National competition for social inclusion, beauty and talent A girl, a boy and a boy for entertainment 3rd edition 2022: the 2nd regional selection of Lazio took place.

On Sunday, June 19, at the Salsedine Restaurant in Fiumicino, took place the 2nd regional selection of Lazio of the new national competition for social inclusion, beauty and talent A girl, a boy and a boy for the show 3rd edition 2022 of Patron Massimo Petty.

The event was organized by MTM EVENTS composed of President Massimo Meschino, Vice President Thierry Mandarello, and its staff consisting of the official photographer Mario Buonanno, the official director Michele Conidi, the collaborators Sonia Pieragostini and Maeva Di Boni and the delegate of MTM. EVENTS for Campania Antonella Russo. The artistic director of the competition is Maria Pina Bellotti.

Despite the various absences due to pre-exam commitments and some covid contagions, 24 competitors took part (Silvia Aprile, Alessandra Urbinati, Chiara De Gianni, Simona Novelli, Chiara Lauritano, Giulia Ruggeri, Djamila Hamel, Carola Ciardo, Fulvia Bed and Breakfast, Nina Morar). , Ilaria Di Stefano, Marika Berti, Gerardina Manzo, Adriana Gonzalez, Luca Bruzzese, Manuel Lauritano, Davide Santarelli, Domenico Colantuono, Elvis De Gianni, Gioia Colantuono, Nausika Trentuno, Melissa Pelagaggi, Aurora Caretta and Sara Dora Bartolomei).

Before the start, the skipper Massimo Meschino presented to all participants all the news of this edition, starting with the collaboration with the 3B PRODUCTION FILM which will insert the winners of the contest and other competitors chosen during the selections in their cinematographic works, then the new collaboration with the “Art in the heart” Academy in Rome will also be announced, which will give 3 scholarships (1 for acting, 1 for singing and 1 for dance) which will be given to the winners. of the three categories that will win on the evening of talent in the national final.

The opening of the selection was commissioned to the singer and actor Jano Di Gennaro who sang one of his songs of the day and then presented the presenter of the event which was precisely conducted to perfection by the well-known presenter of Canale 10 Carlo Senes. . After thanking the host location and the contest partners (Restaurant Salsedine, Natura da baciare, Itop officine ortopediche, Le Cinemà, Xento gioielli, Aob Magazine,,, Saló Marilena and No video only) the presenter has gone on to present the jury, starting with directors Maria Berardi and Pietro Borzacca, international stylist Elena Rodica Rotaru, journalist Michelangelo Letizia, hairdresser Marilena Bacanu (who also took care of the hair of the participating women ). and paid tribute to some pensierini the winners of the official bands), the professional photographer Valerio Di Silvestro and the actor and singer Jano Di Gennaro.

Thus, after the thanks and presentation of the jury and before making the first outings of the girls, boys and more disguised and then the outing in casual dress inspired by the years 70-80-90 of all participants, it was a moment very exciting for everyone; in fact, Carlo Senes and the skipper Massimo Meschino wanted to pay a floral tribute to a very important woman for the competition itself and for all the participants in the different events, as she is always available to lend a hand there. where the need arises, a woman who is going through an unpleasant period of her life due to a serious health problem she is struggling with and for confidentiality and respect we will not say the name.

After the lunch break we proceeded to the last outing in an elegant dress and in this selection both the girls and the super participants wore the beautiful dresses of the international designer Elena Rodica Rotaru present in the jury, after which the judges cast their vote.

Meanwhile, the Board together with some parents of the participating children as always called to participate and attend the final calculation operations to ensure maximum transparency, some participants acted freely before the jury, starting with Elvis De Gianni, Davide Santarelli and Alessandra Urbinati. who danced, and then continued with Chiara De Gianni, Silvia Aprile, and Simona Novelli reciting beautiful monologues.

The final prize was then handed out, not before some gifts had been distributed by the organization, that is, all participants were given a certificate of participation and a stuffed animal from the your choice. As it was a very complicated selection from the point of view of participation due to a whole series of problems, the Patron Massimo Meschino wanted to reward all the participants, and thus the 4 bands of access to the regional final of Lazio d ‘A Girl, a Boy and Girl for the show was by Giulia Ruggeri, Fulvia Capezzera, Djamila Hamel and Carola Ciardo (the latter in her first fashion show and who was also the most voted girl in the selection, winning also a beautiful crown), that of A girl, a boy and a boy for the show – THE LADY went to Nina Morar, that of a girl, a boy and a boy for the show – SPECIAL was Gerardina Manzo (disabled wheelchair competitor), Girl PaeseRoma. Ilaria Di Stefano (deaf competitor with disabilities), Girl Hair Beauty Salon Marilena to Marika Berti, Girl 3B Production Film to Simona Novelli, Rag azza Elena Rodica Rotaru Fashion E&R to Chiara De Gianni, AOB Magazine Girl to Chiara Lauritano, the one from Girl Nature to kiss Adriana Gonzalez, the one from (whose director Paolo Miki D’Agostino was present during the morning to take photos and filming for the newsroom) to Alessandra Urbinati and la de Girl ITOP Officine Ortopediche a Silvia Aprile.

As for the boys, access to the Lazio regional final of A Girl, Boy and a Child for the Show was for Davide Santarelli, Boy AOB Magazine was for Luca Bruzzese (disabled competitor in wheelchair) and Boy’s. The nature to kiss was for Manuel Lauritano.

As for the children, on the other hand, the access bands to the Lazio regional final of A Girl, to Boy and a Child for the Show were by Gioia Colantuono and Aurora Caretta, that of Bambino 3B Production Film to Domenico Colantuono, that of Bambino. Nature of Kissing to Melissa Pelagaggi, the one of Bambino Itop Officine Ortopediche to Elvis De Gianni, the one of Bambino to Sara Dora Bartolomei and the one of Bambino to Nausika Trentuno.

Finally, some members of the jury wanted to joke with the presenter Carlo Senes and so they wrapped him with a band of A Girl, a Boy and a Child for the Show – Over.

The direction, as mentioned above, was entrusted to the talented Canale 10 TV presenter Carlo Senes, the audio direction was entrusted to DJ JP, official photographer of the day Aura Ruggeri, the supervision obviously entrusted to the patron Massimo Meschino.

Finally, remember that the National Contest for Social Inclusion, Beauty and Talent A Girl, a Boy and a Boy for the show is a contest aimed at children up to 13 years, girls and boys from 14 to 30 years, women and men up to 60 years old divided into two age groups (31-45 and 46-60), curvy people and especially people with disabilities who still want to get involved. In addition, regional and / or territorial agents are sought for many areas still discovered in Italian territory.

If you want to take part in the next selections or want more information, you can contact the Patron Massimo Meschino at 328/8954226, visit the Facebook page A girl, a boy and a boy for the show or visit the page of the contest on the official website. Website www.agenziamtmevents .it.

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