Sebastiano Gravina, a kick to appearances: “In the field we see it with our ears”

Ligurian stone. “Who is Sebastiano Gravina? A great cabbage head! I was born in Bari and since I was little I’ve always wanted to be one free personI’ve never liked that someone would take my placenot even to help me. Being blind gave me the enough to do it all on its ownme He was angry when they told me I couldn’t do it. “

An impeccable presentation which offers the protagonist of a history of sport and life. Your channel Tik Tok has definitely done the boom and the football it brought him one of the most beautiful joys for any athlete.

Sebastiano Gravina, 31, born in Bari but adopted in Pietrland, he only did one spirit of a small child that, now more than ever, he does not want to stop dreamingwithout worrying about difficulties and always moving forward with your head held high, more.

After all, being a “cabbage head“It’s synonymous with”perseverance“Leaving each”atzucac“To find this light of hope to make your dreams come true.

Sebastiano has already made many dreams come true, but this week another one of great value has been added: the blind national football teamof which he is captain, he is ranked first in the world championship in its history.

There happiness he unleashed himself social profiles:

“After 18 long days I go home, I go home with him conscience that work, sooner or later, pays off, knowing that we managed to write the storythat for a few hours the blind pages of the selection are no longer blank, and that in history there are our names, our joys, our tears, my 4 points caught even before you start, and many other things.

He had decided put your face on itraising expectations in federal interviews and meetings, why I was convinced that this milestoneone way or another we would have succeededand today it is written, now it is history, but it is not a point of arrival, on the contrary, it is the starting point where do the big projects come from, so we enjoy a few days of celebration and then immediately with sacrifices, soul, head and heart to prepare i World Cup“.

A message from captain true, but also intrinsic to great humanity. Sebastiano has become one of the most influential figures in the area thanks to his video and his childish soul. Answering a few questions in between private and public lifehas once again shown how important it isself-irony together with maximum sacrifice: that’s what it really is differentiates it from others.

Sebastiano, what is it like to live with quthis your “defect”?

In the early years I did not understand my conditionI blamed my mother even, but over time I’ve learned to do it to find out more and more. What I am today I owe to mine desire to growalong with mine pairs they have me remains to be donedespite his pors. He problem today is just that: they do not leave their children freethinking that Help them you always lead to positive things, but sometimes you do too much is worse“.

In the photo you are in San Nicola with your wife, in your city from which you have never detached your roots. But why did you leave and, above all, how did you end up in Pietra Ligure?

“My father worked Franceso we first moved to beautiful. After a year there, because we couldn’t go to school because of documentation problems, we went to live Weather in Ventimiglia. Finally a Ligurian stone I got there after I found out Chadmy wife, whom I met 2004 and I have found after 4 years in Genoa, in a castle for an act. From here we are put together and I am remained the Stone“.

What links do you have with the city? Plus, you seem to have a good relationship with the Pietra Ligure team

“It simply came to our notice then rebuild a little bit of everything at the social level. I am very close to the city being practically my second home. I’ve always been comfortable with everyone, the City Council has always rewarded me for the sports results so they were close to me. With the Pietra Ligure Calcio, meeting Roberto Vassallo and everyone else, I had the pleasure of record videos that will come out slowly, so there is a good link. I don’t follow them much because they’re always there, but then I am always informed of everything“.

From “defect” to “value” was a short step for you, especially thanks to the idea of ​​opening “video blind” in Tiktok: the numbers are incredible. How did you approach it?

“It simply came to our notice then. it was all a kind of game. He had already opened a canal Tik Tok but I never used it, I didn’t know what to call it: I chose “Video blind“, Since I videos are recorded by someone who can’t see us, so you don’t know how they turn out. Then I started uploading content that said the my daily life as a blind man, just sharing who I am: the things I do, the way I do them, even making fun of me sometimes. The best way to deal with any situation is to he always finds the bright sideso I try to convey it to people by putting the problem in the background: whoever watches the video has to entertain the irony of the unseenwhich launches the message that you can do everything in spite of everythingdespite the stereotypes you always hear. “

There are those who cannot do as you do, but your work can be very useful to everyone.

