Single control does not come: how to check the preliminary investigation

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The single check does not arrive: Because? Many families still see the status of the application “in the pre-instruction”. In this article we analyze all the possible errors of the application of the single check and the solutions (discover the latest news and then Read all the news of the single check in Telegram. Receive the latest news on bonuses, work and personal finances on your mobile every day: Join the WhatsApp group, the Telegram group and the Facebook group Write all your questions on Instagram Watch the free video guides on bonus on the Youtube channel To continue reading the article on your mobile , touch “Keep reading»After the following image).

In particular, we will analyze the section anomalies of the INPS portal and the cases in which the Rdc Com Au form must be filled in. Keep reading for full details.


The single check does not arrive: how to apply

The single universal subsidy is a support measure that came into force on March 1, 2022 with decree n.46 / 2021. All families with fiscally dependent children residing in Italy are entitled to leave from the seventh month of pregnancy to 18 years (o up to 21 under certain specific conditions) or no age limits in the case of children with disabilities.

The amount is paid monthly to the checking account provided by the applicants during the application or automatically on the Rdc card in the case of recipients of Citizenship Income.

The value of the check is not the same for everyone, but it changes according to the ISEE income and the composition of the family.

Precisely from these two factors, surcharges could also be foreseen to be added to the basic amount.

Here is a complete guide to the surcharges provided for in the single check.

If on the one hand who receives the Citizenship Income does not have to present the application for a single bonus, all others must apply for the grant, choosing from three options: apply online on the Inps websitecall al Contact center INPS to the number 803 164 (landline free) or by calling the number 06 164 164 (with a rate from a mobile phone), or contact a caf o sponsorship (Recommended for those unfamiliar with the other two methods).

For those familiar with computers and digital services, it is possible (and recommended) to follow the procedure online. To do this, you must first access the INPS site using the SPID, CIE or CNS credentials and enter this documentation:

  • the tax code of each taxable child for whom it is requested;
  • the tax code of the requesting parent and the other parent;
  • the details of the cards with which the payment will be made;
  • summary of the data entered.

You may be interested in this guide on the sole allowance for divorced parents. This is how it works.

Once the application has been submitted, it will be processed by the INPS automated system, which will analyze the data entered. Payment is usually made from from the month following shipment of the request.

If this is not the case, then if it has been too long since you applied for the incentive, it would be best to check the status of your paperwork to see if there are any issues.

But what if the single check doesn’t arrive? In the next paragraph we focus on this last eventuality and we will see how to correct possible errors.

Check out the Single Czech page for other rights and benefits.

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Single control fails: check and correct errors

The single check does not arrive. In the 1962 message of May 9, 2022, the INPS made one available overview of possible anomalies linked to the request for a single check and explained how to intervene to correct them.

First, to understand if a problem has occurred during the application phase, you need to enter the own private area (the same one used to apply for the grant) and click on “View and manage the questions you’ve submitted“.

You will now be able to access the state of their practice, which in turn may contain several terms. For example:

  • if the message “on trial at headquarters“It means that more controls are needed by the territorial heads of the entity;
  • instead, if the status is “in evidence to the citizen“It means that the applicant must integrate the application with some data.

Why doesn’t the single check arrive? An alternative to checking for errors is to go to the “View and manage your questions” section and then click on “EvidenceThis will take you directly to the overview of the problems encountered during the application.

In particular, on the child tab you can see the acceptance measures I of rejectionwhich indicates the reasons for the negative result.

But what are the specific mistakes that could block the preliminary phase? Keep reading to find out.

Request for sole control in preliminary investigation: the most common causes

The single check does not arrive. Within its message, the INPS indicates a series of critical issues which could have blocked the practice of a single check and, consequently, the monthly payments due.

In particular, the most common mistakes could be related to:

  • the Payment terms indicated in the application phase;
  • the need for additional documentation it will be attached as proof of the requirements of the right and / or the amount of the subsidy;
  • the need to integrate the requirements (studies, internships, etc.) for ai children who have reached the age of majority after submitting the application;
  • the discrepancy of the condition of disability with what was found in DSU.

Once the problem is identified, the question can be unlocked only through the intervention of the applicant. How?

Therefore, again from the “View and manage the questions you’ve submitted“The interested person must click on the function”Edit“, Where you can enter the missing documentation or correct the information entered (for example, regarding the IBAN on which to receive the payment).

However, in the case of the condition of disabilityif there is an inconsistency between the ISEE and the request for a single check, it is possible to request the correction from the authorized intermediary. without resubmitting the DSU.

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The single check does not arrive: when to fill out the Rdc Com Au form

The single check does not arrive. If with the described mode so far you have not been able to understand why the single check does not arrive, it may fall among the people who have to fill out the Rdc-com / au form, which is the model published by the INPS precisely to free the payments of many families.

Specifically, in circular no. 53 of April 28, 2022, the Institute indicated that families that the INPS does not have all the useful information to initiate payments will have to fill out the form.

Using the Rdc Com Au form, the citizen must declare one of these conditions:

  • presence of a dependent adult child until the end of the 21 years oldtaking a course at studies, professionals or degree;
  • presence of a dependent dependent child up to the age of 21 who performs a internship or work activity and who owns one income less than 8,000 euros;
  • presence of a dependent dependent child up to 21 years which is registered as unemployed or looking for work in Employment center;
  • presence of a dependent dependent child up to 21 years the performance of the universal civil service;
  • presence of a dependent dependent child has not been successfully entered into the DSU useful for recognizing the Rdc (minors indicated by the letter “P” and not by the letter “F” in box A of the DSU);
  • presence in the family unit of mother under 21 years not valued in the DSU useful for the purpose of recognizing the Rdc as declarant or the declarant’s spouse;
  • indication of exercising parental responsibility in case of separation, divorce or in case of natural parents who do not live together (here is a guide for parents who do not live together);
  • existence of a valid provision of the order of one or more minor children present in the family belonging to the declarant other than the parent (grandfather, uncle, brother, etc.).
Single control does not come: why and what to do?

The single check does not arrive. In addition, the rdc-com / au modelas specified in the INPS circular, must also be completed to obtain the recognition of increases provided for by the single allowance, for example in the event that the parents are both recipients of income from work and former recipients of family unit allowances (ANF).

The form can be filled out regardless on the INPS website or by trusting a CAF. For a detailed procedure, see this guide.

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