Porsche Taycan Sport Turismo Turbo S, this is how the record goes and how the electricity is made

The Porsche Taycan after the four-door coupe and the Cross Turismo SUV also complete the ranks of Sport Turisme. In practice, it is the Taycan that is a bit familiar but that, like all the others, comes in a very articulated range. The first Porsche electric car in Italy is available in a total of fourteen versions. Also in the case of Sport Turisme the offer starts from the single-engine variant with 326 horsepower proposed at 94,000 euros and then passes to the twin-engine 4S all-wheel drive with 489 horsepower, Gts with 517 horsepower, Turbo with 625 horsepower and, finally, at the end Turbo S evolution sells for 197,000 euros, which unloads 761 horsepower thanks to the overboost function.

Porsche Taycan Sport Turismo Turbo S, test photos

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Porsche Taycan Sport Turismo Turbo S, the almost wagon with high-performance equipment

Sport Turismo is basically the Taycan that makes the van. This new format is born of the opposite procedure to that which normally originates the all-terrain version. In fact, the Sport Turismo is nothing more than a private Cross Turismo with all-terrain bodyguards replaced by the Turismo Turismo Turbo S for stylistic features and colors typical of the more profitable Porsche. Obviously, it also has a low configuration, in fact very low and with a specific calibration of the adaptive air suspension. In the cockpit of the Sport Turismo Turbo S, the furniture, the finish and the very extensive digitization accompanied by many touch keys, not all practical to use, are those of the rest of Taycans, while as in the Cross Turismo the rear area is more functional and comfortable than the sedan-coupe thanks to the horizontal layout of the pavilion that facilitates accessibility and ensures greater availability of space for passengers. On the other hand, this Taycan does not offer much more cargo possibilities than the 488-door four-door coupe. In fact, the minimum trunk capacity is always 446 liters, so you can count on more combinations and more load capacity (up to 1,200 liters) only when you can fold the back seat. In addition, inside the front hood is an 84-liter cab, useful for storing charging cables.

Porsche Taycan Sport Turismo Turbo S, a synthesis of sophisticated technologies

The powerful drive train pushes the Turbo S up to 260 per hour and reaches the 100 hour mark in 2 “8 taking advantage of the overboost of the launch control function, which not only determines a power of 761 horsepower but also also a torque of up to 1,050 Nm The system also forms a continuously variable electric all-wheel drive system and is combined with a gearbox that uses two ratios when working the rear axle and one for the front only, which in practice only works with the greenest car.friendly and Normal configuration.The power supply is provided by a 93.4 kWh lithium ion battery integrated in an 800 V mains, which is recharged in 9 hours with 11 kW of alternating current, with 50 kW of direct current from 5 to 80% in an hour and a half and up to 270 kW in half an hour. it all depends on how much the accelerator is pressed, and the Turbo S doesn’t do much for e avoid pressing too often and willingly.

Porsche Taycan Sport Turismo Turbo S, city car and one-off supercar

From the first approach, the Turbo S inspires the feeling of being a Doc GT, although with the greenest mode of traffic it moves silently and offers great comfort, thanks to the smoother calibration of the electronic suspension. His true temperament emerges with Sport and even more overwhelmingly with Sport +, with which the reactivity of the driving train impresses in the blink of an eye the impressive performance promised by his ID card, which makes that the “synthetic” tone takes second place. that accompanies them. Especially because the behavior given by the configuration of the suspension, four-wheel drive and four-wheel steering counteracts the effects of mass (2,300 kg) and dimensions, making driving very fun and reassuring even in riots. In these situations he is more agile than one might think, despite the length of almost 5 meters and is rigorous. Impressive feature both the low center of gravity and the weight evenly distributed on the two axles and the speed with which the four-wheel drive distributes the traction, which can even be fully assigned to the rear. In short, it always behaves homogeneously and stays in line, in case of need, without nervous breakdowns, especially because even taking advantage of the power suddenly and the instant torque with the configuration of the most sporty car the exact wheels they always arrive gradually. required.

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