Rkomi stops the concert to give water to the fans and reactivates the debate on the card system

The gesture of Rkomi, who handed out bottles of water during a concert, reopens the debate on the organization of musical events, in which spectators are forced to stay for hours without drinking or spending too much money with the system tokens.

Fainting, illness and thirsty people: from pleasant experiences, concerts can become a nightmare. Those who usually attend these events are well aware of this: in many cases, entering the stadium, stadium or structure in question prevents participants from inserting water or plastic bottles. And in the summer, with the scorching temperatures we are experiencing, the situation can become dramatic.

Precisely the gesture of the Milanese singer Rkomi, who during a concert of his Taxi Driver Club Tour stopped his performance to distribute bottles of water, rekindled the focus on the organization of these musical events and on the system of witnesses, the infamous plastic chips you have to buy to get food and drinks in exchange for amazing numbers.

In the video posted on social media, we see Rkomi throwing the bottle at one of his fans. After realizing that he had hit her, the artist immediately approached her to apologize and make sure she had not been harmed and hugged her.

The gesture, however, did not go unnoticed and reopened the long-running debate.

The organization of the concerts is creating more and more controversy: it needs to be revised

Journalist and commentator Selvaggia Lucarelli also spoke about it on her Facebook account:

The situation of lack of water during the concerts is old but increasingly serious (I am told that one of the exceptions was the Vasco concert, in which at least water was allowed to enter). The heat is unbearable, girls and boys continue to faint, singers are sometimes forced to interrupt the concert to ask for water. The other night at the concert of Psychologists at the Rock of Rome there were some illnesses, but it had already happened at the concert of Radio Italia, Rkomi and many others.

Selvaggia Lucarelli then wanted to tell the testimony of a lady, whose daughter participated in Rock in Rome:

My 16-year-old daughter has been to two concerts since they left, and both times she almost fainted from lack of water. At the entrance, as is well known, they throw ALL the water bottles, NOT ONLY THE COVER, but once inside they have difficulty getting WATER. Yesterday there were not even staff to supply water to the spectators during the long hours of waiting under a sun and hellish heat. It was the singers who entertained the audience before the official concert who were angry to see that the unconscious girls were constantly carried away screaming to give water to the people. Security must be protected but well organized, my daughter says no one came to give water and a father who had accompanied his young daughter and shouted that the girl was ill but did not take water “- writes in the post- Do we want to think about organizing the distribution of water during the concerts a little decent or are we waiting to cry for the unpaved water? Thank you.

Many have agreed with Selvaggia Lucarelli, stressing the urgency of changing the current system.

There is a lot of talk about ecology and then you can’t bring water bottles and here we could open a debate. – writes a user – In Florence we are veterans of Firenze Rock. Uncovered 1/2 liter of house water (then we know that everyone has the trick of the cap hidden in the place where they can not touch you). The problem is that 1/2 liter of water is sold inside for three euros. THREE EUROS. Worth drinking the cheapest gasoline!

Someone also pointed out that this situation is starting to get tired and is discouraging many people from attending concerts:

Water often for 3 euros, with endless queues. Okay, the post-COVID sector crisis, but with this heat, speculation with water (not beer, about water) is becoming unbearable. Keep in mind that so many people have become accustomed to going to concerts, the ropes break in the long run.

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Source: Selvaggia Lucarelli (Facebook)

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