried to say enough.

We do not want to be an instrument of a policy that does not look to the future of this land with the ambition of creating opportunities and opportunities for development and absolutely unavailable to ensure that politics is again an opportunity for small personal ambitions and for to support projects without air and without perspectives ”. This is the meaning of the report issued by the Provincial Secretary of Democratic PartyNello Pizzabefore the provincial leadership that met this afternoon in the provincial federation of via Tagliamento.

At the request of the same secretary Pizza it was put to a vote and the report approved, de facto defining the existence of a majority and a minority.

“The real political figure – added the provincial secretary – is the elections in the province that involved the so-called broad field and we can say that the second time also showed the strength of the alliance that supports Rino. Buonopane. In fact, we can even say that this alliance has also been strengthened in numerical terms. That this time they do not lend themselves to different interpretations. The figure that emerges from the municipal elections is a contrasting figure, although where we were able to work in synergy, the results for the Democratic Party were not lacking, as can be seen in Grottaminardaa Gesualdo and in other realities. Unfortunately, and this is the central theme of this direction, the splits within the party have made the opposing forces victorious in other realities.

There is no denying that a Solofra the elected mayor is certainly not an expression of the Democratic Party and that today the Democratic Party is in opposition to that administration, while it is clearly the majority in realities where there has been transparency and linearity in the political proposal. This leads to reflection: our duty is to keep the party together and avoid fractures at a very delicate time that precedes the political elections a few months later. However, I do not think that it is this Direction that has to sanction a fracture that unfortunately seems obvious to me and that to deny here would be to want to hide your head in the sand. Obviously, this requires a political reflection that avoids situations that lead to the short circuit of political activity and above all does not paralyze the party by preventing it from playing this driving role and proposer of our territories, a role that comes from the electoral weight of the still very high consensus of the party in the province and which gives it not only the honor but also the burden of representing the benchmark of any serious project of development and revitalization of this province ”.

“We cannot continue to deny the evidence,” Nello Pizza continued, “and therefore we cannot continue to argue that there is a united party with united bodies where divisions are evident. The façade unit is not suitable for anyone. What happened in the Province is the plastic representation of this duality of the party incompatible with a unitary path. Who in June chooses, without any prior political clarification, to support D’Agostino he also chooses to stay with Italia Viva and the mayor of Avellino, whose political position I do not know, which is why I am quoting him personally. This election leads D’Agostino himself, following a new electoral defeat, to propose himself as an alternative to this Pd (these are his words), feeding a policy contrary to us, our party, the political way . we imagined. This requires that the continuity of the political activity of the Democratic Party take into account these separations and above all take into account the fact that there is a part of the party that continues to cultivate an antithetical political project to what was imagined in our congress. .

“This way of acting in politics offends me,” concluded the Pizza secretary, “and I have no intention of being an unconscious witness to dark games and strategies. And that’s why I think it’s important that today we take note of all this and above all take note of my unwillingness to continue on a path like the one that has been managed so far: the different sensibilities of the party are aware of it and take responsibility for his actions and accept the consequences of his actions. “

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