Reggina, talk about football again: the point in the squad and beyond

All of Reggina’s staff to date, including those returning from loans, the losers and those who have already left: all the thoughts on the field and the market, now that we can finally talk and write about football played again

We almost forget about it. We had forgotten how to speak and write football, the football played, the field, the ball, the transfer market, the options. Too focused on deadlines, lawyers, courts, now finally at home Reggina you can talk about everything about the green rectangle and its outline again. So, bottom line is that we’re all going to be coaches again, but it’s a feeling we like. Let’s be clear, there is not only the field, at least not yet: after sending all the documentation related to the registration (for Wednesday), in fact, the curiosity will go mainly to the composition of the new organization chart, to understand who is will confirm and what will be the new entries, those that will make up the Board of Directors already announced by the new owner Felice Saladini.

The certainty certainly seems one: Massimo Taibi. Among the most important protagonists of the negotiation, he was the one who “broke” the ice with the patron lametí, actively contributing to the success of the same. Still under contract, for many logical reasons it will be reconfirmed. And not only for the facts mentioned, but also and above all because -from the technical point of view- it represents, without a doubt, a very normal solution of continuity with the past, for the relationships built with the players, for the knowledge of the environment. , for the contacts initiated. in recent years with the big companies of A (with whom it was possible, who knows, to renew some loans) and for that “pact” (so to speak) with Roberto Stellone. The DS had, in fact, the merit of reassuring the coach and this in turn had the merit – and the courage – to wait despite the stormy weeks. There is still this “Contract on the President’s Desk”but the hope (so to speak) is that there will also be a copy left with Taibi and Stellone, who will formalize the reconfirm. Reggina’s idea for now is one and only: to continue on the bench with the former striker, whose contract expires in exactly 10 days. There doesn’t seem to be any obstacles on the horizon – also because there was already a shared desire to change market policy and focus on young people – but hopefully more certainty because there is no lack of “tricks” in football.

Speaking of market policies and labor options, however, here too the idea is to draw a line with the past. The recent past, of course, was what the old property had already planned and which was based on lowering costs, promising young people from C (and perhaps from outside European borders) and good loans from A, closing the door on high names, experts and with great commitments. Even on this, however, there will be a way to talk and delve into it Press conference planned in the coming days, where the organization chart and future strategies will also be discussed. What seems clear is that even with such a tight deadline, there should be no way or space to to revolutionize the rose, so let’s start with one hard core already present between those who are still under contract and those who will return from the loans. Below is thecomplete organic and then all the reflections

Reggina 2022-2023, the full staff



  • Aya (2023)
  • Cionek (2023)
  • Loiacono (2024)
  • Franco (2024)
  • Giraudo (2025)
  • Stavropoulos (2022)
  • Lakicevic (2022)
  • Liotti (2024)
  • Claim


  • Crisetig (2024)
  • Faty (2023)
  • White (2023)
  • Ejjaki (2025)
  • Bellomo (2024)
  • Rivas (2025)
  • Situm (2023)
  • Curly (2024)
  • Laribi (2023)
  • Gavioli (2023)
  • Bezzon


  • Menez (2023)
  • Galabinov (2024)
  • Montalto (2024)
  • Denis (2022)
  • Provazza


  • In BLUE players returning from loans
  • In RED players expiring on June 30, 2022


  • Turati (Sassuolo)
  • Micai (Salernitana), but there is a right of redemption and an obligation of redemption when certain conditions are met
  • Amione (Hellas Verona)
  • Per Chiara (Perugia)
  • Adjapong (Sassuolo)
  • Folorunsho (Naples)
  • Kupisz (Pordenone), but there is a right of redemption
  • Cortinovis (Atalanta)
  • Lombardi (Latium)
  • Tumminello (Atalanta)

Staff Reggina 2022-2023, the analysis

This is a momentary rose, of course. I’m inside 27taking into account all the repayments of the loan and also those expiring in 10 days. In fact, on June 30, the various Stavropoulos, Denis, Lakicevic and Aglietti end their contract. In the first one there is a push and a roll that has been going on for months and it remains to be seen if things can change with the new property. The second one is waiting for him, he has been close to the city and the team for the last few weeks and has expressed his intention to continue, but it is necessary to make different assessments, also depending on the man and his willingness to stay (possibly) in Reggio Calabria. also with his family, with whom he had a great time. The winger and goalkeeper, on the other hand, should be greeted.

As for ai returning from the loan, Stellone’s intentions must be understood. Liotti and Situm are two good players, with characteristics similar to the form and attitude adopted during the last season. Unlike the speech of Ricci and Laribi, who in a possible 3-5-2 (if Stellone is confirmed and if in turn confirms this module) would have more difficulty to place. Then evaluations on the four young people on loan, plus Gavioli. Three of these were in Lamezia, another company owned by Saladini, and especially one of them, Provazza, shone with diverse aspects and some goals, even of excellent manpower. Here, too, one must understand the intentions of Taibi and Stellone in particular.

All others have one-, two- or in some cases even three-year contracts. The fixed points should be the different Cionek, Crisetig, Giraudo, Montalto. The intention is to confirm the hard core, but not everyone will stay. Similarly, again on the advice of the coach, an attempt will be made to request (difficult) the renewal of the loan of some players who have returned to base. The three most used Stellone last year were Amione, Di Chiara and Folorunsho. In the first, the DS of Hellas Verona Marroccu stated a few days ago that “Leaves for collection”. Valuations, including those of the club to which they belong, are likely to be analyzed later. For Cortinovis in particular, however, there is no shortage of A sirens and Atalanta is likely to choose a mid-low Serie A destination. Finally, the two with the right of redemption, Micai and Kupisz. Information is expected from both, but especially from the first, it remains to understand the strategy, as Reggina -apart from the young Lofaro who returns from the loan and with Aglietti expiring- has virtually no goalkeepers.

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