Test Porsche Taycan Sport Turismo: how to travel comfortably in complete silence

It’s not the first time we’ve tried itZuffenhausen electricityin fact, in recent months we have had the opportunity to drive the streets of Milan and not two versions of the German zero-emission sports car, more precisely Taycan 4S I Sport Tourism GTS.

For Porsche, Taycan represents the first proposal 100% electric and, from a few months, is also available in variants Sports Sedan, Cross Turismo and Sport Turisme; but what really changes? He Sports tourism it has a more “familiar” look with a decidedly more classic and recognizable body. Cross tourisminstead, it was created for those who also appreciate simple off-road routes where an extended wheelbase and protective shapes can make all the difference.

Many engines and variations

There The Taycan range is very complex and offers models with powers between 326 and 625 or 761 horsepower, depending on the declination. The same goes for batteries that, available in cuts of 79 and 93 kWh, allow distances of between 400 and 500+ km in the WLTP cycle.

But how does the Sports tourism? Imagining the new version, as mentioned, is not difficult: the the bodywork is the same as that of the Cross Turismo, but without elements dedicated to the “all-terrain vehicle”. This means saying goodbye to rising ground clearance, gravel mapping, and protective plastic wheel arches. However, the roof is still less arched than the sedan, increasing the habitability on board to the advantage of practicality. While no particular changes and upgrades are planned under the hood, what changes is the list of options available on request, such as the new panoramic ceiling with dimming.

Porsche Taycan Sport Turismo - Test

Lots of accessories and options therefore, that propelled Porsche into a whole new market. As he pointed out Pietro InnocentiCEO of Porsche Italia, on the occasion of the presentation of the new range, Taycan is now worth 10% of sales from Porsche in Italy; 14% worldwide. Last year sales of 41,000 cars were recorded, which shows that the first electric car from the German manufacturer is not only appreciated but also able to achieve significant figures in relation to the purchase price.

Now, with the Sport Turismo version, the link between the sports sedan and the Cross Turismo, Porsche aims to further improve the result, especially in Italy, where the bodywork could attract even more buyers. As we have seen, on the occasion of the press tests for several days, Taycan is a full-fledged Porsche: the driving dynamics are exceptional, the interior finishes are of the highest standard and the performance, of course, is in line with that of other models and is able to surpass its competitors.

Porsche Taycan Sport Turismo - Test

Taycan Sport Tourism: our test on the Emerald Coast

In the splendor around the Emerald Coast we had the opportunity to try out the splendid Taycan Sport Turismo GTS, Turbo and Turbo S on a predetermined route designed by Porsche: the higher performance versions. With the powers at stake it is difficult to express an objective opinion without being caught up in emotions; Needless to say, covering the snapshot with an electric sedan over 500 horsepower is a mystical experience to try at least once in a lifetime.

In the past, always in Porsche, I had the opportunity to test the 992 Turbo, a historic and excellent supercar for the Zuffenhausen brand: I thought it had reached its peak on that occasion but I was wrong. At the driving level, the three Taycans behave in an almost analogous way thanks to the rich range of on-board options that make driving dynamics extremely versatile and exciting.

Despite the mass, but more than 2 tons (definitely not a featherweight but in line with rival proposals), the the brakes do their job very well always ensuring a high degree of safety: well done Porsche!

Porsche Taycan Sport Turismo - Test

We do not dwell too much on the interiors or on the long list of options available to the driver and his occupants; according to tradition, Porsche equips its first – class cars with a really enviable amount of accessories. Like the new “race-tex” fabrics we already had a chance to touch with our hands during the Test Macan 2022 to Courmayeur.

The negative note? Consumption. As is easily understood, despite the large battery, the powers involved and the mass to move do not make Taycan a champion of consumption. The advice we want to give, for Taycan and many other electrics is always the same: plan your destinations well as with the electric, especially in the hottest months when using air conditioning, autonomy could be limited.

Porsche Taycan Sport Turismo - Test

EL List prices vary significantly based on configuration and customization; the basic version starts at 91 thousand euros (408 horses), while for the 4S 111 thousand euros (530 horses) are needed. For the GTS it reaches 138 thousand euros (598 horses), while for the Turbo (680 horses) and Turbo S (761 horses) it lands at 160 thousand and 193 thousand euros respectively.

The best version for us? Probably the GTS, the most balanced and least extreme for everyday life although the accelerator pedal is still extremely modular; in any case, if more than 190 thousand euros are not a problem, we believe that the Turbo S is a truly enviable solution.

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