Patient models for one night in Legnano. For beauty to overcome disease

WOOD – An evening to oppose beauty to disease. The will to live in suffering. The dream of feeling the protagonist of bad thoughts. In this spirit he organizes the association Il Sole nel Cuore onlus tomorrow evening, Tuesday 21 June, at 9 pm at the Teatro Galleria in Legnano a very special show: “Beautiful everywhere and anyway”. On stage, transformed into a large garden, very special models: 28 women of all ages (from 30 to 50 years old, but there will also be those who have 70) cancer patients from the hospitals of Legnano and Cuggiono, to which -new this year- 5 men will be added. All volunteers, all ready to take on the challenge. Because, as the poster for the event states, “no scalpel can ever erase a woman’s femininity, because it’s a value that goes beyond the aesthetic question.”

Initiative of the Sun to the Heart

The nightly show, presented this morning, Monday 20 (photo above), has the warm support ofAsst West Milanand, according to which “it is not only important to take care of the body, but also to heal the mind. And with that in mind, we promote this show with women who have fought the disease and have established themselves. The sun in his heart, he wanted to emphasize Gabriella Monolosocial and health director of Asst – with whom we have been collaborating for a long time is especially loved because he has always been there with his volunteers even for difficult tasks and as demanding as the anti-Covid vaccination campaign.

“With their simplicity and spontaneity, they gave their soul to guarantee an urgent and effective service with attention to the human being, from small to large. The same attention and care to the human relationship at the base of this evening, which is precisely the expression of the soul of this association and what matters to it: the take care of people“.

Vanossi: “Let’s give it another boost”

“We hope positivity and a lot of joy to live – explains the president of the Sun to the Heart, Valeria Vanossi – Some of the women who will be paraded are being cared for, others are being cured, others have just been operated on. The event gave them a special charge, was never expected to be able to get on stage and get involved. When chemotherapy causes hair loss, every woman goes into a bit of a crisis: on the other hand, in this fashion show, those who participated before the Covid he did it without fear even without hair, to show everyone that we are no different from others in the disease. In his eyes shines the light of those who truly say: I must fight to reach the goal, which is healing.

“Statistics say,” Vanossi added more than 90% of breast cancers are cured. We certainly live better than we did a few years ago. Heopportunity to make the projection and to affirm one’s own beauty, in any place and circumstance ».

Fashion shows, dancing and many surprises

A Chicco Clerici, director of the evening, the task of revealing in part the schedule and background. “The first year experience was great for the‘ girls ’. At first they were very scared, getting on stage in front of 1,200 people is not easy for those who are doing it for the first time and in these conditions. I taught them how to move and they immediately felt comfortable. In the two years of the pandemic I was asked several times when we would do it againwhich is now possible thanks to sponsors like Yamamay I Verdi Street.

“The models – Clerici continues – will compose very particular paintings, together with 8 castellane delle Contrade who wanted to participate. The grand finale will be Bridal ideawith wedding dresses as is customary at fashion shows, while those in the studio’s knitwear Silvana Greco was created especially for this occasion. Then there will be classical dance interludes Anna Lattuada and other surprise interventions, such as those of two important personalities that I keep secret. A surprise is expected even outside the theater. For the dream of a summer night.

Invitations are now available atinformation point of the new hospital in Legnano (9.00-14.00).

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