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The B-segment with 1.5 Tsi engine with 150 hp maximum power and 7-speed DSG automatic transmission is fast and responsive, well finished and with enough space for passengers and luggage. Here’s how it goes and how much it costs

Matteo Solinghi


– Mlada Boleslav (Czech Republic)

Less than a year after the debut of the fourth generation Skoda Fabia, the B-segment range is expanded to embrace the top of the Fabia Sport Monte Carlo range, which combines sportiness and performance thanks to the engine’s comfort and practicality. small. Skoda 1.5 Tsi family from the Volkswagen Group. Designed for the most dynamic and demanding customers from the point of view of driving pleasure, we had the opportunity to test it in the Czech Republic, as part of the presentation of the Fabia RS Rally2, the car designed to keep winning in the competitions it is replaced by the previous Fabia Rally2 Evo, which in turn replaced the Fabia R5.

Skoda Fabia Sport Monte Carlo 1.5 Tsi: how it’s done, the design

Skoda Fabia Sport Monte Carlo is at the forefront of the Skoda Fabia range with an even sharper and more marked design than the versions already in the range. The standard 18 ”Libra alloy wheels stand out. The grille, window frames, rear door lettering and rearview mirror covers are bright black, while the bumpers have a specific design with larger air intakes and rear extractor profile. For the rest, the design is still that of a normal Fabia, with the front characterized by taut lines and fog lights separated by Full Bi-Led headlights. The rear is recognized by a clean profile from which you can see the roof a different color than the rest of the body.

Skoda Fabia Sport Monte Carlo 1.5 Tsi: how it is made, interior and safety

The interior of the Skoda Fabia Sport Monte Carlo is distinguished by the headrests integrated in the seats. The interior is dominated by dark colors for the seat upholstery and headboard upholstery, with specific elements in red, such as the gear shift fascia frame and the front door handles. The sporty design also includes the three-spoke multifunction steering wheel, beveled at the bottom and with paddles for manual shifting and metal pedals. Some plastics collide with clean, lively interiors, with character, embellished by the carbon-like fascia that runs horizontally across the dashboard area. Active safety is guaranteed by Front Assistant systems with automatic braking and pedestrian recognition and Lane Assistant for lane maintenance along with high-end headlights in Full Bi-Led technology. In terms of connectivity, the model is equipped as standard with an 8 ”control panel display, Dab + tuner, dual USB-C socket and protocols for the interface for Apple Car Play and Android Auto smartphones. The presence of the native e-Sim allows you to connect to the car using the MySkoda app.

Skoda Fabia Sport Monte Carlo 1.5 Tsi: how it is done, the technique

Skoda Fabia Sport Monte Carlo is presented on the platform Mqb-A0 -the same that equips Volkswagen Polo- with some dimensions of the pure segment B: length of 4.125 mm, width of 1.780 mm, height of 1.459 mm and distance between axles of 2.564 mm, which also allows those over 185 cm tall to sit without any problems. The trunk is also at the top of the category with its 380 liters available, which can reach 1,190 seats (the car is approved for 5 people). The novelty from the point of view of configuration is that Skoda Fabia Sport Monte Carlo is lowered 15 mm to emphasize the pleasure of driving in corners, with stiffer springs to improve tension and road handling. The links with the Wolfsburg manufacturer do not stop at the platform, however, because the 1.5 Tsi four-cylinder engine with 150 hp of maximum power between 5,000 and 5,500 rpm and 250 Nm of torque between 1,500 and 3,500 rpm, is already the same. seen in Volkswagen cars, starting with the Gulf. Next to a well-known and proven engine, which has the deactivation of two cylinders during the flight phase and when the accelerator is touched while maintaining a constant speed, there is the always precise 7-speed DSG automatic transmission. A combination that together with a load point weight of 1,224 kg makes the Skoda Fabia Sport Monte Carlo go from 0 to 100 km / h in 8 seconds, with a top speed of 225 km / h.

Skoda Fabia Sport Monte Carlo 1.5 Tsi: how are you

The route we have at our disposal to test the Skoda Fabia Sport Monte Carlo is a mixture of highway, urban and extra-urban, in the countryside around Mlada Boleslav. The taste of Sport Monte Carlo, with the hope of approaching you sooner a more in-depth test, pushes us to take the data of consumption with a grain of salt, with a survey of 7.5 liters / 100 km in about 20 km of road, from the moment we tested the different driving modes and also the performance of the 1.5 Tsi engine in this short section. So let’s start by judging the engine: fast, awake, energetic and responsive. Progressive up to almost 6,000 rpm, after which it is useless to insist on walking, better to change relying on the impeccable DSG, always intuitive and fast in climbing when the maximum power is required. In Italy the car will arrive with paddles at the wheel, but the example tested in the Czech Republic presented only the traditional lever, with logic to change gears in the opposite direction to what is seen in race cars: pushing the lever increases gear, pulling it back up. The opposite would have been better, as in sports and racing cars, especially Fabia RS Rally2. The lower assembly of 15 mm and the adoption of harder springs translate into greater precision when turning, greater handling and fun guaranteed, with a balanced assembly that is not too dedicated to sportiness, to the on the contrary. The comfort that distinguishes the traditional versions of Skoda Fabia can also be found at the top of the range, with seats surrounding especially the lumbar area but at the same time comfortable. Lots of buttons and controls for info entertainment: with a little practice you know everything.

Skoda Fabia Sport Monte Carlo 1.5 Tsi: at a glance

Skoda Fabia Sport Monte Carlo is not a B-segment sports car in the strict sense, but it is close: the 150 hp 1.5 Tsi engine combined with the 7-speed DSG gearbox is fluid and responsive, able to take satisfaction and advance in total. security. The 15 mm lowered chassis emphasizes driving pleasure, without depriving it of appreciable overall comfort. The refined and technological interiors combine well the concept of top of the range that distinguishes the Sport Monte Carlo within the Fabia range. In short, a “small” not so small: for a bright engine, for the breadth of the interior for a B-segment, for the finishing touches of the high-end version. Already on order at a price of 26,700 euros, the first deliveries are scheduled for after the summer.

Skoda Fabia Sport Monte Carlo 1.5 Tsi: strengths and weaknesses

I like: attractive design; responsiveness, performance and engine behavior; amplitude (both in the passenger compartment and in the trunk) for the category.

I do not like it: a little too much plastic out of place with the sandy inside; not very intuitive gearbox, push the lever to go up and pull back to go down (unlike sports or racing cars with sequential gearboxes).

Skoda Fabia Sport Monte Carlo 1.5 Tsi: technical sheet

  • Engine: 4 cylinders turbo gasoline, 1,498 cc, Euro 6d;
  • Traction on the front wheels;
  • Gearbox: 7-speed DSG automatic with tiptronic manual mode;
  • Maximum power: 150 hp between 5,000 and 5,500 rpm;
  • Maximum torque: 250 Nm between 1,500 and 3,500 rpm;
  • Performance: top speed 225 km / h, acceleration 0-100 km / h in 8 seconds;
  • Declared consumption: 5.9 / 6 l / 100 km Wltp cycle;
  • CO2 emissions: 135 / 137.3 g / km;
  • Dimensions: length 4,125 mm, width 1,780 mm, height 1,459 mm, pitch 2,564 mm;
  • Empty weight: 1,224 kg;
  • Trunk volume: 380 / 1,190 liters;
  • Tank capacity: 40 liters;
  • Price: 26,700 euros.

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