School and sport, the budget and the advances of the manager of Physical Education of the Usr

A ‘tour de force’ between the pandemic and the chaos on the highways of Liguria, despite the joy of seeing students begin to play sports: this is the balance of the course just ended for Pierpaolo Varaldo, regional coordinator of Physical Education and Sports of the Regional School Office.

The hope – for next year which will begin on September 14 – is that we can return to normal starting early with sports activities, as was the case before the pandemic, to have even more time to organize. But with the covid still around, it’s still too early to tell what will happen.

The appellation: “We must leave first”

Meanwhile, the sport and the school will continue their common path next year: “In September – says Varaldo to GenovaToday – there will be an annex of the Student Championships with the national stages of beach volleyball, in Roseto degli Abruzzi, and tennis, in Palermo. Liguria will be represented by students from Marconi / Delpino, Mazzini, Immacolatine, Pertini and Liceti high schools. During the week we will have a meeting with Paola Deiana, director of the Ministry of Education, and all the coordinators of Italy. to take stock of the situation, and I suppose we’ll also start the discussion on how to deal with it next year: but it’s all tied to the pandemic conversation. return to normal “.

Varaldo, with regard to next year’s sporting activity in schools, already has clear ideas: “We need to start early, probably earlier than last year. Start between September and November and then move on to Even at the ISF (International Federation of School Sports) World Championships, Ligurian students had performed very well before the pandemic. , the ideal roadmap would be to start immediately with the provincial and regional phases in order to be able to organize. the national phase and then the world phase “.

The dream: the selection in Genoa

Varaldo has a dream that he intends to fight for: “I think next year I will start an outreach campaign to bring the national phases of some discipline to Genoa in 2024. I am thinking especially of sports related to the sea or for which we have the right facilities, such as swimming with the Sciorba that lends itself well, or even sailing and rowing ”.

However, there are still many factors to be assessed: “The teams depend on the Ministry but with the collaboration of the sports federations. However, I would like to be able to go beyond the regional phases, using the structures that exist. in Genoa “.

The balance of the year concluded: “In 4 months we have done what is usually done in 8”

The course that has just ended was a transition – at least as expected – towards a calmer future: “But we started in March with the activities, to carry them out until June. This means that in four months we have done what we have done, there are usually eight, it was very tiring. then we also took part in various projects like ‘Little heroes’. growing up’ for primary school, we stayed active as much as possible, but in four months it was tough. The hope for next year is to be able to start earlier. “

The situation of highways and student movements

The situation on the highways of Liguria also weighed, because during the last year several regional finals were lost: “The provincial tests were done in the territories, then we decided to continue only with sports that had exit to the selection, like Athletics, orienteering, badminton, tennis, volleyball. Gabriele Avagnina won the gold with 2.07 meters and La Spezia Martina Campani took the bronze with 1.68. Another thing we are proud of is the involvement of children with disabilities, with good participation and satisfactory results , then we proceeded to buy school equipment with various materials for physical education in schools: maybe a drop in the bucket, but in this situation of eternal emergency even a little help ta.We really hope that next year be and marked by a return to normalcy “.

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