Pollution in the Sabato Valley, report of the UN working group

The report of the UN Working Group on Pollution in the Valley on Saturday has been released. This was announced by the ‘Save the Saturday Valley’ Committee, which published a document with some excerpts from the conclusions reached by the UN delegation of observers, which arrived in Avellino on 29 September. 2021. On this occasion, a United Nations delegation on September 29, 2021. On September 30, 2021, the Associations and Committees of Valle del Sabato met at the Circolo della Stampa in Avellino to gather information on the pollution and land use. The senior officials of the United Nations listened to the testimony and received, at the end of the meeting, a documented dossier, submitted to the Central Commission to verify whether the administrations and companies are operating in compliance with the rights of the United Nations. human rights and freedoms. fundamental: “In the light of the guidelines issued, the UN includes the protection of health and the protection of the environment among the fundamental rights of humanity.” The UN Working Group recently delivered the final report, respecting the schedules established at that time and communicated through a press conference on October 6 last year. Here is a snippet of the finds in the Sabato Valley.

UN IN AVELLINO, excerpts from the final document after the visit to the Sabato valley (6.10.2021)

Note from Commission “Save the Saturday Valley”

The industrial area of ​​Pianodardine immersed in the Saturday Valley

Following the visit of the United Nations Working Group to Avellino on 29 September 2021, the final report was delivered these days. Here is a snippet of the finds in the Sabato Valley. ”The Working Group visited different places that highlighted a clash between the priorities of economic and industrial development and respect for human rights and the environment.
47. In Avellino, the Working Group heard the serious concerns expressed by the Valle del Sabato community regarding the effects of environmental pollution due to industrial development from the 1970s onwards. The working group was informed that, until very recently, the concerns of the community had not been addressed and that they should use their resources to carry out an environmental impact assessment that would reveal the full extent of the problems. of pollution.
48. The Working Group was aware of the pollution and disease caused by an asbestos plant, Isochimica, which in the 1980s removed asbestos from railway cars in the city center and, after the closure of the plant, has mismanaged its withdrawal. About 30 deaths, as well as about 185 cases of persistent illness, have been attributed to the effects of asbestos work. Following the closure of the asbestos plant, community members described practices of dumping asbestos in the river, burying asbestos in places around the plant and elsewhere, and mixing asbestos waste with cement to form cubes that were left behind to deteriorate in public places. The local government, in a meeting with the Working Group, acknowledged that the asbestos remediation was only partial and that more measures are needed.
49. Community members also expressed concern about current and future pollution of water sources, including e-coli and heavy metals, and a number of industry-related fires since the 2000s. Decree 155/2010, the level of air pollution can exceed the legal limit 35 times a year. An official publication of the “Exposure Study in the Susceptible Population” (SPES) showed that in 2020, the air in Avellino was 78 times above the legal limits. “And then:” The specific morphological configuration of the territory and Climate conditions in the area are not conducive to the airborne dispersion of pollutants emitted, factors that must be taken into account when planning measures to mitigate the risks associated with emissions from industries.
50. Although environmental licenses for companies operating in the area are granted in accordance with environmental regulations, the Working Group shares the community’s concerns about the cumulative effect on the environment. of current and planned industrial facilities. The working group stresses the importance of the public authorities initiating meaningful consultations with the affected communities in Avellino to agree on a way forward, including the remediation and remediation of asbestos sites and to ensure corporate responsibility for causing or Contribute to environmental pollution “. It is interesting to read the whole document which contains a ruthless analysis on the management of migrants, labor exploitation, gender discrimination, pollution. The recommendations addressed to the Italian government are also important.


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