Many write to thank me of having made them find the strength to pull themselves up. I always say: I’m talking about my disability, then we are not all the same. I feel there responsibility to represent a niche of people blind, but there is this some of them disagree with my way of communicatingjust because everyone lives as he wants“.

Now let’s move on to the sport, more precisely what you like: football. What does it mean to you?

Football is life and for a blind person, playing football is freedom. When we go down the street or we have the palor hecompanion or he guide dog. There is no one on the field, it is played in the fullest expression ofautonomy. I started practicing it 2007although 3 years before I did some training Weather in VentimigliaWhen I could still see a little. I didn’t know the existence of football for the blind, but I did discovered by a girl who came to help me after school to do my homework: I auditioned and from there I started Sanremo“.

So did you see it first?

A minimum. A total blind person does not live in the dark, but in the dark lights i shadows. When I was younger not that he saw it well, though much more than today“.

And how does a blind man live a football game?

In my head is the shape of the field and I imagine what is happening. It’s fun, but “we see it with our ears“, our way of feeling is seeing: when the ball movements we know exactly where it is, how we know where it isopponent when we hear his voice. That keeps you in the gameyou know where you are in the field but look at it with your head inside a mix of voices and sounds. It’s not easy, but if you can you can play safely. “

Representing Italy is a great pride for every Italian child: you did it …

“In the 2009 They called me first for retirethen some other workouts here and there. A year later I started playing first gamesbeing then summoned by the Europeans in Turkey. Lin Nazionale is the best that can be achieved, it is also difficult to explain how it feels because you have to live it to understand it: listen to the anthem, realize that you represent your country is something magical“.

As magical as the historic World Cup qualifier you have achieved …

“A great result because it is a first time and, being captainI could living with two faces this experience. It will be a pleasure to see part of what awaits us, but I think it’s the most beautiful goal that can be achieved, winning it is something special. Yes, you have to be optimistsbut also targets: We are not ready to win the World Cup, however we don’t want to go disfigure and to prove that we deserve all this. We haven’t gotten anywhere yet, but it must be starting point make it clear to the Federation that the time has come archive this dataso get to feel professional to all intents and purposes “.

Dry question for an honest answer: Did you expect it?

It could be an image representing 8 people, people standing and grass

I do, I am sincere. Since when is it changed staffwhich he added to greater preparation that before, I always said we would have had great satisfaction, but only if we believe it. I tried transmit this mentality to everyonebecause then dreams come true whoever decides to make them come true. The road was hard and trickybut we have kept the level high to do it. Too bad we didn’t go to the semifinals for a while, but we took something home with us anyway. “

A really winning mentality, in fact you are the captain of the team. What was it like to wear the tiara for your country?

“I’ve never been a captain, that was it my first experience. I thank the CT and who thought my figure was best suited to represent the team. I tried make myself available to the groupdoing the glue between staff and playerswhich was the problem of recent years given the publication What was there. It was important listen to everyone per understand the type of person who you have in front of you: who still needed a slap on the shoulder, the word more before entering the field, who is more mentally dejected because maybe he plays less than the others. It was not easybut he was one a wonderful experience and an honor having been the captain of the national team. I have to be honest though: it wasn’t that hardfrom a royal family even off the field. “

After all, do you want to give a message to everyone who is afraid of their future?

The life of a blind man told with a smile, Sebastiano Gravina: “Limits?  Only in our minds ”-

It is not necessary to see the problems, but the situations that have solutions. You must always believe in it, feeling what you do not have burning inside: the pain helps to feed that flame cried out sleep. I remember when I was little I interviewed in the shower for my eagerness to play football, showing that I was already at a high level. What I have achieved in my life I already had in mindand then explaining to people why you have to keep the word you spread. If a person believes in it, he can achieve any goal in life“.

That’s how it ends chat with Sebastiano Gravinafrom which everyone can be inspired improve: of couse “cabbage head“!

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