Sneakerentola, like sneakers revolutionize Cinderella

The new fairy tale Disney+ dumps the canonical disnenyan papers of Cinderella and sees on the one hand as a protagonist a child of humble origin, with a family worthy of the distribution of Bad girls and on the other hand there is the popular, rich and sought-after girl. Sneakerentola is set in the suburbs of Queens and bright Manhattan precisely to emphasize the two realities as the two sides of the story, a modern fairy tale that sees a prince in sneakers instead of the classic Disney princess! All seasoned with the musical formula, already very famous in the house of Mickey Mouse. We meet with the cast at a global press conference to zoom in where we laughed a lot and talked about the problems of today’s youth. Before you continue reading, we invite you to read the Sneakerentola review and don’t miss the Disney + releases for June 2022.

From Cinderella to Sneakerentola What did you think when you first read the script?
Jacobs Triat: What struck me about the script was that there were so many different levels of not only a love story between my character and Kira, but also a journey of discovery to love yourself and love yourself. ‘on vens. . And I think this is such a universal lesson that we all need to remember as time goes on you have to love yourself before you can really love someone else in the right way. I think everyone is learning to love each other on a better level, this is a beautiful message, and I am very excited to be a part of this project.

Lexi Underwood: When I first read the script, what struck me most was the fact that this is just a modern version of Cinderella and that we are reinventing the way we see princesses and princes. when it comes to this magical world of Disney and princesses, there have often been many princesses who don’t look like me, with whom I haven’t been able to relate. But also the simple fact that older girls are told and taught that to feel like a princess or boss, you need a man to confirm it. I needed to be a part of this story because for me there was a great lack of truth in these stories as I grew up.

I feel very fortunate to feel that I am in this new era, to create those basic memories for children where we can reimagine how we view our childhood stories and hope they affect our growth over the years. So I’m really excited to be a part of this project. If you had been told that you were the protagonist of a new Cinderella, would you have believed it?
Lexi Underwood: No. Certainly not. Cinderella was my favorite childhood story. I have photos of me dressed as Cinderella, like, I swear at least for three years in a row. I was obsessed with the story of growing up, so if I came back I would say “Lex, you know, you’ll be in this story. You’ll be in a modern Cinderella tale” but I’m sure it would scream and I wouldn’t believe it. So it’s like closing the circle. It’s really great. “

Jacobs Triat: I echo what Lexi said. How could I have imagined being such a blessed person to be part of a project like this? Disney shaped our childhood with so many beautiful stories, including Cinderella. So being able to be in this franchise, be part of such a classic story and knowing that kids will grow up and see this and that will be their Cinderella story is something you really can’t even imagine wishing for. I’m still pinching.

Sing and dance! Did you already have experience as a dancer?
Jacobs Triat: This is the first time I’ve really danced to this level. I grew up dancing, like, at parties, for my music and for fun, but I never got to a level of learning choreography. How to sing, where I feel most comfortable because I grew up singing, so this was the most comfortable area for me.

Music was my first introduction to entertainment, so it was a little more comforting and more in my heart. We did a lot of teamwork and many days together just to train and really try to do a good performance, not just dance, but carrying that Disney magic which is larger than simple movements. I’m thrilled that people see these very crazy, elaborate dance numbers that we’ve researched to put together.

Lexi Underwood: I grew up singing and dancing. My training, as I started, was through musical theater. My first job was on Broadway. It was really great to be able to take advantage of those roots. The last time I did something musical was when I was 12, it was great to be able to bring these Broadway roots to this project, especially in the world of film and television. Then the choreographers motivated me and pushed me a lot, also because I had been without practice for a long time. it was a really magical experience, it helped me have more love for the world of musical theater which is really beautiful.

A film that questions the feeling of belonging, the importance of the place where you come from, that gradually takes root inside you and shapes you, but that does not mean that you are not ready to welcome change and especially to emancipate yourself. has. . A film that turns the classics upside down, reinvents them with the utmost respect and takes them back to the modern era, where any child can identify with these characters. Without neglecting the magic of Disney needed to make everything special. Sneakerentola is waiting for you at Disney +.

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